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HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand Review

They say that clutter is a sign of an active and intelligent mind. It signifies you are preoccupied with more important things than keeping your workstation clean. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should just let your desk accumulate mess. There are also benefits to a clean and orderly workstation. All you have to do is find the right tools to keep your desk clutter-free.

You can be intelligent and organized at the same time. If you are looking to clear your desk of disorder or simply want a workstation that has more space, then a monitor stand is one thing you should consider. If you work with two monitors, a dual-arm monitor stand is what you need. The HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand is worth looking into.

About the HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand

ModelGas Spring Dual Monitor Stand (HNDSK1)
Dimensions6.69 inches x 1.97 inches x 4.72 inches
Weight0-17.6lbs/ Arm

If you’re looking for a monitor mount that won’t put a dent in your pocket, then this HUANUO monitor stand might be the answer to your search. It’s highly convenient, especially when you need to reclaim space on your desk. Want to know more about it? Read on for the rest of its features.

Benefits of the HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand

This dual-arm monitor stand comes with a long list of features that is sure to make you want to get one for your desk. These features include the following:

Height Adjustable

Not only can you swivel the arms of this appliance, but you can also adjust the height of the shaft as well. Adjusting the height of your monitors is easy with this product since you can do it in many different ways. Raise the shaft height to convert your desk into a sit-stand one. You can also raise the monitors individually using each arm that these are attached to.

Keeps Cables Properly Managed

Reduce cable clutter with the cable management system that is included in this product. Now you don’t have to worry about cables going this way or that when your monitors are mounted on this dual-arm monitor stand. The cables can run tidily along the arms and body of this stand with the use of cable clips that are included with the product.

Multiple Movement Options

This product comes with multiple movement options that include a 90-degree swivel, up to 85 degrees tilt up or 90 degrees down, and 360-degree rotation.

Flexible and Stable

The construction and design of this dual-arm monitor stand are hard to beat since it comes with a revolutionary gas spring adjustment system. This gives you more than just ease of adjustment but also the strength needed to effectively hold your monitors aloft. This system also allows you to keep your monitors at the height you choose without having to worry about drooping or incremental unwanted movement.

Can Fit Different Size Screens

This arm monitor stand can be used with different size monitors. The range of screens that can be used with this appliance is from 15 inches to 27 inches in size. It can also carry up to 17.6 lbs of weight on each arm.

Dual Mounting Options

Aside from these, you can also choose how you mount this appliance to your desk. It comes with both a desk clamp and grommet mounting. The clamp works for desks that are between .63 inches and 2.95 inches thick. The grommet mount, on the other hand, works with desks that are up to 3.93 inches thick. The holes that this grommet mount can work with are between .4 inches and 1.96 inches in diameter.

Pros and Cons of the HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand

✔ Easy to set up
✔ Monitors can be set in portrait or landscape mode
✔ Durable
✔ Convenient to use
✘ Not for glass desks

What People Are Saying About It

Overall, the HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand allows you to widen your work area and save even more space now that most of your items can go underneath it. It’s a big help, especially if you’re someone who wants to reclaim desk space and be clutter-free. This monitor mount is a great value-for-money buy that you won’t regret.

“Easy to assemble, our best value pick is the HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand. This stand can swivel, tilt and rotate, so you can make the most of your monitors and set them just how you require them.”

Reviewer – Unclutterer

Where to Buy the HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand

If you want to buy this amazing dual-arm monitor stand from HUANUO, you can find these on Amazon. Increase your productivity, reduce neck, back, and eye strain, plus keep your desk clutter-free by getting one of these useful monitor arms today. You can find out more about this product by clicking here.

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HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand

The HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand is the superhero of the monitor world – with its dual arms, it’s ready to take on any screen, big or small, and give it the support it deserves.

The sleek and modern design made my desk look like a million bucks! It’s like having a personal interior designer for my workspace.

I would highly recommend the HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand to anyone who wants to improve their productivity and aesthetics while working.

It’s a small investment that will have a big impact on your workspace and your well-being.

The Review

92% More desk space & better collaboration

Increase the amount of desk space you have with this dual monitor arm from Huanuo. Not only will you enjoy having a clutter-free desk but you will also love the many movements this arm stand can make. Collaboration and moving from sitting to standing and back is easy with this amazingly versatile arm monitor stand.

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