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CubeFit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat Review

Modern ergonomics has shifted towards favoring sit-stand arrangements over sitting for the entire day. But even then, standing for too long can cause stress on our bodies. That’s where products such as the CubeFit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat come in handy. They keep our feet comfortable, so much so that we feel relaxed enough to stay standing all day.

Of course, no one recommends that anyone stand for their entire shift if avoidable. But even when you’re only standing for, say, 45 minutes at a time, it is still best to have that extra piece of comfort to cushion your feet from the hard surface of the floor. Standing desk mats come in different shapes and sizes, but most are made of polyurethane to keep our limbs free from the usual aches and pains. They’re also known to prevent muscle fatigue in the lower legs, the back, and even the neck.

The CubeFit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat just might be what you need to get rid of pesky aches in your extremities. It’s certainly a product that has received favorable reviews from its consumers, thanks to its active terrain that encourages micromovement throughout the day. Unlike flat mats, the various 3D features promote deeper relief and maximum comfort for each user.

General Product Information

ModelTerramat Standing Desk Mat
Dimensions36 inches x 20 inches
Product Weight3.3 lbs.

CubeFit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat Features

Sleek, active, and durable. Even at first glance, the CubeFit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat already looks like a high-quality standing desk mat that gives deep relief and comfort. Let’s take a closer look at its features and see if it holds up.

Active terrain

Designed by a personal trainer, the CubeFit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat‘s active terrain is built precisely to give your feet the best amount of movement possible. A balance bar rests at the top of the mat to give one’s core and calves a good stretching, while the two massage mounds found on either side are great for deep pressure relief on the soles of your feet. An acupuncture rest can also be found on this mat as well as a track for stretching out one’s hip flexors. Overall, this is one of the best mats if you’re keen on maintaining an active lifestyle even at your desk job.

Flat surface

Yes, while the CubeFit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat has everything you need in an active mat, it doesn’t forego the benefits of a flatter surface, too. This part of the 30-inch wide mat ensures your feet still get the most amount of comfort even when resting. The foam material provides cushioning power to shield your soles from the pressure of a hard surface, so you can stay fully focused on your work without any distraction from sore limbs.

Non-slip base

One thing to look for in standing mats is their holding power. This is especially important in an active standing desk mat because they’re designed to encourage movement, increasing the risk of slipping or other accidents. That’s why the CubeFit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat is equipped with a non-slip material so you’re as secure as possible while performing minute exercises for your feet and toes. Not only that, but the mat is also designed to be easy to move, so you can move it out of your desk and back under with only a flick of your foot.

Where to Buy the CubeFit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat

CubeFit TerraMat Ergonomic Standing-Desk Mat

If you’re looking to purchase this anti-fatigue mat, head on down to Amazon to find the best deals for this product. You can also choose between a brown mat and a black mat.

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The Review

95% Fit for an active lifestyle

Who says you can't stay active in front of your desk? As far as office accessories go, the CubeFit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat is one of the most helpful of all. It provides comfort while promoting healthy circulation by keeping our feet in constant motion.

Tricia Montano

Tricia founded Pain Free Working in 2019 due to suffering from degenerative disc disease in her L5-S1 from working an office job for the past 18 years. She and her team strive on finding and reviewing the best office equipment to help fellow pain sufferers find relief and to enable people like her to do their jobs comfortably.