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Branch Ergonomic Chair Review

Do you spend more than eight hours working in front of your computer? If you do, then it’s a no-brainer that your chair should be comfortable and supportive. Otherwise, you may end up developing sore muscles, body aches, or long-term health issues related to sitting wrongly. If you’re seeking a great ergonomic office chair, this article is for you.

Established in 2018, Branch is an ergonomic office furniture brand that caters not only to individuals with work-from-home setups but also to teams and companies in offices. Among all their office chairs, the brand’s most popular is the Branch Ergonomic Chair. This office chair has excellent build quality and support, perfect for those sitting for long periods. Scroll below to read our full Branch Ergonomic Chair review and who knows, this chair might be the one that your office is missing.

About the Branch Ergonomic Chair

ManufacturerBranch Furniture


Ergonomic Chair

Product Dimensions38-42 in (Chair height)
17-21 in (Seat height)
18-22 in (Seat depth)
25-29 in (Armrest width)
26-29 in (Armrest height)
20 in (Tilt range)

The Branch Ergonomic Chair may look simple but this chair comes with a ton of features, allowing people to sit at their desk for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Branch focuses on ergonomically comfortable designs for workers to feel their best and increase their productivity while reducing stress injuries. 

The Branch Chair was designed in Italy, with its looks bringing a new level of performance to the modern workspace. Aside from its sleek design, this office chair is also highly adaptable and able to accommodate the needs of users. Want to know more about this great chair? Read this Branch Ergonomic Chair review further to see its highlights!

Benefits of the Branch Ergonomic Chair

Office products by Branch Furniture are always designed with the worker in mind. With that being said, check out the benefits of the incredible Branch Ergonomic Chair:

Seven Points of Adjustment

Whether you use a regular desk or a standing desk, you’ll be comfortable in this Branch chair while you work. Almost every aspect of this office chair is adjustable, including the seat height, seat depth, lumbar rest, armrest height, armrest depth, armrest width, and tilt.

Excellent Ergonomic Support

Many workers who sit at their desks for hours develop poor posture and body aches due to a lack of proper support from their office chairs. This Branch chair does a very good job of keeping a person comfortable as it has a contoured upper backrest measuring 20 inches wide and 21 inches tall. The backrest also has a double-layered mesh, ensuring breathability and comfort.

Made with Quality Materials

The best office chairs never skimp on the materials. You don’t have to worry about this chair because Branch Furniture made sure to only use components that are of high quality. The padded seat cushion is made with high-density foam and double-layered nylon mesh, allowing anyone to sit on it comfortably without getting aches and pains. The seat cushion also features a 3-inch depth range. 

The chair frame, the armrest handles, as well as the underside of the seat are made of white polymer. The bottom of this ergonomic chair features an anodized aluminum base equipped with five casters which are suitable for hardwood floors, carpets, and other floor types.

Easy to Assemble

Just like many other office chairs out there, the Branch Ergonomic Chair comes disassembled in its original packaging. No need to fret though because the Branch chair is very easy to assemble!

Out of the box, you’ll have the following pieces: the backrest, two armrests, the seat, the adjustment mechanism, the starbase, the cylinder that sits between the base and the seat, five wheel casters, and all the other parts to put the chair together.

All you need to do is push the casters into the holes at the bottom of the base, insert the cylinder, and attach the backrest to the adjustment mechanism. Next, you’ll need to attach the armrests to the underside of the seat cushion and once that’s done, slide it onto the chair frame until you hear a small click. All done!

Pros and Cons of the Branch Ergonomic Chair

✔️ Adjustable lumbar support
✔️ Can also adjust seat pan depth, height
✔️ Removable and adjustable armrests
✔️ Anodized aluminum star base
✔️ Easy assembly
✔️ Seven-year warranty
✖️ Black seat color is only available in the black frame version and not the white frame
✖️ Headrest is an additional cost
✖️ Arms can’t be locked in place

Is the Branch Ergonomic Chair Comfortable?

Branch constructed the Ergonomic Chair with the comfort of the user in mind. Unlike other office chairs that have mesh seats, the Branch Ergonomic Chair has a padded seat that’s three inches thick. The backrest is made with mesh, making the chair cool and breathable for users, especially during summertime.

How Can I Make My Branch Chair More Comfortable?

The Branch Ergonomic Chair has an exceptional range of comfortability. If you feel some discomfort while using the chair at its primary settings, you can customize it to your preference. You can increase the chair’s height using a level on the left side. You can adjust the arms according to height and width. Furthermore, you can also modify the tilt, seat depth and height, and the lumbar rest according to your preferences.

Can You Remove Lumbar Support From a Branch Ergonomic Chair?

Yes, the Branch chair has a removable lumbar rest, allowing any individual to use it as they see fit.

What People Are Saying About It

Read through this Branch Ergonomic Chair review but you’re still not convinced that you should get one? Perhaps this testament can seal the deal for you:

“The Branch Ergonomic Chair is an affordable option for those looking to improve their posture while working remotely or at the office. We have been using this chair for several weeks and found our experience overwhelmingly positive. The Branch Ergonomic Chair’s seven points of adjustment allows anyone to easily find the perfect fit. The available seat and frame color options will also enable you to have a chair that stands out or blends in, depending on your taste.”

Reviewer – TechRadar Pro

Where to Buy the Branch Ergonomic Chair

The Branch desk chair is one of the best office chairs around. If you read through this entire Branch Ergonomic Chair review and want one for your office, you can buy the Branch Ergonomic Chair from the Branch website but you can also hop on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Branch Verve a good chair?

Branch Ergonomic Chair

Sitting for long hours in the wrong chair can be detrimental to one’s health. However, you can reduce those body aches and pains with a comfortable chair such as the Branch Ergonomic Chair. 

This chair has a firm lumbar support that encourages you to keep a healthy posture while working. Its ergonomic design offers comfort and flexibility, providing seven to eight points of adjustment. It’s also worth noting that Branch also offers a seven-year warranty for this chair, allowing you to use it for a long time without any worries.

The Review

95% Comfort at an Affordable Price

An uncomfortable chair can lead to all sorts of issues, both physically and mentally. You may develop sore muscles, body pains, and other physical ailments as well as become uninspired or unproductive due to the discomfort you're experiencing. This is why it's highly important to use a comfortable chair, especially if you're sitting in front of your desk all day. Good thing that options such as the Branch Ergonomic Chair are available, providing an affordable and customizable solution to any desk job worker.

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