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Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad With Wrist Support Review

In today’s digital age, the majority of desk job workers spend long periods of time on their computers. This increased computer time can lead to a host of physical strains such as tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and more. One way to reduce the likelihood of developing repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) in the hands and shoulders is to use ergonomic accessories such as a mouse pad with a wrist rest.

Specialized mouse pads such as the Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Support can help in keeping your wrist elevated and preventing RSIs from occurring. Check it out!

If you spend most of your day working on your computer, your hands and wrist are engaging in repetitive tasks. These repetitive movements can cause strain to your hands, fingers, wrists, and even your arms and shoulders, leading to discomfort and injuries.

Additionally, most of us who work with a computer tend to place our wrists against the hard edge of the desk or on a flat surface, causing us to use our mice at awkward angles. The hard surface can cause the blood flow in the nerves and tissues to be cut off, causing tissue damage in the wrist and leading to inflammation.

An ergonomic mouse pad can aid in reducing the tension and pressure that our wrist experiences. The padded support allows us to operate in a comfortable, neutral position. Ergonomic mouse pads also provide a cushioned resting spot for the wrists, alleviating pressure and reducing nerve compression. Not only does this cushion prevent our hands and wrists from aching, but it also helps in reducing arm strains and shoulder aches. The natural position that ergonomic mouse pads offer can significantly reduce the discomfort that you’ll experience when using your computer for hours.

About the Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

Manufacturer Everlasting Comfort


Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

Product Dimensions4 in (Mouse Pad radius)
10 x 9 x 0.9 in (Mouse Pad)
16.5 x 3.1 x 1.3 in (Keyboard Wrist Rest)

Everlasting Comfort is a brand that offers accessories that can help in preventing and alleviating pain and discomfort when working. One of their best-known products is the Mouse Pad with Wrist Support which elevates your wrists to a more comfortable position.

This mouse pad can aid in reducing the strain and fatigue that comes with using the computer for extended periods. Read on further to know how the Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Support can be one of the best additions to your workstation.

Benefits of the Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

The Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Support is designed to reduce the symptoms of repetitive strain injuries and keep your wrist healthy. Take a look at its best features:

Comes with a Keyboard Wrist Rest

Everlasting Comfort ensures that you are working in utmost comfort by providing a keyboard wrist rest along with the mouse pad with wrist support. Using both items together guarantees that both your hands and wrists are fully supported whether you’re working, gaming, studying, or just browsing around.

Made with Premium Materials

The Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Support and the accompanying Keyboard Wrist Rest are made using 100% premium memory foam. The slow-rebounding memory foam allows the wrists to sink slowly into the mouse pad and keyboard rest, providing great support as you work.

The mouse pad and keyboard rest spring back to shape when not in use. They also have reinforced edges that prevent snags, frays, and tears, making them durable and built to last.

The smooth surface of the mouse pad lets you move your mouse in a fluid motion for pinpoint accuracy. Moreover, both products have a durable, soft breathable fabric cover, allowing you to work and play without worrying about your wrists becoming hot or uncomfortable. Both the mouse pad and keyboard wrist rest also have non-slip bottoms, ensuring that they stay in place and allowing you to work without any interruptions.

Ensures Proper Support and Alignment

Having an ergonomic mouse pad and ergonomic keyboard rest can prevent friction between your wrists and the hard surface of your desk, reducing nerve compression and fatigue. The Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Support and Keyboard Wrist Rest are designed to match the natural shape of the wrists for optimal support. There are strategically-placed indents to show where you should place your hands and help you maintain proper wrist posture.


Whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, this Mouse Pad with Wrist Support offers a groove for your dominant hand to sit on. It can be rotated, suiting both right and left-handers. The mouse pad and keyboard rest are also designed to be compatible with any mouse or keyboard, allowing you to use them at home, in school, or in the office.

Pros and Cons of the Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

✔ Made with 100% premium memory foam
✔ Includes a Keyboard Wrist Rest
✔ Provides support that can reduce fatigue and strain
✔ Breathable fabric cover
✔ Can be used by both right and left-handers
✔ Non-slip bottom
✘ Can be too wide for some users

What People Are Saying About It

Ergonomic accessories can significantly reduce the discomfort that you experience when working. The Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Support keeps your wrist elevated, helping you maintain a neutral position as you work on your computer. Its high-quality memory foam contours to the shape of your wrist, giving you a personalized form of comfort.

The mouse pad also has a breathable fabric cover that is smooth, soft, and doesn’t conduct heat, allowing you to work in optimal conditions. If you don’t have an ergonomic mouse pad yet, consider getting this one for improved wrist health in the long run.

“The Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad offers relief for your wrist even if you’re spending hours on end in front of the computer. It’s made from memory foam, so it adjusts to your body while also being able to bounce back when you’re done. It’s smooth and breathable, for your comfort.”

Reviewer – Rolling Stone

Where To Buy The Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

Take great care of your wrist by using the Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Support. To purchase this item, make your way over to Amazon and get the best deals and prices.

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Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

The Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad With Wrist Support is an extraordinary accessory that deserves recognition. Crafted from top-of-the-line 100% premium memory foam, it guarantees unmatched comfort and support.

It goes above and beyond by including a keyboard wrist rest, providing comprehensive relief for your wrists and minimizing fatigue and strain. The mouse pad’s breathable fabric cover ensures a pleasant and cool surface for smooth navigation.

With its ambidextrous design, it accommodates both right and left-handers with equal ease. To top it off, the non-slip bottom ensures the pad stays securely in place, allowing you to focus on your work without any distractions.

The Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with wrist support is a game-changer, combining superior materials and thoughtful design for an unrivaled experience.

The Review

96% Reduces Wrist Injuries

If you're starting to feel wrist pain or often get fatigued when you use your mouse for long periods, it's time to get an ergonomic item that can offer you relief. The Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Support can position your wrist in a neutral manner, reducing pressure and tension on your wrists, hands, arms, and shoulders. With this mouse pad, you can build a healthier, more productive workstation.

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