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Ergotron WorkFit A Dual Workstation Converter Review

Standing desk converters have risen in popularity along with the sit-stand work dynamic. The Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray is one such product that is worth taking a look at. These desk accessories have become more and more common for their benefits to the body and posture. If you’re thinking of giving your workstation an upgrade, then there’s no better way to do so than getting a standing desk converter for yourself. The WorkFit A is a solid place to start!

It is true that standing desk converters differ greatly from height-adjustable standing desks, but that isn’t to say that one is better than the other. In fact, standing desk converters offer a variety of perks that just aren’t possible with standing desks. For starters, standing desks might have a wider surface area, but standing desk converters are a lot more portable and can be moved from table to table. A sit-stand converter also makes more use out of your existing table. The latter definitely holds true for the WorkFit A. A standing desk converter is also more affordable.

At the end of the day, the choice between standing desk converters and standing desks comes down to preference and individual needs. But if you’re sure you’re getting a desk converter for your home or office, the Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray is a good place to start. Read on to find out more about the benefits of the WorkFit A to see if it’s the right fit for you.

About the Ergotron WorkFit A Dual Monitor Sit-Stand Workstation with Keyboard Tray

Ergotron WorkFit A




WorkFit A Dual Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray


35 inches x 22 inches x 10 inches

Weight Capacity

25 lbs.

The Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray looks incredible on paper. But will its performance stand the test of time? 

From the get go, there’s certainly plenty to love about the WorkFit A work surface converter. Take, for example, the polished aluminum work surface and the dedicated cable management system. You get a functional appliance and a visual piece all in one. The WorkFit A sit-stand desk converter is indeed designed to be an all-around appliance.

If the specs of the WorkFit A haven’t convinced you yet, then no problem! In the next section of our WorkFit A review, we take a look at the product’s nifty features to help you make a better decision. Is the WorkFit A your new workstation companion, or should you keep looking for something else? Find out below!

Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray Features

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The Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Suspended Keyboard Tray is almost the complete package: it has a foldable keyboard tray, ample surface area, and the capacity to hold two monitors thanks to its monitor clamp. Think the WorkFit A is the one for you? Let’s take a closer look at its functions and features.

Keyboard Tray and Mouse Pad

Many standing desk converters seem to only accommodate a monitor display, nothing more. This is sad news for those of us who need a better working position for our keyboard and mouse, and need more flexibility than the standard converters with little desk space and no suspended keyboard tray.

Thankfully, the Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Suspended Keyboard Tray has a two-tiered workstation set-up specifically for the keyboard tray and mouse. What’s more, the suspended keyboard tray is fully tiltable, so you can keep your wrist in a neutral position while typing. This eliminates any unnecessary joint pain, keeping your workday pain-free.

Compatible with Dual Monitors

The reason many others prefer standing desks over desk converters is their wide work surface area, as well as larger weight capacity. But the truth is, not everyone is ready to ditch their computer table to buy a new one just so they could try the sit-stand working set-up. 

That’s where standing desk converters come in. They accommodate most setups, including a dual-monitor one. A really good one will also have a wide work surface to accommodate your needs.

Ones such as the Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Suspended Keyboard Tray are built to accommodate even dual monitors or a single large display. Apart from the wide desk space, the smooth transition and sturdy clamp ensure your displays are as safe as possible, even at the tallest height. However, if you have a monitor arm for dual monitors, do be sure to check the weight capacity of the Workfit A first for compatibility.

Flexible Height Adjustment

The Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Suspended Keyboard Tray is a desk converter that is committed to making our working lives easier. It has an extra tier at the highest desk top so you can keep your morning cup of coffee within reach while working. See what we mean when we say it has a wide desk surface? But that’s not all the WorkFit A has to offer.

The WorkFit A lift is also adjustable with a single hand, making height adjustment from position to position easy and requiring only minimal effort. Whether you have a dual-monitor set-up or a single monitor arm on your desk space, the height adjustment is absolutely hassle-free. Move from a seated position to a standing one with ease!

