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Ergotron WorkFit T Standing Desk Converter Review

By now, many working individuals stuck in front of a desk are transitioning from the traditional sitting position to a sit-stand working arrangement. The Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation with Keyboard Tray is one such product that makes this arrangement not only possible, but also convenient. Simply put, standing desk converters are an alternative to standing desks. Whatever your reasons may be for choosing a converter, there are plenty of benefits to gain from the apparatus.

You might be thinking: why choose a sit-stand converter instead of a standing desk? There are plenty of reasons to do so, some not as apparent as others. While it all comes down to preference, there are different needs that a converter can address that standing desks simply cannot. One example is the issue of portability. If you’re the kind of person who has more than one office setup, or even if you just like to switch up your workstation every once in a while, a converter is more portable than a standard height-adjustable desk.

The Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation with Keyboard Tray is a truly portable product. But that’s not all this contender in the best standing desk converters has to offer. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that the WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation also includes a host of functions and features that make it an excellent addition to any home workstation or office space. Ergotron knows what each consumer needs and it’s more clear than ever in this user-friendly converter.

Ergotron manufactures some of the country’s best-selling office furniture. These include standing desks, height-adjustable workstation converters, and monitor arms. Often, you’ll find many users praising the build quality and durability of Ergotron’s sit-stand converters, full-blown desks, as well as other units in their arsenal.

The product we’re reviewing today is a great example. Ergotron highly promotes comfortable and pain-free working for its users, and it shows. The WorkFit T electric standing desk converter saves space, but it also makes working in a standing position and sitting position easier. It reduces neck strain even at taller heights. 

About the Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

ModelWorkFit T Standing Converter
Work Surface Dimensions38.57 inches x 27.95 inches x 8.5  to 15 inches
Weight Capacity35 lbs.
Max Height15”

Prolonged sitting can do more harm than good. This is why modern ergonomics often encourages users to shift from working all day in a seated position, to working all day by alternating between sitting down and working at standing height.

The Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Height-Adjustable Work Surface has plenty of benefits to its name, but we’ll do a quick rundown: it offers more space and more room than the average workstation, boasts prime build quality, and also meets indoor air quality standards.

It quickly converts any old work surface into a height-adjustable one. It comes in the box fully assembled, too. Many reviewers also commend its warranty as users are able to avail of a full refund if returned in its original box.

Benefits of the Ergotron WorkFit T Standing Desk Converters

Wide surface area, a smooth vertical lift, and a portable frame are what you’re getting with the sturdy Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation. Let’s take a closer look at these features to determine why this product is beloved among working individuals.

Sleek Build

The Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The utilitarian build makes operating the device easily, while its high-quality material ensures longevity no matter how often it’s used. 

Plus, a big advantage that standing desk converters have over standing desks is their portability. While the Ergotron WorkFit T admittedly isn’t as lightweight as others, you can still move it from desk to desk without strain. The minimalist design employed by the Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Workstation also makes it able to fit into the aesthetic of any room.

Wide Surface Area

Because standing desk converters tend to be more portable than their standing desk counterparts, many of these products skimp on the surface area in favor of transportability. The Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, however, does not. In fact, you’re getting a desk area that is not only wide enough, but deep enough to fit in a keyboard, displays, notebooks, and any other accessories you may need. There’s a cutout at the front for better access to the small keyboard tray underneath, but even then, you’re not being short-changed on space at all. 

The 35-lb weight capacity of the Ergotron WorkFit T also ensures sturdiness, so you can place two displays on top with no worries. At standing height, the WorkFit T still remains to be extremely stable. 

Sturdy Frame

Of course, you can’t have a sit-stand converter without a sturdy steel frame. The Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desk Converter has just that, and they are excellent at keeping everything on top of your desk in place even when you’re switching from sitting to standing, or vice-versa. One can even freely lean on it without worry.

