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Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

A lot of people have shifted to working from home due to the pandemic. As a result, those who don’t have office furniture at home end up using their dining room tables and chairs for work. Some, however, end up putting together a home office by buying office furniture that they can find online.

If you are one of the people belonging to the latter, you should try to locate office furniture that is good for your health. A sit/stand desk is one type of office furniture you should consider buying for your home office. Another is a good ergonomic chair like the Herman Miller Embody Chair. In this page, we’ll be reviewing this product to help workers get a better view of their options, and of course, lead them to their pain-free working journey.

The Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair isn’t just for work, but for unwinding too. Ergonomics and gaming meet in one stylish chair with this Herman Miller x Logitech G product. Let’s get on to the full Herman Miller Embody review.

The Importance of Ergonomic Chairs for Work

Whether you work at home or report to an office, ergonomic office furniture is a must if you want to avoid the variety of problems that come with working for a long period of time at a desk. A sit/stand desk is a great idea since it helps you avoid sitting for too long and allows you to transition from sitting to standing and back effortlessly. 

But to get the full scope, one can’t be content with just an ergonomic desk. An ergonomic chair should also be considered to get the best results. Here are the reasons why this type of chair is what you should get instead of just any ordinary office chair:

  • Prevents back pain with ample support for your back – When your back is properly supported while you are seated, you don’t suffer the back pain that usually comes with being seated for any length of time. This is because ergonomic chairs come with a backrest that is designed to give your back the right support it needs. 
  • Stops slouching while seated – Chairs that aren’t ergonomically designed often find users slouched over when they are in it. An ergonomic chair is designed to help promote proper posture while seated, removing any possibility of injuries that occur when a person is slouching or seated with bad posture.
  • Promotes proper blood circulation – Another thing a designer of ergonomic chairs takes into account when putting together such furniture is the blood circulation of the user. Some chairs are so poorly designed that when a person sits on it, the proper flow of blood to and from the legs is impeded. When this happens, problems like swollen legs, pins and needles sensation, and even blood clots that lead to strokes can occur. Ergonomically designed seats allow for proper blood flow, reducing the chances of the above mentioned issues.

Now that we’ve established the necessity for a high-quality chair in a work and home setting, let’s dive into the full Herman Miller Embody review.

About the Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair
ManufacturerHerman Miller
ModelEmbody Chair
Dimensions29 inches x 29.5 inches x 43.5 inches
Maximum Weight Limit136 kg.

Herman Miller is one of the widest-known innovators in the world of ergonomic office chairs. Their best-sellers apart from the Embody include the Herman Miller Aeron and the Sayl Chair. This time, they have collaborated with Logitech to create the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair, a gaming/office chair hybrid that makes sure your back stays aligned and comfortable no matter what you’re doing. Stay in-game for hours or work all day with little back pain.

All this and more is made apparent in the thoughtful construction and premium build quality of the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Office Chair, a standout even at the competitive market of products within its price range.

It includes Pixelated Support, intelligent cushioning with cooling foam, an adjustable backrest, seat height and arm height, and a superior ergonomic shape unlike many products in the market. More than 20 physicians were consulted in the process to bring people a high-end option with high-end comfort. Let’s review all the perks of the Herman Miller Embody!

Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair Features

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The HermanMiller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair is considered one of the best in its class for a lot of reasons. For starters, it is designed with people who sit for long hours in mind. The two designers of this chair are both gamers and sit in front of computers most of the day. This is why they have effectively put together a chair that has a long list of features that make seating more comfortable. 

Unique Ergonomic Design

Often, gaming chairs are seen as a less serious alternative to the usual office chair, but that’s not the case. Considering that gamers often sit in front of a computer late into the night, most gaming chairs will offer comfort and support that often cannot be found in usual office chairs. The Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair links the best of both worlds.

While this chair was initially conceptualized by Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf, these two furniture designers did not think twice to tap into the expertise of various professionals for help in creating this chair’s ergonomic design, from the seat height to the head rest and each tiny detail.

