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HumanScale Freedom Office Chair Review

As bad a rap as sitting is getting nowadays, particularly if you sit for long hours at a time, sitting is still necessary when it comes to the working process. You cannot work on your feet for 8 to 9 straight hours a day. Even if you had a standing mat underfoot, this will still bring about a problem with foot pain, varicose veins, and other issues that revolve around your lower extremities.

This is why a good office chair is needed when you have to spend some time sitting while working. This is where chairs like the HumanScale Freedom Office Chair come in handy. With a high review rating across the board, this chair can be used during those times when you lower your sit-stand desk and spend time in the process of finishing tasks while seated. You can simply move your task chair back when you stand up to do some work while you’re upright.

Some individuals prefer to work standing up while others are more comfortable sitting down while doing their tasks. What these people don’t realize is that doing either of these for an extended period can have serious consequences and yield a problem on their health. In order for you to be able to remain healthy while you’re plugging away at work, you need to alternate between these two positions.

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About the HumanScale Freedom Chair

ModelFreedom Headrest Chair – Wave
Dimensions29 inches x 25 inches x 27 inches
Weight300 lbs.

Simplicity is the key to the HumanScale Freedom Chair. It has a simple yet high-end elegance, allowing it to fit in any home office or workspace you wish to put it in. Unlike other chairs that have numerous problem bells and whistles, the HumanScale Freedom mainly offers comfort and flexible controls, parts, and adjustments. Furthermore, it deals away with complicated mechanisms and instead automatically adjusts to the person using the chair. Interested in knowing why this chair has a high review rating among users and just how much the Freedom task chair can help you out? Read on to find out its numerous benefits.

Benefits of the HumanScale Freedom Office Chair

While you can expect the standard features that you get from any other office chair when it comes to this HumanScale Freedom Chair, the features do not end there. This office chair has more to offer than any other conventional chair that you see other people use in their own home offices and at work. What are these features? Read on.

Innovative Recline Mechanism

Not all office chairs have a feature that allows you to safely recline when you need to and not fear that your chair will fall all the way back, taking you with it. One can simply push back the chair and it will start its reclining process. You can definitely work while leaning back in this task chair. The reclining mechanism of the HumanScale Freedom Chair has an auto-locking feature that is weight-sensitive, so you can rest assured that you can confidently lean back on this task chair without fear of falling over.

Various Adjustment Options

The HumanScale Freedom Chair comes with a host of ergonomic adjustments that can be fine-tuned to fit your body. Grabbing the front of the arm pads allows one to modify the seat height adjustment process according to your preference. The location of seat pan can be slid forwards or backward. 

The armrests are connected together at the back, allowing them to move in tandem. You don’t need to move the armrests separately, thanks to that mechanism process. The arms of the chair are always guaranteed to be at the same height. You can lock the position of the arms as well by dropping the front of the arm pad.

The backrest is adjustable as well, and it can be done with just a hand. The backrest can be moved separately from the headrest, allowing the Freedom Chair to conform to different body types and provide incredible lumbar support to anyone sitting on it.

Can be Used by 95% of the Population

Whether you’re standing tall at 6 feet 4 inches or are a little on the short side at 5 feet 2 inches, you can use the HumanScale Freedom Chair. Yes, the Freedom Chair by HumanScale can be used by almost everyone, as long as you don’t exceed the body weight capacity of the chair, which is 300 lbs., more or less.

Dynamic Freedom Headrest

This chair has a headrest that is a cut above the rest since it offers support when it is needed and can be a neutral appliance when it isn’t required by the user. It’s even separated from the backrest and other parts so that you can move it with ease. When you recline, the process offers support that cradles both your neck and the base of your head.

Durable Build Quality

This version of the HumanScale Freedom Chair boasts an impressive build quality with its solid graphite frame. It’s not lightweight but it’s not that heavy either, weighing just right to accommodate any user. The majority of the chair is made of graphite and fabric, but there are also portions of it made with sturdy and firm plastic such as the back of the headrest and underneath the armrests. The materials used ensure that the HumanScale Freedom Chair can withstand anything for a long time. 

Seat Cushion Options

If utmost comfort is your concern, this HumanScale chair provides two cushion options for you. There’s the standard seat pad and a gel seat option. The gel seat option is comparable to that of a memory foam cushion.

Pros and Cons of the HumanScale Freedom Chair

✔ Comfortable
✔ Height adjustment options
✔ Adjustable headrest and backrest
✔ Easy to adjust arms
✔ Provides great lumbar support
✘ High price tag
✘ Armrests can be wide for small users
✘ Gel seat may not be for everyone

What People Are Saying About It

If you’re sitting at the computer all day long, it may be best to acquire an ergonomic chair that can give you comfort and support. The HumanScale Freedom is able to provide both with its flexible features. It sets itself apart from other task chairs in the market thanks to its numerous adjustable options and intuitive control process. You can adjust the arms and not worry about problems of them being unequal, you can modify the height of the backrest and the headrest part separately, and you can even do tasks while the chair is reclined. 

The seat provided also offers immense relaxation while crunching out deadlines. Additionally, the backrest conforms to the body of its users, becoming a great lumbar support to any movement made by the one seated in it. Products like this may sit on the higher end of the price bracket, but the HumanScale Freedom is one great office furniture to invest in. Check out one of the many HumanScale reviews as a testament to how amazing this chair is:

“This version of the Humanscale Freedom Chair has a number of thoughtful finishing touches that make it a joy to own. It provides an amazing level of comfort. This is definitely a case of getting the price you pay for. We love it, and you will too.”

Reviewer – Chair Institute

Where to Buy the HumanScale Freedom Office Chair

Has our chair review convinced you to get your own? If you are thinking of buying Freedom chairs or other products for your office or home workstation, check out Amazon for the best deals. Freedom chairs are available in several colors, namely black, blue, cayenne, navy, and sage.

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HumanScale Freedom Chair

The HumanScale Freedom Chair is a masterpiece of ergonomic design. Its revolutionary self-adjusting recline mechanism adapts to your body’s movements, providing unparalleled comfort and support.

The chair’s minimalist aesthetic complements any workspace, while its intelligent engineering ensures long-term durability and functionality. Plus, its adjustable armrests and height options make it customizable for any user.

The HumanScale Freedom Chair is truly the epitome of luxury and functionality, a chair that will make you look forward to sitting down at your desk.

In short, if you want to invest in your health and comfort, the HumanScale Freedom Chair is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.

The Review

90% Great ergonomic chair

With everyone working from home these days, having a good chair to sit on is a must to maintain your health and well-being. The HumanScale Freedom Office Chair is my choice since it is an innovative piece of office furniture that is as comfortable as they come.

Tricia Montano

Tricia founded Pain Free Working in 2019 due to suffering from degenerative disc disease in her L5-S1 from working an office job for the past 18 years. She and her team strive on finding and reviewing the best office equipment to help fellow pain sufferers find relief and to enable people like her to do their jobs comfortably.