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Ergotech Single Freedom Arm Review

Not a lot of people are convinced that a monitor arm is a necessity when it comes to their desks. Some believe that the stand their monitor comes with is enough and some may even argue that a monitor arm is an unnecessary expense — that all it does is give them additional space on their desk.

What these people do not realize is that a monitor arm is more than just an accessory that frees up space on a desk’s surface. It is actually an accessory that comes with a long list of benefits. Monitor arms like the Ergotech Single Freedom Arm are products that do more than what people think they can do.

What are the Benefits of Monitor Arms?

The main benefit of a monitor arm is, of course, its ability to free up a lot of desk space. When you elevate your monitor above your desk with the help of this accessory, you regain the use of the area where the monitor stand used to be. You can now put other items on your desk that you couldn’t before when your monitor was still on its stand.

Aside from this obvious addition, the Ergotech Single Freedom Arm also comes with other benefits that include the following:

Health Benefits

Yes, you read that right. These monitor arms are great for your health — your back and neck health in particular. This monitor arm allows you to easily adjust your monitor to suit your viewing needs. Monitor arms prevent possible back or neck pain that comes with having a monitor at an unsuitable height or angle by making it easy to adjust to your own height.

If you are a tall person, you might suffer from neck and back problems with a monitor on a stand that is too low for your comfort. The same goes for those who are not that tall. A monitor that is too high or not angled the right way can also bring neck and back problems to a shorter person.

Collaboration Benefits

Another thing that monitor arms are good for is that they can be easily shifted around for collaboration purposes. When you need to swivel your monitor around or shift it to a vertical position, you can do so easily with a monitor arm. Imagine doing that with a monitor stand and you will realize just how great a monitor arm is.  

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About the Ergotech Single Freedom Arm

Ergotech Single Freedom Arm
ModelSingle Freedom Arm
Dimensions5.2 inches x 16.8 inches x 18 inches
Weight8.45 lbs.

If you’ve been noticing neck strains, back pains, and other aches after you leave your office desk for the day, it may be time to restructure your entire setup. You might need to invest in a movable monitor arm as it’s a tool that can help alleviate your pains and make your day much more productive. The Ergotech Single Freedom Arm is a simple, elegant monitor arm that can greatly aid you not only in your work, but also with your overall health. 

Ergotech Single Freedom Arm Features

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Some people believe that a freedom arm only has one feature and that is to elevate a monitor above the desk it is on. What they don’t realize is that monitor arms like these actually come chock-full of features that make it more useful than they realize it is. Some of the great features of the Ergotech Single Freedom Arm include the following:

Cable Management

These monitor arms actually come with a way for you to effectively manage your monitor cables and wires. These can be made to run alongside the arms with the use of the product’s cable management system. You don’t have to worry about the cables and wires from your monitor dangling every which way on your desk since these will be made to follow the arms of this product when they are attached to this cable management system.

Two Installation Options

These arms are also easy to install and can be installed in one of two ways – by grommet or by a clamp. If your desk has a hole suitable for the grommet, you can use this. If your desk doesn’t have a hole and you don’t want to drill through it for the grommet mount, you can use the clamp instead.

VESA Compatible

Another feature that makes this monitor arm easy to install is its VESA compatibility. This mounting standard makes it easy for you to secure your monitor to the arm. All you have to do is to check if your monitor is VESA compatible, follow the instructions for mounting it on this arm, and you are done. This arm is 75×75 and 100×100 VESA compatible.

Can Carry a Variety of Monitor Sizes

This arm is also versatile enough to be used with monitors up to 27 inches in size and 17 lbs in weight. As long as your monitors are VESA compatible and not heavier than 17 lbs, this arm can carry it.

Pros and Cons of the Ergotech Single Freedom Arm

✔ Can accommodate various monitor sizes
✔ Can be installed two ways
✔ Simple, minimalist design
✔ Adjustable and stable
✘ Can be pricey
✘ Requires two people to install

What People Are Saying About It

The Ergotech Freedom Arm can be an absolute game-changer to your workspace. It can help you clean up clutter and add additional space to your desk to make it aesthetically-pleasing. More than that, its adjustable meters can give you the optimum viewing angles, height, and distance for you to be able to work without straining your neck and back. 

“Ergotech Freedom Arms are designed with a sole purpose to create a pain-free and comfortable setting for hard-working professionals.”

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Where to Buy the Ergotech Single Freedom Arm

If you want to buy the Ergotech Single Freedom Arm for your monitor, head on over to Amazon where you can easily find it available for sale. If you have more than one monitor that you want to mount, this brand also has dual arm options for you. They also have wall mounts if you don’t want to mount your monitors to your desk.  

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The Review

88% Great monitor arm that allows versatility

Aside from being easy to adjust and able to avoid neck and back pain from staring down on a monitor, the Ergotech Single Freedom Arm also keeps desks clutter-free, takes monitor wires out of the way, and gives the monitor the added versatility you need.

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