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FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Review

Since most people these days work at a desk on a computer, the number of people with health problems associated with being sedentary has risen considerably. Sitting for long periods of time can bring about issues that include diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Other ailments that are associated with the sedentary lifestyle include heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and even some cancers.

Some people take care of this problem by using healthier working options like sit/stand desks and desk converters that allow them to work standing up. There are some however who cannot work using such tools. This is where alternative options for trying to stay healthy comes in.

How do you try to stay healthy while working on a regular desk? The answer is exercise equipment that can be easily stored and used while you’re seated on your desk. One example of this is the FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical machine.

Are Under Desk Exercise Equipment Effective?

An under desk cycle and elliptical machine like the FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical is a good tool to have if you want to live a healthier life. While these don’t really give you the kind of workout that you can expect from going to a gym or engaging in an active sport, these do help you stay moderately healthy. This alone should encourage you to have such a tool under your desk.

One question people ask when they consider getting an under-desk elliptical and cycle machine is, are these effective in keeping the negative effects of a sedentary life at bay? The answer is, yes, as long as you use it regularly and in the right way. Some of the benefits that people get from having such equipment under their desk include the following:

Weight loss – Some people who use under-desk exercise equipment find that they lose weight when they use these regularly. The calorie-burning effect of these machines is dependent on a number of factors that include the current weight of the user, age, and how often these are used.

Toning – Some users utilize under desk machines to help tone parts of their lower body. The trick to doing this is where these are placed under the desk. For example, to tone stomach muscles, an under desk exercise machine has to be moved further from the body and the user has to sit in an inclined manner.

Cardio – Another use an under desk exercise machine has is to strengthen the heart and to get some cardio in while working. If you cannot squeeze in an hour of walking or exercise in a day to get your daily cardio, this is your next best option.

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General Product Information

ModelUnder Desk Elliptical
Dimensions30 inches x 10 inches x 20 inches
Weight31 lbs.

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Features

With so many under desk bikes and exercise equipment to choose from, you may wonder what this particular product has to offer. What does the FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical bring to the table, so to speak? Here are some of its notable features:

Perfectly sized to fit most desks

This machine can be used under desks that have at least 25 inches clearance. In other words, this machine can be used even under desks that are rather low and this is due to its pedal rotation height which is below 8 inches.

Smooth and quiet operation

If you’re worried that an exercise machine under your desk would be too noisy or will bother others around you, worry not. This machine operates smoothly and quietly. This is because of its construction and the use of a twin belt drive and balanced flywheel that lets you pedal noiselessly.

Choose from 8 resistance options

You can adjust your workout to be a bit more relaxed or intense with the use of the hands-free tension adjuster. No need to bend over to adjust the tension of your elliptical. All you have to do is nudge the shifter with your foot and you’ve adjusted your elliptical machine’s resistance.

With digital display

Want to keep track of your workout? Want to set specific daily goals on your under desk machine? The digital display that comes with this machine shows you the information you can use to keep track of your progress. These include distance pedaled, speed, time pedaled, and more.

Where to Buy FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

If you don’t want to become one of the many who suffer from health issues due to a sedentary lifestyle, you should consider purchasing the FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical. This can be used while watching TV, while working at your desk in the office, or while working at home. This is available on Amazon and is easy to set up and use. Just place under your desk and start pedaling.

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The Review

88% Get some exercise in while working with this under desk elliptical machine

You don't have to worry about living a sedentary lifestyle when you have this elliptical machine underneath your desk at all times. The FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical is a compact exercise machine that you can use while working and even while watching TV.

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