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Ergotron WorkFit S Dual Sit-Stand Workstation Converter Review

If you want to try out the sit-stand working position for yourself but aren’t quite ready to let go of your current desk, why not try a standing desk converter? Products such as the Ergotron WorkFit S Dual Monitor Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray are a wonderful alternative to standing desks, offering the same sit-stand dynamic that helps one stay energized and productive throughout the workday.

A prolonged sitting position can be relaxing, but working that way for too long can cause anyone significant muscular strain. In fact, many individuals who work a desk job report having occurrences of back pain, neck pain, and eye strain that can be associated with sitting for long hours on end. This is where the new sit-stand work position comes in: instead of sitting down the entire day, experts recommend alternating between a seated and standing position in order to avoid muscle fatigue and discomfort.

With the Ergotron WorkFit S Dual Monitor Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray, switching from each position has never been easier. The unique standing desk converter isn’t just a desk, it’s also a built-in monitor arm that keeps your screen secure while you move it from height to height. Let’s take a closer look at some of its features to see what makes it a beloved appliance.

A standing desk converter is an ergonomic solution for those who suffer back pains and neck aches from sitting too long for work. They are an alternative to an adjustable desk height table. Standing desks have their own advantages too, but they are often more expensive and bulkier.

About the Ergotron WorkFit S Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converters with Keyboard Tray

ModelWorkFit S Dual Monitor Sit-Stand Desk Workstation Converter with Keyboard Tray
Dimensions8″H x 23″W x 44″D
Weight Capacity31 lbs.
Maximum LCD Height Adjustment23 inches
Shipping Weight40 lbs. (18 kg)
Shipping Dimensions8″H x 23″W x 44″D
Mounting StandardsVESA FDMI MIS-D, 100/75/ C (Hole pattern: 100 x 100 mm & 75 x 75 mm)

If a bulky sit-stand workstation isn’t really up your alley, then this standing desk converter might convert you. The WorkFit S works more like a desk clamp-slash-monitor mount with a keyboard tray and mouse tray than a traditional converter.

The WorkFit S can carry two monitors. Among these two monitors, each can have a screen size or maximum outside width of up to 24 inches. However, the actual allowable width may vary slightly depending on the size of the screens and the display thickness. Overall, the WorkFit S will have a proper operation if it stays under the maximum total load of 31 lbs. 

The box includes a height adjustment column, a large keyboard tray, two LCD pivots, and a desk clamp. The WorkFit S adjustable sit-stand desk, including the suspended keyboard tray, LCD lift pivot, and column, is made of a mix of polished aluminum and high-grade plastic. 

The clamp attaches to surfaces between .47 inches and 2.4 inches thick. Note that while the WorkFit S height adjustment assembly is quite simple, there are a few things to consider. First is that mounting surface materials may vary widely as each work surface is different from the others. Since the desk clamp attaches to the surface edge of your work surface, it’s important to check if the desk is compatible with the front surface mount. It’s also necessary to see if the hole pattern of the mount is compatible with your screens.

Benefits of the Ergotron WorkFit S Dual Monitor Workstation Converter with Keyboard Tray

There’s a lot to admire about the Ergotron WorkFit S Dual Monitor Workstation Converter with Keyboard Tray, from its dual-monitor arm to the attached keyboard and mouse tray. But first, let’s take a look at its other key features to see what makes it a top pick.

Dual Monitor Setup

While most standing desk converters can only carry one screen, the WorkFit S with Keyboard Tray takes it to another level by having a built-in monitor clamp. And it doesn’t just carry one monitor, but two, and with ease at that. We have its patented constant force technology to thank for a seamless adjustment.

The WorkFit S makes the transition from a traditional office setup to a more advanced layout more seamless than ever. The WorkFit S even comes with its own back tilt keyboard and mouse tray so you can keep working in an ergonomic position whether you’re sitting or standing up.

The product also comes with a note that older renditions of the sit-stand workstation WorkFit S have a narrower crossbar that accommodated monitors up to 22 inches. While it is easy to install displays, it’s worth noting that the compatibility will still depend upon the actual screen size and display thickness as well as the LCD weight.

Improved Weight Capacity

Of course, you can’t house dual displays without a sturdy build. In this regard, the Ergotron WorkFit S Sit-Stand Workstation Converter with Keyboard Tray is a converter that can’t be underestimated. Its weight capacity of 31 lbs. ensures your screens are safe even in motion. Because the WorkFit S has a reinforced arm, you’re also getting little to no wobble at the converter’s highest (and therefore least sturdy) height. That’s more than what other monitor clamps and desk converters can say.

