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Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Review

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As the popularity of sit-stand workstations rises, so does the need for anti-fatigue mats. For this post, we’ll be taking a look at the design, features, and functions of the Kangaroo Original Standing Mat, sharing our thoughts to help you discover whether this particular product is a good fit for you or not.

About the Kangaroo Original Standing Mat

ManufacturerHills Point Industries, LLC
ColorsBlack, Beige, Brown, Charcoal, Grey, Hunter Green, Mocha, Navy, Red, Sand, Sky Blue, Gray
Dimensions20 x 32 x 0.75 inches
Weight3 lbs.

The Kangaroo Original Standing Mat is a toxin and phthalate-free anti-fatigue mat that can be used in an ergonomic office setup or as a kitchen rug. Made from premium-grade, durable materials, it offers ergonomic support for years on end without suffering from compression.

For traction, the standing mat features beveled edges and a lightly textured surface to prevent slipping and tripping, with grooves underneath so that the mat stays in place. The water-resistant surface also makes it easy to clean with a broom, vacuum, or damp cloth.

The product also ships flat to prevent creasing or folding and ensure the longevity of the mat.

Benefits of the Kangaroo Original Standing Mat

Now that we’ve covered the product specs, let’s discuss the features in further detail.

Long-Lasting Ergonomic Comfort

An ergonomic mat not only provides comfort but also promotes health and well-being. The superior cushioning of the mat comes from the extra thick foam, which works to soften the pressure on your feet, knees, legs, joints, and back while still maintaining a firmness that allows users to keep a steady footing. With such pain relief, users also experience an improvement in their posture and muscle conditioning. Better back support also lessens those shoulder and neck pains from doing tasks while standing.

Even if you place it in a high-traffic area (i.e. the kitchen), the standing mat still retains its firmness, as the high-quality foam prevents it from compressing over time.

Variety in Design

While most standing mats come in standard industrial colors, this product actually comes in a variety of styles. The seller offers a choice of 11 solid colors and 5 colored patterns to suit every taste, making it less of an eyesore in a room.

Additionally, you may choose from 8 different sizes to suit your floor plan or workstation.

Use of Non-Toxic Materials

As consumers grow aware of their environmental impact, they become conscious of what products to buy. Safe for children, adults, and even pets, the Kangaroo Original Standing Mat is both toxin and phthalate free, deeming it safe for the home and office environment. Additionally, previous customers shared no complaints in terms of off-gassing and odor, in case users are quite sensitive to either.

10-Year Guarantee

While not limited to this specific product, Kangaroo offers a 10-year service guarantee that includes free replacements, returns, and refunds with no questions asked. Regardless of the Amazon return window, customers’ needs come first with this seller and its impressive warranty period.

Pros and Cons of the Kangaroo Original Standing Mat

✔ Available in multiple colors
✔ Extra thick
✔ Can be used anywhere
✔ Non-toxic
✘ People may easily trip over
✘ May scratch easily

What People Are Saying About It

The Kangaroo Original Standing Mat is an excellent choice to bring comfort to your exhausted feet. Aside from its overall health benefits, the color selection is absolutely appealing as well. Cushion your feet on this mat as you work, and you won’t regret it. 

“If you’re looking for a comfortably soft, yet, firm, cushioned surface to provide some relief for your feet or legs, choose one of these! It’s available in various colors and designs.”

– Life Savvy Reviewer

Where to Buy the Kangaroo Original Standing Mat

Thinking about testing the mat yourself? Buy the Kangaroo Original Standing Mat on Amazon today, sold by GORILLA GRIP. Depending on your standing needs and personal tastes, the mat comes in 8 sizes and 15 styles.

While shopping on Amazon does come with certain service guarantees, GORILLA GRIP also offers its own with free returns until up to 10 years after the purchase date. This ensures the importance of customer satisfaction, regardless if you need a replacement or need to return a defective mat.

If you’re looking for other standing mats, consider checking out our guide on the best standing desk mats.

Kangaroo Original Standing Desk Mat

Kangaroo Original Standing Mat

The Kangaroo Original Standing Mat is a true hero of the workplace. With its supportive and comfortable design, this mat is the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce fatigue and discomfort from standing for long periods.

With long-lasting construction and slip-resistant backing, you can trust that your feet will stay securely planted, no matter how much you move around. Plus, its versatile design means that it can be used in a variety of settings – from the office to the kitchen and beyond.

So if you’re ready to elevate your comfort and productivity, look no further than the Kangaroo Original Standing Mat. Your feet will thank you!

The Review

88% An ergonomic mat that you can customize to your liking

It's everything you can expect from a good anti-fatigue mat, ergonomically engineered to increase your comfort and improve your health. What makes it stand out is the user ability to customize in color, pattern and size, a major perk for those concerned with the general industrial feel of most products in this category.

Where it falls short is the traction. Despite the grooved underside, the mat works best on clean, dry and smooth surfaces. If you intend on using it as kitchen rug in front of the sink, any water spillage around the mat may affect its grip on the floor.

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