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AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair Review

If you’re a person who’s no stranger to the latest ergonomic trends, you’ll know that sitting for long hours on an uncomfortable surface is no good for our bodies. It’s a good thing the AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair by Amazon is here. Perfect for those on a tighter budget who don’t want to spend too much on an expensive piece of office furniture, this model provides wonderful support and a great amount of mobility at an affordable price.

Plenty of us get out of our chairs with aches and pains in our back, neck, and glutes thinking that’s completely normal. What many don’t know is that this problem is actually caused by a chair that’s too hard, stiffening our joints without providing any pressure relief on the muscle group that needs it the most. This causes a restriction in our blood’s circulation, hence the soreness we feel at the end of the day from sitting too long.

That’s why an ergonomic chair such as the AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair is so important. Ergonomic chairs, in general, have been shown to favorably enhance the working experience of plenty of office employees across the globe. Reports have shown fewer occurrences of back pains, neck pains, and overall strain on the body’s muscles with the switch from a regular chair to an ergonomic one. They have also been shown to improve one’s posture, promoting a neutral spine that can withstand long work hours.

The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Chair has all these benefits and more. Read about this product’s features in this comprehensive review.

About the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Chair

ModelMid-Back Office Desk Chair
Dimensions25.2 inches x 24 inches x 35.6-40.3 inches
Weight Capacity275 lbs.

Work chairs these days have a price range of USD 100 and above, especially if you’re looking for one that has all your needs: a good design, adjustable options, comfortability, and more. It might seem impossible to find a chair with all of those components under a USD 100 price point but don’t worry, Amazon has your back. Under its AmazonBasics brand, the line offers office and home products that are all value for money. Among them is the Mid-Back Office Desk Chair which offers convenience, mobility, and comfort. Check it out.

The Benefits of the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Chair

The AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair has its users raving, and upon looking at its benefits, we understand why! Let’s take a closer look at this ergonomic chair’s functions and features to help you decide if this is the right chair that suits your needs.

Simple Pneumatic Controls

Stripped of all the bells and whistles, what makes a great ergonomic chair is the basics: does it provide ample comfort? Is it easy to navigate for anyone? The AmazonBasics Desk Chair has all that down. With its simple pneumatic controls, it allows the user to easily adjust the chair height according to their preference. 

If you feel like reclining during one of your more stressful work days, the chair can accommodate that, too. Paired with a durable build for its price, AmazonBasics knows what its customers want. More than that, the chair also swivels 360 degrees.

Intuitive Design

There’s more than one thing to love about this budget-friendly chair. One of those is its breathable mesh back. While plenty of typical office chairs go with leather or synthetic backs, this one knows the importance of breathability. Built to withstand long working hours, this mesh design makes sure your back is fully supported and well-ventilated at the same time.

Another thing we love about this chair is that it helps the user move about freely while also providing the utmost support. This task chair has armrests that enhance the overall desk experience by making sure the arms are bent at a 90-degree angle (as recommended by ergo experts) and the curved backrest ensures your spine isn’t taut and can relax. 

Beauty and Durability In One

The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Desk Chair has a sleek, modern feel to it, making it a perfect fit for any office environment. Built with an elegant black design and a curved mesh back, you’re not only getting an ergonomic chair, but a visually pleasing one to boot. The AmazonBasics Mid-Back chair has five dual-wheel casters that allow users to move conveniently, so you can transport this chair from room to room with ease.

Pros and Cons of the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

✔ Adjustable seat height using a lever
✔ Dual-wheel casters
✔ Mid-back mesh design
✔ Affordable price
✘ Armrests are non-adjustable

What People Are Saying About It

Working at your desk for long hours means needing a chair that’s comfortable so that you don’t risk any aches and pains at the end of the day. The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Chair is a model that offers great lumbar support, adjustable options, a snug seat, and can accommodate a weight capacity of 275 lbs. 

A caveat is that the armrests are non-adjustable, but it does have cushioning that still makes for a cozy long work day. At a great value, you won’t find a chair like this anywhere else. 

““What you see is what you get” would be the best way to describe the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair. The cushions provide plenty of comfort for users should they need to spend the day sending emails or making calls. A mesh back allows your body to breathe, especially on a warm day.”

Reviewer – Rolling Stone

Where to Buy the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Desk Chair

Has our chair review convinced you that this is the solution to your office woes? If you are thinking of buying this chair for your home office, check out Amazon for the best deals. Choose from colors that include black, blue, cyan, alpine, coconut, graphite, and many more.

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AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair

The AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair is a reliable and cost-effective choice for anyone seeking a comfortable and functional chair for their workspace. Its adjustable features, including the height, tilt, and armrests, allow for a customizable fit that accommodates a wide range of body types and preferences.

The chair’s padded seat and backrest provide excellent support and cushioning, promoting long-lasting comfort during extended periods of sitting. Additionally, the smooth-rolling casters and 360-degree swivel function allow for easy movement and access to various areas of the workspace.

All-in-all, the AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair is a high-quality product that delivers excellent value for its price. Its combination of adjustable features, comfortable design, and ease of use make it an excellent investment for anyone seeking a reliable and functional chair for their home or office workspace.

The Review

88% Basic chair for your ergonomic needs

The AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair is a simple yet reliable solution to your everyday working needs.

Tricia Montano

Tricia founded Pain Free Working in 2019 due to suffering from degenerative disc disease in her L5-S1 from working an office job for the past 18 years. She and her team strive on finding and reviewing the best office equipment to help fellow pain sufferers find relief and to enable people like her to do their jobs comfortably.