Not only that, but the WorkFit A moves like a well-oiled machine. It’s flexible and light enough to manipulate just using one arm, and you can position or tilt the WorkFit A without so much as a squeak. Among its competition, you’ll definitely find that the WorkFit A stands out in terms of smoothness and easy maneuvering.

Granted, the WorkFit A is a little pricier than others. But with Ergotron’s reputation for sourcing quality materials for their devices, the WorkFit A is still a viable option for anyone looking to enhance their workstation.

Simple Installation

One of the biggest selling points of the WorkFit A Work Surface Standing Desk Converter is its quick installation. The installation of the WorkFit A work surface is similar to that of a monitor arm, so if you’ve had any experiences with such an accessory, then you’ll find installing the WorkFit A to be quite easy.

You can install the WorkFit A mount in the grommet hole on your desk or by using the desk clamp that comes in with the WorkFit A package. The grommet mount can attach through any 0.5” to 2.5” wide hole. However, make sure your mounting surface is strong enough to withstand the total weight of the WorkFit A and that it is compatible with either a grommet mount or a clamp. 

Now, you can take your existing desk set-up and convert it easily into a sit-stand desk set-up with the WorkFit A work surface. You won’t even have to spend half the money people do on a large sit-stand desk, even with the WorkFit A being classified as a higher-range converter. As a bonus, you get a work surface covered in polished aluminum, a spacious desk top, smooth height-adjustment, and a cable management system.

Is the WorkFit A Worth Buying?

We’ve mentioned that the WorkFit A might be a little pricey. On Amazon, the WorkFit A model that comes with a suspended keyboard tray costs only a little under $500. You might be thinking that you could purchase a full-blown standing desk instead of a converter. However, given the superior stability and flexibility of the WorkFit A, we’d say going for the WorkFit A over a flimsy and unstable sit-stand desk is the better investment.

However, purchasing the WorkFit A will ultimately depend on your needs. If you’re looking for a converter that takes up little space but gives you a wide desktop in return, then this is the product for you. If you also prioritize flexibility in terms of adjustment, then you’ll no doubt find the WorkFit A to be suitable for your needs.

Pros and Cons of the Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter

✔ Can go up to 23 inches in height
✔ Heavy-duty, holds up to max 33 lbs.
✔ Comes with USB and aux port
✔ Easy to set up
✘ Weak neck hinge

What People Are Saying About It

What else can we say about the WorkFit A? It pretty much houses everything you need in a converter. It has a smooth lifting mechanism and easy tilting. The WorkFit A even comes with a suspended keyboard tray so you won’t have to skimp on space. Ergotron also made sure that the WorkFit A has enough space at the top. It’s also easy to install, similar to a monitor arm. What other product can say that but the WorkFit A? 

So now that we’ve laid out everything you need to know about the WorkFit A, let’s listen to what others have to say about it. Does the WorkFit A get an A+? Here’s a snippet from a full review of the WorkFit A:

“Among Ergotron’s standing desk converters, the Workfit-A can be considered its acrobat. It’s easy to move, whether from sitting to standing or side to side… the Workfit-A is an ideal sit-stand workstation where space and mobility are crucial.”
Work While Walking

Where to Buy the Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Suspended Keyboard Tray

If you’re thinking of buying the Ergotron WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Suspended Keyboard Tray for your home or office, check out Amazon for the best deals.

Of course, we understand if you’re still looking for other standing desk converters. Apart from the WorkFit A, you’ll find plenty of upstanding converters that are sure to enhance your workspace. If you want to compare the WorkFit A to other desk converters, then take a look at all the best ones right here. Check our other reviews to find a sit-stand converter that suits your preference.

The Review

90% Wonderful two-tiered converter

The Ergotron WorkFit A Dual Workstation Converter knows exactly how to keep workers relaxed throughout the day with its convenient two-tiered setup and fuss-free height adjustment.

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