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Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Converter 3

If you’re up to date with the latest trends in ergonomic working, you’ve probably thought about purchasing a standing desk converter. Products like the Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Converter can be a wonderful addition to any office space, simply because of the multiple benefits they offer to the everyday working individual. They ease posture, improve energy levels, help incorporate movement into an otherwise stagnant workday, and are known to boost a person’s overall productivity.

In fact, many users can’t get enough of the benefits the sit-to-stand work dynamic has to offer. Some even go so far as to ditch their existing desk for a height-adjustable standing desk. But if you’re just wading your way into this alternative working arrangement, then getting a portable and lightweight standing desk converter is your best bet. Compared to standing desks, they’re easier to set up and cost way less. Plus, you’re still getting all the benefits of the sit-stand work arrangement.

However, the Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Desk Converter isn’t your ordinary standing desk converter. Its appearance alone makes it stand out from others in the market. Why? It’s a standing desk converter designed specifically to fit corners and L-shaped desks, as well as regular rectangular tables. This makes fitting it into any office space more convenient than ever.

You might be asking yourself, “How is standing while working a good idea?” Well, let us tell you the benefits of standing desks. Most people work for long hours on their desks, not moving at all from their chairs. Being in a seated position for too long is actually terrible for your overall well-being. Standing desk converters reduce those health risks in a lot of ways. Having a sit-stand workstation activates more of your muscles while standing, improving bone and muscle health. A sit-stand desk also reduces any common back aches and pains since it can improve your posture. Desk converters may also aid in better blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

Apart from health benefits, sit-stand desk converters also help in boosting productivity because the more comfortable you are, the better you’ll be able to work. You also won’t feel as tired by the end of the day. Additionally, sit-stand desk converters are more budget-friendly compared to a standing desk. Standing desk converters offer all the perks and benefits of a standing desk for a more affordable price tag. These benefits are all the reasons why standing desk converters are worth it. 

About the Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Riser with Keyboard Tray

ManufacturerMount It
ModelHeight Adjustable Corner Desk Converter
Dimensions48 inches x 33 inches x 6.75 to 16.5 inches
Weight33 lbs.

Working in a seated position for hours doesn’t do the body any good. Most people don’t often realize this at all. To counter working in a chair the entire day, it’s proposed that working using a sit-stand method is much better not just for the health and body, but for productivity as well. If you have a regular office desk and want to use the sit-stand method but don’t know how to, don’t worry, here’s a solution for you. 

You don’t need to buy an entirely new desk, especially if you have a corner workstation. Mount It is a brand that offers low-cost monitor arms, wall mounts, and desk risers. Among their lineup is the Mount It Height Adjustable Corner 48” Standing Desk Converter, which has been praised in numerous standing desk converter reviews.

The Mount It Corner transforms your regular desk into a sit-stand workstation. Standing desk converters like the Mount It Corner are placed on top of the work desk and come with a height adjustment function that allows one to work while switching between sitting and standing. The Mount It Corner has a wide desk surface, a broad keyboard tray, 8 adjustment options, and more. 

Benefits of the Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Riser

The Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Desk Converter has a lot of features to show for it, all of which come at a fair price, hence making it a contender as a best standing desk converter. Let’s take a look at what makes this standing desk converter an excellent addition to any home or office work area.

Large Surface

At 48 inches, the Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Desk Converter has one of the widest work surface areas out of any standing desk converter we have ever seen. If you’re a single monitor user, you have a vast space for your office files, supplies, and even your coffee mug. If you use dual monitors, fret not for you’ll be able to fit the two large monitors onto this piece of equipment with ease. 

Even as it goes up to its full height of 16.5 inches, Its sturdy construction makes sure that anything you put onto the tabletop surface is safe and secure.

Aside from the wide main work surface, the keyboard tray is broad as well. You can even add a keyboard and mouse to the designated keyboard tray so you can continue working ergonomically and with the right posture whether you’re sitting or standing. 

