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DMI Lumbar Support Pillow Review

Do you often wish your lower back would magically rid itself of every ache after a long day of sitting down? We understand. What if we told you there was a way to avoid the aches in the first place?

Being stuck in front of a desk the entire day can be tedious. Our muscles are supposed to stretch and move around. Our lower back, tailbone, and digestive area can become compressed, spelling out bad bodily conditions in the long run. We wouldn’t want that.

But that’s what products like the DMI Lumbar Pillow are built for. They keep our spine in a neutral shape, reducing the strain on the muscles and bones. With a lumbar support pillow cushion, we can keep working for long hours in an ergonomic position. This reduces the fatigue that we feel at the end of a long workday. A lumbar support cushion is easy to use, affordable, and a great preventative measure for any serious illness that can come about from bad posture.

A lumbar support cushion can be anything from a full-back support pillow to a small cushion. The pillow can come in different shapes and sizes to cater to anyone and everyone who needs them. A good lumbar support pillow has comfortable cushioning that is also firm, conforming to the natural curve of our spine so it stays relaxed and in the right position to relieve chronic back pain.

You might think having an ergonomic chair is enough, but a cushion is also vital to improve your workspace. When you’re just sitting in a chair, it’s so easy to go back to a slouching position, especially when you’re not used to sitting upright for long. Having a lumbar support pillow or cushion means you don’t even have to think about keeping your spine long and your shoulders relaxed because the placement of the pillow on the lower back is enough to keep it in alignment the whole day!

The best part of the DMI Lumbar Support Pillow is that it’s made with orthopedic foam, meaning it keeps its shape no matter how long you use it. Because it retains its shape and firmness, you’ll be able to get the support you need to keep working all day long. No more slouching, dozing off, or back pain. It’s also portable and has a machine-washable cover.

Let’s take a closer look at how lumbar support pillows help improve our daily lives, and why you should check out the DMI Lumbar Support Pillow in particular.

About the DMI Lumbar Support Pillow

ModelLumbar Support Pillow
ColorsBlack, Grey, Burgundy, Navy
Dimensions13 x 13.9 x 4.25 inches
Weight1 lb.

As far as lumbar support pillows go, this cushion is versatile and firm. It’s not made of memory foam, which has its advantages, too, like firmer support and foam that won’t degrade over time. The elastic strap helps it stay in place no matter where you put it. 

Benefits of the DMI Lumbar Support Pillow

Now that we’ve established the basics, we can move right on to our product review. We know you’ve heard a lot about this cushion and have maybe been thinking about buying one for your home or office. Before making a purchase, let’s take a look at the benefits of this lumbar support pillow.

Portable and Versatile

Weighing only 1 pound, this lumbar cushion offers unlimited support anywhere you go. Place it on an office chair, dining chair, or even the car seat during a long drive! The possibilities are endless. Plus, the two adjustable straps ensure maximum compatibility no matter the size and shape of your seat. 

Simply play around with the adjustable straps to get the desired length so you can move around without moving the pillow. The two adjustable straps are also easy to clean, so you can keep the back pillow looking good as new! 

Offers Extra Support

This lumbar pillow is unlike any other. While some may give you support via cushion, this lumbar pillow has added back support to help add extra firmness. A common problem with many lumbar pillow supports is their lack of firmness.

Sometimes, a lumbar pillow can be too conforming to the curve of the spine that they eventually lose its support. The lumbar pillow then becomes useless in relieving lower back pain, which defeats the purpose of the pillow in the first place.

Thankfully, you’ll never have to worry about that here. This lumbar pillow’s extra support helps it retain its shape over time as well as bumps up the support for your back. The wooden board gives extra support, letting you customize the firmness of your pillow.

Paired with the two adjustable straps to keep it in place, you’ll be saying goodbye to lower back pain in no time. It’s no wonder plenty of reviews give it 5 stars.

Convenient Cleaning

Yet another common problem with most lumbar support pillows is how to clean them. Because of their portable nature, it’s easy to place them in areas they’re exposed to pollution, dust, or food and beverage stains. 

But with this lumbar support pillow cushion, that won’t be a problem! It comes with a machine washable cover so you can clean it whenever desired. The removable and machine-washable cover is just one of the many things that make this pillow fit for long-term use.

Pros and Cons of the DMI Lumbar Pillow

✔ Comes with alignment straps to hold the pillow in place on a chair
✔ Superior support for all people and body types
✔ Added wooden board so you can customize the firmness of support
✘ Dual straps may be a little too loose for smaller office chairs
✘ Product reviews say the cover cannot completely fit the wooden lumbar support board

What People Are Saying About It

If you’re looking for a lumbar support pillow cushion that you can place on any chair, this lumbar support pillow cushion is your best bet. It’s portable, has extra support, is high-quality, and even has a removable and machine-washable cover.

Get this lumbar pillow if you want to relieve lower back pain in the fastest way possible. But don’t just take our word for it – there are plenty of reviews out there that can offer insight too. Here’s one of the reviews for this back pillow.

“This cushion has been fitted with a strap to hold it firmly in place in your chair. Even if you are driving on a bumpy road, the cushion will not slip from its position. There is also a special lumbar board that can be inserted into the side opening to provide extra support.”

– Tiny Grab Reviewer

Where to Buy the DMI Lumbar Back Support Pillow

Want to get this lumbar support pillow for your home or office? This cushion is currently available on Amazon

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DMI Lumbar Support Pillow

This pillow is a lifesaver for anyone who spends long hours traveling. The memory foam provides extra support for your lower back, so you can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also lightweight and portable. Plus, the adjustable strap guarantees that it stays in place, so you don’t have to worry about constantly readjusting it.

The Review

93% Firm back rest with extra support

Memory foam support pillows aren't for everyone. In fact, there are users who require a firm back rest to keep their posture aligned. For those who prefer this over too-comfy lumbar pillows, then the DMI Lumbar Support Pillow is just what you need.

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