More than 20 notable professionals in physical therapy, biomechanics, and ergonomic research were consulted in the development of the Embody Chair. This has resulted in ergonomic considerations such as natural alignment, pressure distribution, and many more. While the steep price may be an investment, Herman Miller sees to it that you are getting what you’re paying for.

The Embody also includes a fully adjustable seat depth, adjustable arms, tilt limiter, and a graphite base and frame. Its carpet casters allow you to move your chair with freedom and stability.

Superior Support

An outstanding addition to this chair’s list of great features is its ability to support your body in such a way that you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. Called Pixelated Support, this feature uses a matrix of pixels that can be found on the seat and back of the chair. 

This matrix of pixels adjusts and conforms to each user’s unique body and shape to provide enough support while still allowing for freedom of movement. By allowing you to move freely in the comfort of your own chair, you can achieve proper blood circulation from the legs to the hips to the body. 

Sitting for long periods in an uncomfortable chair often leads to pinching in nerve areas, causing numbness, joint pain, and muscle pain. A chair that is too hard will put an unnecessary amount of pressure and strain in sensitive muscles, while one that is too soft enables the user to slouch or sit improperly. 

A good chair will contain a balance of both to help the user stay alert enough to work properly in the correct posture while providing an ample amount of comfort and pain relief. With the Embody, users are sure to be more than content in its unique technology and sturdy comfort. 

Adjustable Back

This seat’s backrest is another achievement in ergonomic design. It emulates a person’s back with a spine and flexible ribs that adjust to fit the user’s own body. Adjust to fit your needs and you get an almost personalized chair that gives you a superior backrest, mimicking the natural curve of your spine and giving you back support even while you move.

Intelligent Cushioning System

This seat has “layers of intelligence”, which is what the seat cushioning system is called. This is because the seat of this ergonomic chair has 4 layers that offer different levels of support to the user. These layers work together to give the user ample airflow to keep cool while seated and at the same time enough strength and comfort for a great seating experience.

Built for Long Use

While the Embody appears to be a light-weight chair, Herman Miller has designed it in such a way as to withstand long wear. Boasting a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and durable seam strength, one would have to go a long way to do any serious damage on this chair. Its functionality is obvious at first glance, something that the Embody chooses to blend into its aesthetic rather than try to hide with a gimmicky exterior.

All-Encompassing Warranty

Herman Miller’s philosophy is creating a better life at work, at home, in school, hospitals, and wherever a good, reliable chair is needed. In line with this, their warranty spans 12 years and includes all electrical components, moving parts, peripherals, tilts, and pneumatic cylinders. Apart from just the electrical and moving parts, labor is also included in the 12-year warranty, ensuring that you’re getting what you pay for with this chair.

Pros and Cons of the Herman Miller Embody Chair

✔ Adjusts to the user’s body
✔ Comes in many frame and memory foam cushion colors
✔ Smart, high end, and considerate ergonomic design
✘ Price range is expensive
✘ May have a squeaking sound when sitting and moving

What People Are Saying About It

For those who are serious about keeping their spine in tiptop shape, the Embody is heaven-sent. With experts in the fields of physical therapy and biomechanics working together to help the Embody reach its full potential, users get a unique working and gaming experience unlike any other, no matter the amount of time you’re sitting in front of a computer. It’s no surprise the price tag is a little higher than others, but for a chair that links science and art in such a seamless way, it’s a worthy investment. Let’s see if others agree with our verdict.

“The pixels provide a very unique experience because the chair is not overly soft, but it is still supportive. I like how flexible the chair is because it allows me to easily move, stretch and change positions while I work.”


Where to Buy the Herman Miller Embody Chair

Test out this chair for yourself! The Herman Miller Embody Chair is available on Amazon, with some sellers on the site offering you a choice of many different colors. There are also some sellers who offer customizable versions of this chair, which include options for base and trim colors, caster choices, and even body frame colors. Check the price on the Amazon product page now for all the best deals, prices, and shipping options! 

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95% Amazing seat for your workplace

When it comes to getting adequate support to sustain long hours working, you won't find a more comfortable chair than the Herman Miller Embody. It adjusts to your body so you know that it will fit whoever sits on it perfectly, offering the best seating comfort and support ever.

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