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AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat Review

One thing people don’t realize is that standing for a long time can bring about health problems. These include issues such as blood pooling in your legs and feet, joint problems in the knees and hips, and over time, varicose veins, and rheumatic disease. For those who aren’t obligated to stand for long hours, sitting down every once in a while is advisable. For those who have to work standing up, your next best option is an anti-fatigue standing mat.

The AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat is one such mat you can use if you’re standing for an extended period of time while working. Even though this anti-fatigue mat is labeled as a kitchen standing mat, it can actually be used everywhere else where you need to stand for a long time. This includes your workshop, drafting table, and even at your standing desk.

Why a Standing Mat Can Help Prevent Certain Health Issues

There are a lot of good reasons why you should consider getting an anti-fatigue mat when you’re prone to standing for long periods of time. Aside from preventing the above-mentioned issues, using an anti-fatigue comfort mat when you’re working upright can have the following benefits:

Prevent foot and lower limb pain – If you don’t want to suffer from foot pain and joint pain at the knees, using this type of mat when you work standing up is advisable. The reason why it can help prevent or reduce the pain one experiences on their lower extremities is because it keeps you moving, which helps stop the locking of your joints and the placing of all your weight on only one part of your foot.

Helps prevent chronic back pain – Yes, standing for long hours in one position can also bring about back pain and even musculoskeletal disorders. When you use a standing mat, the design of the mat encourages you to move around every few minutes. This ensures that you don’t stay in one position for too long, which in turn helps relieve the pressure on any specific part of your body.

Can help prevent cardiovascular disease caused by standing for long hours – You may not believe this but standing for hours on end can actually lead to cardiovascular issues in the long run. This is because of the blood pooling on your lower extremities. When this happens, it can affect blood circulation, which can have an effect on your heart.

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General Product Information

ModelPremium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat
Dimensions36 inches x 20 inches
Product Weight3.3 lbs.

AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat Features

As simple-looking as a standing mat may be, this doesn’t mean that these don’t come with a chock-full of features that can benefit the user. To show you what we mean, here are some of the notable features of the AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat:

Cushioned Layer

The foam layer of this mat is what makes you move around every few minutes. Since the cushion tends to make your feet sink and can cause you to teeter, regaining balance by moving is what helps keep you from being sedentary while upright. This same cushioned layer is also what helps keep your feet from feeling pain, which is what you usually experience when you stand on a hard surface for a long time.

Beveled Edges

This mat has what is called a beveled edge. You can see this all around the mat. What this does is it keeps the mat flat on the floor without the design causing anyone to trip. This is essentially a non-tripping floor mat.

Non-Slip Base

Another thing to note about this anti-fatigue mat is that it has an underside that isn’t prone to slipping and sliding. This also ensures that your mat stays in place the moment you place it down and for as long as you’re using it.


This floor mat is made out of waterproof material. This means that to clean it, all you have to do is wipe it off with water and some dishwashing soap, then wipe this off with a clean rag or paper towel to dry. It’s as simple as that.

Where to Buy the AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat

If you’re looking to purchase this anti-fatigue mat, you should head on down to Amazon where you can easily find this product. Choose from two colors, black and dark brown, for use anywhere you find yourself working while standing.

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The Review

90% Great for preventing foot and knee pain

The AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat is well worth buying. I got this for my home office and it helped stop me from experiencing my usual knee and foot pain while working on my standing desk. 

Tricia Montano

Tricia founded Pain Free Working in 2019 due to suffering from degenerative disc disease in her L5-S1 from working an office job for the past 18 years. She and her team strive on finding and reviewing the best office equipment to help fellow pain sufferers find relief and to enable people like her to do their jobs comfortably.