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AMERIERGO Under Desk Footrest Review

Sitting improperly at your office desk can lead to various aches and pains. While most people experience backaches or shoulder aches, there are also those who experience lower body pains such as leg aches. If leg pain isn’t attended to, it can develop into more serious health issues such as blood clots or Deep Vein Thrombosis. One way to ensure that your legs and feet have maximum comfort as you work at your desk is by using an ergonomic footstool such as the AMERIERGO Under Desk Footrest

Does an Under Desk Foot Rest Work?

A foot rest can help make chair posture easier and can maintain an optimal sitting position in your chair. For individuals that are shorter in height, their chair might not be low enough for their feet to make contact with the floor. Having a footrest can keep your body in an upright posture, preventing your legs from hanging uncomfortably. This can lower the risk of leg pain, stiffness, and blood clots. 

Is a Desk Footstool Worth It?

Footrests have a ton of benefits that make them worth having in your workstation. A footstool increases support for your back and your upper body as it can help alleviate certain issues. It can keep your feet grounded and positioned in a neutral manner, encouraging more support for your shoulders, back, and hips. 

Footrests can also help you stretch and keep you relaxed. Whether you sit at your desk for a few hours or more — which you shouldn’t do, by the way, as you can incur sitting diseases — you’re probably assuming a relatively monotonous position that you don’t even realize that you’re doing. A dynamic footrest can help you keep moving throughout the day, allowing you to engage in active sitting.

Are Foot Rests Healthy?

Ergonomic footrests can help you maintain a comfortable posture while seated at your desk, especially if your feet don’t reach the floor. An adjustable footrest can add a bit of height to your workstation, allowing you to properly position your entire body. Even if your feet do reach the floor while seated, a footrest can still benefit you as it can keep you active throughout your workday, enhancing the blood flow in your body. 

About the AMERIERGO Under Desk Foot Rest

Manufacturer AMERIERGO

Model Under Desk Footrest
Product Dimensions17 x 9.5 x 5 inches

One of the biggest problems with sitting is that it restricts circulation which increases strain on the heart and causes fatigue. A footrest such as the AMERIERGO Under Desk Foot Rest allows you to sit in a proper posture, helping improve circulation and taking pressure off the veins in the back of your thighs. It also encourages you to make micro-movements which reduces static sitting and lessens muscle soreness. 

Benefits of the AMERIERGO Ergonomic Footrest

Whether your feet can reach the floor or not, having the AMERIERGO Ergonomic Footstool at your workstation can help you sit in a position that gives your body the least amount of stress. Check out its features below:

Designed to Reduce Pressure

The AMERIERGO Footstool has a curved-shaped design that fits most feet perfectly. It can provide you with comfortable and firm support on your feet and knees, effectively correcting your sitting posture. Using this footrest improves blood circulation, reducing pressure and alleviating leg fatigue. 

Made with Premium Materials

Made with premium memory foam, the AMERIERGO Foot Rest offers maximum comfort while you sit at your workstation. It’s soft yet firm enough for you to position your feet in various positions to support your arches.

It also has a breathable cover made using soft short pile fabric which doesn’t irritate the skin. The breathable cover keeps the cushion from overheating. Moreover, the AMERIERGO Footstool has a non-slip bottom to keep it from sliding away.


Using this footrest allows you to be in the most comfortable position whether you’re working at your desk or relaxing on your sofa. You can place the footrest under your leg and back, providing you with great support to relieve pain.

Pros and Cons of the AMERIERGO Under Desk Footstool

✔ Curved-shaped design that fits most feet
✔ Versatile use
✔ Easy to clean
✔ Made with memory foam and has a breathable fabric cover
✘ Some may find it too soft

What People Are Saying About It

A footrest like the AMERIERGO Under Desk Foot Rest can be a great stress-reliever for the feet and legs. It helps increase blood circulation, relieving aches and pains that come with sitting improperly.

This footrest’s premium-quality foam is soft yet firm, able to accommodate any foot size, The breathable fabric cover also offers a relaxing and plush surface for the feet to rest on. Furthermore, this footrest is multi-purpose, allowing you to use it at your desk, on the sofa, and even on your bed. 

“The AMERIERGO Footstool features a curve-shaped design which aims towards providing optimal comfort to your feet. It feels soft to the touch, and is suitable for both homes and offices.”


Mom Junction

Where To Buy The AMERIERGO Under Desk Ergonomic Foot Rest

Experience maximum comfort at your workstation with the AMERIERGO Foot Rest. To get this product, simply head on over to Amazon and get the best deals and prices.

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The Review

93% Relieves Leg Pain

The AMERIERGO Under Desk Footrest is designed to support the feet, alleviating aches and pains that come with sitting improperly. It's comfortable, soft to touch, and also breathable, ensuring that heat won't be trapped inside it. You can use this footrest under your desk, on the sofa, on the bed, or anywhere you wish to experience comfort.

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