The WorkFit T has a maximum LCD height adjustment range that will work for most people. At maximum height, it stands at 15” inches. The height adjustment is smooth and quite easy, considering that this has two desk surfaces. The WorkFit T moves straight up and doesn’t sway nor does it have a height drop when it’s heavily loaded, showing a sturdy height adjustment mechanism.

The frame of the WorkFit T is designed to push back so you’re still within the desk’s footprint when making adjustments to the height. As an added bonus, the WorkFit T mounting surface materials come fully assembled —  no assembly required — so you won’t have to waste any time in starting your sit-stand journey. Simply take it out of the box and place it onto your open surface, and you’re good to go.

Compatible with Ergotron Monitor Arms

Another thing that stands out about the Ergotron WorkFit T is its compatibility with a monitor mount. On the monitor platform, you’ll find that there are five small plugs in line with the work surface of the WorkFit T. We mention this as a plus because most desk converters have a grommet mount with the insert that you have to remove if you’re simply using your existing monitor sans mount. Since the mounting plugs on the WorkFit T are flush with the existing desk surface, this is no longer a problem and makes it much simpler to integrate displays.

We’ve outlined some of the biggest selling points of the WorkFit T. However, a powerhouse such as this still has its flaws. One problem that many users might find with the WorkFit T is its keyboard platform. While having a keyboard shelf is, in itself, a benefit you won’t find in other models, there are still a few pinches to the deal. This is because the keyboard tray that comes with the WorkFit T is actually quite small. With the keyboard tray dimensions having an actual allowable width of 24.75 inches, you have barely enough space for a mouse.  

The average keyboard length is 17 inches, which will be just enough for the keyboard tray. Unless you only use a laptop or have a compact ergonomic keyboard, this will become a bit of a hassle without a larger keyboard tray. 

Another issue here is how to maintain ergonomic spacing. Since the keyboard moves at the same time as the upper platform of the WorkFit T, you have less flexibility and adjustment range in terms of the distance of your keyboard platform to the screen height. However, this can be rectified by placing a monitor mount on the main surface of the WorkFit T.

That said, let’s compare the pros and cons of the WorkFit T below:

Pros and Cons of the Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Converter

✔ Wide surface space and tray
✔ No assembly required
✔ Easy height adjustment that doesn’t push you away from your desk
✔ Fair price
✘ Keyboard tray lacks width
✘ A little bit more difficult to raise the standing desk converter with two screens

What People Are Saying About It

With its plentiful features, this converter makes for an impressive product. But do other reviewers agree? Let’s take a look at what they have to say.

“The product is easy to use, has a large task space, and is very stable at all heights. It also requires no assembly and comes with one of the best warranties in the industry. The WorkFit-T received one of the highest overall scores among the desk converters I have tested so far, so there is a lot going for the WorkFit-T.”

Reviewer – BTOD

Where to Buy the Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation with Keyboard Tray

If you’re thinking of buying the Ergotron WorkFit T Converter with Keyboard Tray for your home or office, check out Amazon for the best deals as well as additional accessories that you may need. You may also take a look at a different version of this product, the WorkFit TL.

Looking for other standing desk converters? Check our other reviews to find one that suits your preference. For a different but similar option, check out our Ergotron Workfit-S review.

Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

The Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation is a sleek and sturdy solution for those looking to improve their work experience.

With its easy-to-use adjustment mechanism, you can seamlessly switch from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. This feature not only improves your comfort but also your productivity and overall health.

The WorkFit T has a durable and stable base that can accommodate a wide range of monitor sizes and weights. Its built-in keyboard tray offers ample space for all your typing needs, and the cable management system keeps your workspace clean and organized.

Overall, the Ergotron WorkFit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation is a reliable and efficient addition to any workspace. Its design and functionality make it a great investment for those looking to improve their posture and overall health.

The Review

92% Sturdy and spacious

The Ergotron WorkFit T Standing Desk Converter looks sleek, but its true power lies in its performance and long-lasting material. Sturdy and spacious, you'll have room on this desk for your needs and more.

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