How much does an Ergotron weigh?

While the WorkFit S sit-stand workstation itself doesn’t have a designated work surface area, its clamp design ensures more space on your actual desktop where you can place all the accessories, notebooks, and gadgets you need. Just make sure the desk surface can handle the added weight of the converter, which is 18 lbs. However, the WorkFit S also lacks significant cable management options for your power cables.

Improves Posture

Desk converters are a great way to keep one’s spine in a neutral shape. The adjustable nature of the Ergotron WorkFit S Desk Workstation Converter’s monitor arm and the keyboard tray makes it possible for the user to maintain good posture effortlessly, ridding them of any pesky back pains, neck pains, or even leg muscle soreness. Without any muscle and joint discomfort, nothing can distract you from performing your best at work. 

The separate keyboard tray adjusts along with the rest of the WorkFit S sit-stand workstation. However, the WorkFit S does offer some variety with the keyboard tray. According to the product page, the keyboard tray can be installed in 9 locations relative to your screen/s. You may choose to install the keyboard tray at the center, offset to the left, offset to the right, or at the standard focal distance which is 2.2” – 4.4” farther away.

Research also shows that standing for a few hours a day can shed more calories than simply sitting. Not only are you keeping your mind alert and energy levels up, but you’re also keeping your body in shape in the process.

Strong Build

If you’re thinking of upgrading your workstation with more advanced ergonomics principles, then a sit-stand workstation is the perfect solution. The WorkFit S will keep your arms and wrists at a neutral position whether you’re sitting or standing up for prolonged periods. The vertical travel range is smooth and simple as well as adjustable, so you won’t have to strain your neck.

The WorkFit S is made out of a mix of high-grade plastic and polished aluminum, combining the best of visual appeal and functionality. The height-adjustment assembly is quite simple as well. Just be sure to check if the mounting surface edge is compatible with the product’s desk clamp.

Pros and Cons of the Ergotron WorkFit S

✔ A monitor mount and riser in one
✔ Wide work surface that can fit two screens, a laptop, and other computer accessories/ products
✔ Fair, affordable price for its advanced ergonomic design
✘ Lift mechanism can be more durable
✘ Keyboard tray can only fit standard-width keyboards

What People Are Saying About It

If you’re thinking about finally switching up your standard workspace to a height-adjustable one, then this product might just do the trick. The WorkFit S has plenty of features that impress us, but most notable is perhaps its simple structure. Let’s see if other Workfit-S reviews agree.

“In the end, I think this is one of the best standing desk converters I have tested thus far. It provides a true ergonomic experience, with a large amount of work space. This is a great product for people that want to keep their existing desk, but want a very high quality standing desk converter.”

Reviewer – BTOD

Where to Buy the Ergotron WorkFit S Sit-Stand Workstation Converter with Keyboard Tray

If you’re thinking of buying the Ergotron WorkFit S Sit-Stand Workstation Converter with Keyboard Tray for your home or office, check out Amazon for the best deals. 

The sit-stand workstation comes complete with the height-adjustment column, 2 LCD pivots, a front surface mount, and a keyboard and mouse tray. The shipping weight is 40 lbs. and the shipping dimensions are 8″H x 23″W x 44″ D. The product includes a 5-year warranty period. 

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Ergotron WorkFit S Dual Monitor Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray

The Ergotron WorkFit S Dual Monitor Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray is an excellent solution for anyone who needs to maximize their workspace while maintaining ergonomic comfort.

The accessory monitor mount kit is easy to install and comes with a spacious keyboard tray that allows you to work comfortably without straining your arms or wrists. The dual monitor mount is also a great feature, as it allows you to elevate your screens to eye level and can provide independent screen adjustment, reducing neck strain and eye fatigue.

The build quality of this converter is top-notch, and it’s designed to handle even the heaviest of monitors without wobbling or shaking.

The Ergotron WorkFit S Dual Monitor Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray is nice to have if you’re looking to upgrade your workspace and maintain ergonomic spacing with a versatile and high-quality solution.

The Review

93% Unique design

Those looking for something different from the typical standing desk converter, but ultimately just as functional, will be happy with what the Ergotron WorkFit S brings to the table.

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