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iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat Review

Standing for extended periods of time on hard floors can be tiring for the legs, feet, and even the entire body. When you stay on your feet for too long, you can damage your lower limbs, resulting in blood clots or Deep Vein Thrombosis. Not only that but standing for too long can also lead to back problems and extreme fatigue. These can be avoided by using a standing mat such as the iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat.

A supportive mat like the iMovR EcoLast Portable Mat can help reduce fatigue from standing for long periods of time. By using one, you can make your workspace a more comfortable place to be in. Dive further into the article to learn how the iMovR EcoLast Portable can help you have a healthier and more ergonomic working lifestyle.

What is a Standing Desk Mat?

Standing desk mats are mainly used as accessories that help relieve pain and fatigue caused by standing for a prolonged time when using standing desks. It is usually made out of rubber and can also be used not just for office workers, but for employees whose jobs require them to stand the whole day, such as factory workers and warehouse workers. Technically, standing desk mats can be used outside of a typical office setting or workstation setup, such as those who spend copious amounts of time working in a garage or in the kitchen.

This item usually comes with a cushioned surface that is made to keep the feet comfortable. This surface also allows for more movement within the lower limbs in order to keep the legs and feet mobile, encouraging foot muscle contraction and expansion. 

These little movements keep the blood in the legs flowing and significantly reduce the risk of muscle and joint soreness and fatigue. If your job requires you to stand without breaks for multiple periods of time, then a standing desk mat is definitely something to look into.

About the iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat

iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat
ModelEcoLast Portable Standing Mat
Dimensions18 x 22 inches
Weight2.5 lbs

Feeling any kind of body pain is the last thing that you want to have while going through your tasks at work. When you feel fatigued and in pain, you’re less likely to concentrate on your work and you may be less productive, leading to a pile of unfinished tasks. Working while standing on a supportive product such as the iMovR EcoLast Portable can encourage blood flow in your lower body.

iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat Features

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Available in an array of colors, the iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat is one that can fit in any work area. Take a look at its highlights and see if this one fits your needs.

Can Be Used Anywhere

Unlike other standing mats in the market, the iMovR EcoLast Portable has an integrated handle that makes it easy to bring around wherever you desire. Weighing around 2.5 lbs., this standing mat is lightweight and compact, allowing you to use it not only in the office but even beyond that. This portable mat definitely revolutionizes the term “on-the-go business” as you can take it with you to your meetings, work travels, or even while working at a coffee shop.

Aside from business, this handy standing mat can also be used anywhere in your home, from your kitchen to the laundry area to the garden. You can even bring the EcoLast Portable to stadium games and use it as a comfy seat. The versatility and convenience of this portable standing mat are unmatched.

Excellent Cushioning

iMovR’s lineup of EcoLast standing mats are constructed with solid polyurethane, and the EcoLast Portable shares the same material with its siblings. With a thickness of 3/4 inches, this standing mat can greatly help in reducing fatigue and general discomfort. It provides springy support to the soles, encouraging small movements of the feet, ankles, and knees. The EcoLast Portable has a high-degree cushioning that reduces any pressure on the feet as it absorbs the impact of standing on hard surfaces. It also evenly distributes your weight, alleviating spinal compression, and therefore lowering the risk of back pain.

Sturdy and Durable

This anti-fatigue standing mat is of commercial-grade standard, designed to survive heavy use. iMovR constructed the EcoLast Portable to be extremely durable, able to withstand wear, tear, puncture, heat, and even chemical damage. The EcoLast Portable employs 20-degree beveled edges, reducing the risk of tripping for both users and any passerby. The premium polyurethane construction of this mat also prevents its loss of buoyancy, ensuring that it won’t delaminate or bottom out. Speaking of bottoms, this anti-fatigue mat has a high-traction underside, keeping it securely in position.

Moreover, its surface is waterproof and stain-proof, letting you work without any worries of spills or ruining it with stains. Similar to the other EcoLast mats, the EcoLast Portable also has an anti-microbial surface, making it easy to clean when it gets dirty.

Pros and Cons of the iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat

✔ Comes with a built-in handle
✔ Highly durable
✔ Made with polyurethane material
✘ Taller people with wider feet may find it difficult to use
✘ No active terrain

What People Are Saying About It

An anti-fatigue mat such as the iMovR EcoLast Portable is designed for users to be able to work in a safe, comfortable, and supported manner. Implied in its name, this standing mat is highly transportable thanks to its integrated handle. It’s lightweight as well, allowing you to carry it from home to the office to a coffee shop, and even to a stadium game.

The solid polyurethane construction of the EcoLast Portable Standing Mat can take a lot of physical abuse without disintegrating, ensuring that it will last you a lifetime. Standing on this firm yet soft mat can reduce the pressure on your lower extremities, lessening your fatigue and boosting your energy.

“The size and handle of the iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat make it easy to pick up and move anywhere. Its solid PU material is designed for total shock absorption against unforgiving surfaces, while its textured exterior won’t slip or stain.”


Well + Good

Where to Buy the iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat

Thinking of adding the iMovR EcoLast Portable to your work area as well as bringing it anywhere with you? Head on down to Amazon to find the best deals and prices. 

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The Review

92% Light and Portable

The iMovR EcoLast Portable is true to its name — its integrated handle allows you to bring it anywhere to use, ensuring that your feet are always comfortable and supported. It's highly durable as well, able to withstand puncture, wear and tear, heat, and chemicals. The surface is also waterproof, stain-proof, and employs anti-microbial layers, making it last for a long time.

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