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Econo High Portable Footrest Review

Office workers sit at their workstations for most of the day as they work on their tasks. Sitting for long periods of time can get uncomfortable easily; in fact, experts have recommended that standing and walking away from your desk from time to time can greatly help in reducing the effects of sitting. However, there are some days when you’re just stuck to your seat, trying to beat deadlines, or maybe engaging in a conference call that you can’t be away from.

During those moments, elevating the feet can help but most office desks don’t have platforms underneath to let workers do that. This is where footrests come in. A footstool such as the Econo High Portable Footrest can help make you more comfortable, especially if you often experience back pain, leg aches, and other strains during work. Read on further to know the benefits of having this accessory in your workspace.

Are Footstools Good For You?

A footrest can help make a chair posture easier and can keep your sitting position back in your chair. For individuals that are shorter in height, their chair might not be low enough for their feet to make comfortable contact with the floor. Having a footrest can keep your body in an upright posture, preventing your legs from hanging uncomfortably. This can lower the risk of leg pain, stiffness, and blood clots. 

Are Foot Rests Worth It?

Footrests have a ton of benefits that make them worth having in your workstation. A footstool increases support for your back and your upper body as it can help alleviate certain issues. It can keep your feet grounded and positioned in a neutral manner, encouraging more support for your shoulders, back, and hips. 

Footrests can also help you stretch and keep you relaxed. Whether you sit at your desk for a few hours or more — which you shouldn’t do, by the way, as you can incur sitting diseases — you’re probably assuming a relatively monotonous position that you don’t even realize that you’re doing. A dynamic footrest can help you keep moving throughout the day, allowing you to stay a little more active. 

Sitting uncomfortably can also lead to poor circulation, especially when your feet and body are angled unnaturally. Footrests that are adjustable can help you set it at the height most comfortable for you, letting you find your ideal angle, and enhancing circulation in your lower body. 

These are just some of the benefits of having a footrest under your desk. Your feet do a lot for you and by resting them on a footrest, you can set yourself on the path of having a good posture and reduce the occurrence of health issues that come with sitting improperly.

Do I Need a Foot Rest At My Desk?

Consider getting a footrest at your desk if your feet don’t reach the floor as having your legs dangling can lead to bad circulation, body pain, muscles stiffness, and more. An adjustable footstool can add a bit of height to your station, allowing you to properly position not just your feet, but also your entire body. 

If you’re someone who can reach the floor, a footrest can still benefit you a lot as it allows you to sit more comfortably in the most ideal position. Footrests can also keep you active throughout your workday, significantly enhancing blood circulation in your body.

About the Econo High Portable Footrest


Econo High


Portable Footrest

Product Dimensions10 x 5 x 1 inches
10 x 15 x 5 (Extended)
4 x 1 (Folded)

Placing a footrest under your desk can aid in improving circulation around your lower half, reducing the likelihood of developing health issues such as muscle strain, lumbar pain, or worst, deep vein thrombosis. Moreover, a footstool supports your feet at a height that’s comfortable for your body, encouraging active sitting and allowing you to do micromovements at your desk.

No matter what kind of desk you may have, an ergonomic footrest such as the Econo High Portable Footrest can surely fit under it thanks to its compact and minimal design.

Benefits of the Econo High Portable Footrest

Made 100% in the USA, the Econo High Portable Footrest is a supportive accessory that can become a great companion in the office. Let’s take a dive into its features:

Elevates Tired Feet

The Econo High Portable Footrest can help in prevent computer-work and posture-related injuries by elevating your feet and legs to a comfortable height. It also helps in improving circulation and reducing swelling, lowering the occurrence of aches and pains. This footrest can help you relax while you work as it reduces the pressure on your body caused by situating your feet flat on a hard floor. Additionally, the Portable Footrest can improve your posture, increase your energy levels, and even heighten your focus as you won’t be worried about developing muscle fatigue anymore.

Cleverly Designed

Unlike other footrests, the Econo High footstool has an innovative and compact design. This footrest folds up in 3 steps and unfolds using the same 3 steps, allowing for convenient use, anytime, anywhere. Its foldable design allows you to use it anywhere, whether in the office, at home, or even on a plane. That’s how compact this footrest is. Moreover, its surface area has sliding extensions, providing you with a wider area to rest your feet on. The surface also has a granulated texture to massage your tired soles whenever you need it.


You can kick up your feet on the Econo High Portable Footrest without any worries of breaking it as it’s fully constructed using high-gloss ABS plastic, making it sturdy and robust. Econo High has stated that this footrest can support up to 100 lbs. While it can withstand heavy-duty use, the Portable Footrest is light in weight and can be carried around wherever you wish to use it.

Pros and Cons of the Econo High Portable Footrest

✔ Compact size that can fit virtually anywhere
✔ Easily foldable
✔ Made with quality materials
✔ Has a sliding extension for a wider surface area
✘ Feet does not have any non-slip backing

What People Are Saying About It

A compact and comfortable footrest that you can use in the office, at home, while traveling, on a plane, and in other applications, the Econo High Footrest can help alleviate aches by elevating your tired feet and legs. It may look like a very simple footrest but it comes with all the necessary elements that can provide support while you work.

Its numerous color options allow you to fit it in any kind of office or home interior. Best of all, its foldable mechanism lets you slip it in any bag if you need to take it with you or slip it in a drawer once your workday is over.

“The Econo High folds neatly and fits into a travel pouch. This one is a solid footrest to keep your feet comfortable and can actually fit in your carry-on. I carry it with me everywhere I go.”

Where To Buy The Econo High Portable Footrest

The Econo High Portable Footrest is a great solution to elevate your tired legs whenever you need it. Add this to your workstation by heading on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices.

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The Review

96% Sturdy and Compact

The Econo High Portable Footrest looks very simple but it packs great features under that no-frills exterior. It's made with quality ABS plastic, making it durable and able to withstand up to 100 lbs. It's also highly compact and has a convenient foldable design, allowing it to fit pretty much underneath any desk or even under an airplane seat.

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