The desk surface definitely has enough space to accommodate all your office necessities and more. If you’re not a keyboard user, you can also easily remove the lower keyboard tray if desired. 

Dual-Spring Lift Mechanism

Adjusting the monitor height to your preferred level whether you are seated or standing is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the Mount It Corner converter. It employs a dual-spring assisted lift that lets you adjust the height with ease. 

Simply squeeze the levers located on each side of the Mount It Corner for your preferred monitor height adjustment. You can work in your seat comfortably, and switch to a standing position in the next hour by making the proper adjustments. 

Affordable Price

Many manufacturers make the mistake of pricing their products too high, but not this one. The Mount It Corner Standing Desk Converter is not only functional and efficient, but it also comes at a low price point so you won’t have to break the bank just to start your journey to pain-free working. 

Indeed, this standing desk converter is one that anyone can use. It doesn’t cut costs when it comes to quality, too, because you are still getting durable materials that will stand the test of time. However, because the product is a little on the heavier side, you’re sacrificing some portability. But if you don’t see yourself moving your workspace around too much, then the Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Desk Converter is still a worthy purchase.

Designed for Corners

As suggested by the name, corner standing desk converters are designed for L-shaped desks and those workstations situated at corners of the room. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck with a regular standing desk converter and frustrated at trying to make it fit into a corner desk, this one will help you out just fine. This sit-stand desk has a back that is built to snuggle right into a corner wall or at the center of an L-shaped table. Of course, if you have a rectangular desk, this desk converter will work just fine, too.

Pros and Cons of the Mount It Corner Sit-Stand Converter

✔ 8 height adjustment settings
✔ Wide work surface
✔ Affordable price
✔ Dual spring-assisted height adjustment lift
✘ Large gap between desk surface and keyboard tray while in a seated position
✘ Assembly is required
✘ No cable management feature

What People Are Saying About It

A standing desk converter is probably something that isn’t normally on anyone’s radar, but that’s why we’re here to tell you all about it. This Mount It desk converter can change the way you do your office work. 

One of the best standing desk converters, it has a wide work surface that can accommodate almost everything, from a single monitor to dual screens, office supplies, and more. Not only is the desk surface broad, but the keyboard tray is vast as well. The keyboard tray can house the keyboard and mouse side by side and still have space for other items. If you’re not a keyboard and mouse user, you can remove the keyboard tray as well for extra space to accommodate your laptop or tablet. 

This standing desk converter has 8 monitor height adjustment settings that one can easily transition to using the dual-spring assisted levers on each side. Raise it to your preferred height if you wish to stand and stretch your legs, or lower it if you are missing the softness of your chair as you work. For a more ergonomic standing desk converter, you can also acquire an accessory such as a dual monitor arm, or even attach a cable management system to it. 

Transform your normal office desk into a sit-stand workstation with the Mount It Corner 48”. Still not convinced? Here’s one of the stand up desk converter reviews from one customer: 

“Corner desk converters often have deeper work surfaces than other models, and the Mount It Corner is no exception. Its low price is very tempting.”

Reviewer – Work While Walking

Where to Buy the Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Converter

If you’re thinking of buying the Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Converter for your home or office, check out Amazon for the best deals.

Looking for other standing desk converters? Check our other reviews to find one that suits your preference. If you prefer standing desks, we also have a guide to the best standing desks in the market. 

Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Converter

The Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Converter is like a magic carpet ride for your workspace. Its smooth, effortless operation makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing, giving you the flexibility to work in comfort all day long.

The spacious work surface accommodates dual monitors, a laptop, and other essentials, making it perfect for multitasking. Its sturdy construction and adjustable height make it suitable for users of all sizes, and its compact design fits perfectly in any corner desk setup.

The Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Converter is a fun and functional way to upgrade your workspace and take your productivity to new heights.

The Review

92% Wide, sturdy corner converter

Unique, sleek, and durable are just some of the words you can use to describe the Mount It Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Converter. For its value alone, you're getting a great piece of office equipment that can go head to head with its pricier competitors.

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