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Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

A lot of people have shifted to working from home due to this current pandemic. As a result, those who don’t have office furniture home end up using their dining room tables and chairs for work. Some however end up putting together a home office by buying office furniture that they can find online.

If you are one of the people belonging to the latter, you should try to locate office furniture that is good for your health. A sit/stand desk is one type of office furniture you should consider buying for your home office. Another is a good ergonomic chair like the Herman Miller Embody Chair.

The Importance of Ergonomic Chairs for Work

Whether you work at home or report to an office, ergonomic office furniture is a must if you want to avoid the variety of problems that come with working long hours at a desk. A sit/stand desk is a great idea since it helps you avoid sitting for too long and allows you to transition from sitting to standing and back effortlessly.

To complement your sit/stand desk, an ergonomic chair should also be considered. Here are the reasons why this type of chair is what you should get instead of just any ordinary office chair:

Prevents back pain with ample support for your back – When your back is properly supported while you are seated, you don’t suffer the back pain that usually comes with being seated for any length of time. This is because ergonomic chairs come with a backrest that is designed to give your back the right support it needs.

Stops slouching while seated – Chairs that aren’t ergonomically designed often find users slouched over when they are in it. An ergonomic chair is designed to help promote proper posture while seated, removing any possibility of injuries that occur when a person is slouching or seated with bad posture.

Promotes proper blood circulation – Another thing a designer of ergonomic chairs takes into account when putting together such furniture is the blood circulation of the user. Some chairs are so poorly designed that when a person sits in it, the proper flow of blood to and from the legs is impeded. When this happens problems like swollen legs, pins and needles sensation, and even blood clots that lead to strokes can occur. Ergonomically designed seats allow for proper blood flow, reducing the chances of the abovementioned issues.   

General Product Information

ManufacturerHerman Miller
ModelEmbody Chair
Dimensions29 inches x 29.5 inches x 43.5 inches
Maximum Weight Limit136 kg.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Features

This chair is considered one of the best in its class for a lot of reasons. For starters, it is designed with people who sit for long hours in mind. The two designers of this chair are both gamers and sit in front of computers for long periods of time. This is why they have effectively put together a chair that has a long list of features that make seating more comfortable.

Unique Ergonomic Design

While this chair was initially conceptualized by Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf, these two furniture designers did not think twice to tap into the expertise of various professionals for help in creating this chair’s ergonomic design. More than 20 notable professionals in physical therapy, biomechanics, and ergonomics were consulted in the development of the Embody Chair. This has resulted in ergonomic considerations such as natural alignment, pressure distribution, and many more.

Superior Support

An outstanding addition to this chair’s list of great features is its ability to support your body in such a way that you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. Called Pixelated Support, this feature uses a matrix of pixels that can be found on the seat and back of the chair. These adjust and conform to the user’s body to provide enough support while still allowing for freedom of movement. This is what allows proper blood circulation from the legs to the hips to the body.

Adjustable Back

This seat’s backrest is another achievement in ergonomic design. It emulates a person’s back with a spine and flexible ribs that adjust to fit the user’s own body. Adjust to fit your needs and you get an almost personalized chair that gives you superior back support which still gives you back support even while you move.

Intelligent Cushioning System

This seat has “layers of intelligence”, which is what the cushioning system is called. This is because the seat of this ergonomic chair has 4 layers that offer different levels of support to the user. These layers work together to give the user ample airflow to keep cool while seated and at the same time enough strength and comfort for a great seating experience.

Where to Buy the Herman Miller Embody Chair

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is available on Amazon, with some sellers offering you a choice of many different colors. There are also some sellers who offer customizable versions of this chair, which include options for base and trim colors, caster choices, and even body frame colors.

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The Review

95% Amazing seat for your workplace

When it comes to getting adequate support to sustain long hours working, you won't find a more comfortable chair than the Herman Miller Embody. It adjusts to your body so you know that it will fit whoever sits on it perfectly, offering the best seating comfort and support ever.


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