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Review: Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard

KINESIS Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard

Something that is most commonly used in the office setting is your computer’s keyboard. You’re pressing those buttons for long hours daily to get your work done. But did you know that even the way you position your hands in your keyboard has a high degree of importance?

It’s a common misconception that only those with hand injuries are the ones who need an ergonomic keyboard. In reality, everyone needs it. Because you’re typing on your keyboard every day for long hours, there’s a high chance you can sustain stress injuries, pains, strains, etc.

That’s why you need an ergonomic keyboard that will keep or hands and fingers comfortable while reducing strain and maintaining healthy hand positioning. In this review, we’re going to dive deep into the features and specifications of the Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard. Could this be the ergonomic accessory for your office?

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General Product Information

KINESIS Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard General Product Description
ManufacturerKinesis Gaming
ModelFreestyle Edge RGB
Model Year2017
Dimensions1.25″ tall x 15.5″ wide x 10.25″ deep
ConnectivityUSB Wired (Single Port, 6′ Braided Cable)
Item Weight3.0 lbs
Shipping Weight3.99 lbs

Truth be told, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard was made for gaming. It was engineered to make for an ergonomic and valuable accessory for gamers to use. Considering that they spend long hours in front of computer screens and controlling their movements in the game using their keyboards, they need high-quality, durable, and ergonomically built keyboards to support their wrists and hands during their game.

If the Kinesis Keyboard has proven to be beneficial for gamers who spend long hours playing, how much more for an average office worker who doesn’t use a keyboard as intensely or as often as a gamer? Now, before you disagree, let’s look closer into the features of the Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard.

Kineses Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard Features

Kinesis Freestyle Mechanical Keyboard Features


Because the Kinesis Mechanical Keyboard is split into two parts, it allows for more versatility in terms of use. With this keyboard, you can dictate your hand and typing position according to your preference. If you’re the type who finds it more comfortable to use conventional keyboards, you can simply put the two parts together to form a whole.

On the other hand, if you want a wider typing range, you can separate the keyboard as far as you prefer. The best thing about that is you won’t have trouble reaching keys because of its perfect size that’s reachable by your fingers.

You can also purchase the Kinesis Lift Kit in case you want to elevate your keyboard for a better typing experience.


For the longest time, we’ve only ever used conventional keyboards. But just because it’s the long-time tradition, not to mention the socially accepted type, doesn’t mean that it’s ideal. Think about it. Are conventional keyboards really optimized ergonomically?

The answer is no. In fact, conventional keyboards pose a lot of problems when it comes to hand positioning, such as:

  • Mouse Over-Reach: Conventional keyboards are usually large and full-sized. Because of this, there arises a need for us to reach over the corner to access the mouse. This might be something you normally do, but it actually puts excessive strain on your wrist, elbow, and shoulder.
  • Forearm Pronation: When using a conventional keyboard, the tendency is for our wrists to face down towards the desktop while typing. Without adequate support, this posture causes the rotation of your ulna and radius bones, increasing pressure on the forearm muscles. In the long run, this pronated posture causes fatigue and repetitive injuries.
  • Wrist extension: If you try typing on your conventional keyboard, you’ll notice that your wrists are bent backward due to the keyboard’s slope design. You’ve probably already experienced wrist pain when in this position for long periods of time. If this is prolonged, you’ll run the risk of developing serious wrist injuries.
  • Ulnar deviation: The tendency when using conventional keyboards is to bend the wrist outward in the direction of your little finger. This happens when you’re trying to reach the outer keys of your keyboard. But this is the most dangerous keyboard posture because it constricts blood flow and creates muscle tension.

Chances are, you never even knew how dangerous conventional keyboards can be when it comes to posture. With the split-type build of the Kineses Freestyle Keyboard, you can have a healthy and ergonomic keyboard posture, significantly reducing the risk of pain, strain, and injury.

Palm Support

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split mechanical keyboard is designed with thick cushion pads to support your palm and wrists. This gives your hand the foundation and support it needs to withstand long hours of typing. The material of the cushion is moisture resistant for maximum comfort.

Where to Buy the Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard

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Begin your transition to an ergonomic keyboard. Check the best prices for the Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard on Amazon today.

Kinesis Gaming offers a 60-day guarantee beginning on the date of purchase, as well as a 2-year limited warranty and access to US tech support.

The Review

99% An ergonomic keyboard that eliminates the risk of wrist and hand injuries

We probably never knew how conventional keyboards were so disadvantageous to our hand and wrist posture — to the point that we can even develop serious injuries in the long run. But now that we do, we're lucky to have a product that can eliminate these risks. With the Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard, we can ensure a healthy and ergonomic posture for our hands during long working hours.

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