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Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat Review

When people talk about ergonomic mouse pads or mouse mats, they usually envision one that has a wrist bar or a wrist bump. This raised part functions to help keep the wrist elevated and at level with the hand that is holding the mouse. The reason for this kind of design is to help prevent the problems that come with old-style mouse pads that are flat, including carpal tunnel syndrome and localized wrist pain. 

Another problem people find themselves facing when they use a flat mouse pad is a calloused palm near the carpus – this is the part of the palm that is near the wrist joint. In order to avoid these problems, specialized mouse pads and mouse mats like the Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat should be considered.

Problems That Come from Improper Mouse Use

People who work in front of computers all day know that using a mouse when they work is a must. These allow you to move your cursor where you need it and to click on items in order to complete your work. Along with this convenient work tool, however, are problems that can cause pain and discomfort. These include the following:

Repetitive Strain Injuries

These are brought about by the repetitive movements of your hand and your fingers all throughout the day. This is often caused by keyboard and mouse use in people who work on computers. When your right hand experiences pain, this can be RSI caused by your mouse use.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Also called CTS for short, this injury is usually an extension of RSI. It happens when there is pressure on your hand’s median nerve. This is usually caused by inflammation of the transverse carpal ligament. If left untreated, this can worsen, particularly if you continue using this hand in repetitive work. This may require surgery to remedy.

Development of Callouses

As mentioned earlier, callouses can also form on parts of your hand when you use a mouse. This is because a part of your hand rests on a hard surface, like your table or desk, when you use a flat mouse pad. If you use a wrist bar or a mouse pad with a bump on it, you might stop this from happening. Your best option would be to use a revolutionary mouse pad like the Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat.

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About the Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat

Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat
ModelMemory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat
Dimensions9 inches x 0.5 inches x 8 inches
Weight3.53 ounces

Save yourself from any type of wrist injury by getting an ergonomic mouse mat. A step up from your usual mouse pads, an ergonomic mouse pad has better padded support to sustain the neutral position of the wrist. This can help a lot, especially if you’re on your computer and using your mouse all the time. The Handstands Ergonomic Mouse Mat can be your new companion in your journey to a healthier wrist and overall working life.

Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat Features

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An ergonomic mouse mat may seem like something you feel you don’t need, but wait till you start feeling the pain in your arm and wrist from using your mouse. You will also notice that hard, rough bump on your palm and wish you got yourself a good ergonomic mouse mat a long time ago. To ensure that you don’t suffer any of these problems, you should consider getting the Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat today.

It comes with a lot of great features and is made in a unique design that beats all other mouse pads and mats in the market.

Ergonomic Design

This mouse pad comes in a design that is actually better than those mouse pads that have a bulge or bar at one end for your wrist. While these bumps and bars do keep your wrist at level with your mouse, the problem is the empty space between your wrist and the mouse itself. There is a lack of support in this area and, as such, this can also become a cause of wrist pain in the long run.

The ergonomic design of this revolutionary mouse mat ensures that your wrist isn’t left hanging, so to speak, since the mat itself has an inclined design. This means that the end where your wrist rests is higher than the rest of the mouse, but instead of a sudden drop, there is a gentle slope that provides support to your wrist, palm, and the rest of your hand as you hold the mouse.

Firm Memory Foam

The use of memory foam for this mat has been questioned by some people. What they don’t realize is that this is to allow for the pad to conform to your wrist but only enough for it to be comfortable. The memory foam used for this pad is actually firmer than most other memory foams, but it still adjusts to the shape of your wrist to allow for a comfortable yet supportive surface.

Non-Slip Rubber Backing

You won’t have to worry about your mouse mat running all around your desk since this product comes with a rubber underside that helps keep it in place.

Pros and Cons of the Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat

✔ Constructed with firm Memory Foam
✔ Ergonomic design
✔ Non-slip backing
✘ May feel warm after long use
✘ Not for long hands

What People Are Saying About It

The Handstands Ergonomic Mouse Mat provides comfort for those work hours spent in front of the computer. It give the wrist ample support with its firm yet soft Memory Foam, adjusting to the shape of the wrist and hand of the user. The non-slip rubber backing is great as well, ensuring that you can move your mouse around but the mat will stay in place. Invest in a good ergonomic mouse mat if you want to lessen the risk of any wrist injury.

“A good ergonomic mouse pad provides a resting spot for your wrists, typically in line with the height of your mouse. That not only alleviates pressure on your hands, wrists and arms, but also on your shoulders too, since you won’t be hunched over.”

Rolling Stone

Where to Buy the Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat

If you’re considering buying the Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat for your computer use, you can get these on Amazon. Forget those mouse pads with wrist bars or bumps, and get rid of your flat mouse mats. This ergonomic mouse mat is the perfect tool to utilize to avoid CTS and RSI caused by your mouse use.  

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The Review

88% Uniquely shaped mat

Forget about mouse pad gels or mouse pads with wrist bumps on them. The perfect tool to use with your mouse to avoid wrist pain and limited mouse movement is the Handstands Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Mat. This memory foam mouse mat gives your wrist and hand the support it needs when you're using your mouse. 

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