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Mountup Triple Monitor Arm Review

These days, more and more jobs are required to run multiple programs at once, propping up the need for a dual or triple monitor system. But having three monitors situated on a desktop can be troublesome as you’ll need a very wide desk to keep the area free from clutter to see all your screens.

Investing in a triple monitor mount such as the Mountup Triple Monitor Arm can help create an ergonomic workspace with optimal display continuity.

About the Mountup Triple Monitor Arm


ModelTriple Monitor Arm
Product Dimensions16 in. (Height)
58.9 in. (Maximum Extension)
11.4 in. (Height Adjustment)
4.4-19.8 lbs. (Maximum Weight Capacity)

Buying an entirely new desk just to accommodate all your monitors can be very expensive and impractical. The simplest and least costly way to solve this issue is to use an adjustable and fully articulated monitor mount like the Mountup Triple Monitor Arm.

This product can easily turn your regular desk into an ergonomic one, freeing up workspace and allowing you to position your screens as you desire. Learn more about this Triple Monitor Mount in the next section.

Benefits of the Mountup Triple Monitor Arm

The Mountup Triple Monitor Arm can aid you in becoming more efficient at work with its multiple points of adjustment. Here are its best features:

Articulating Triple Monitor Mount

Mountup designed this monitor arm with the absolute comfort of the user in mind. This product has fully adjustable arms that can tilt +90 to -90 degrees, swivel +90 to -90 degrees, and rotate 360 degrees.

The center monitor can be height adjusted, while the arms on the sides can extend up to 58.9 inches thanks to their gas spring mechanism. These multiple screen combinations allow users to easily find optimal viewing angles.

Fits Most Monitors

The Mountup Triple Monitor Arm is compatible with almost all monitors, whether flat or curved. Each arm of this monitor mount can carry monitors from 17 inches to 27 inches and weights of 4.4 to a maximum of 19.8 lbs. This mount is also compatible with VESA patterns 75x75mm and 100x100mm.

Don’t worry about your table too as this Mountup Monitor Mount can also fit most tables with a thickness or a hole diameter of 0.39 to 3.15 inches.

Easy Assembly

The Mountup Triple Monitor Arm offers two types of assembly, a C-Clamp, and a grommet mount. You can use either option to attach it to your desk. The quick-release VESA plate also makes it simple to mount a monitor.

Organizes Desk Space

Having a neat desk can help you focus and be more productive. This Triple Monitor Mount lifts your monitors off your desk, giving you more space for your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. Not only that, but this product also has an integrated cable management system, keeping cables neatly tucked in and hidden away, reducing clutter.

Made with Robust and Premium Materials

Mounting triple monitors will surely be heavy, which is why it’s important that your monitor arms are made with heavy-duty materials. Mountup crafted this Triple Monitor Mount with heavy-gauge steel, strong enough to hold three monitors stably.

Pros and Cons of the Mountup Triple Monitor Arm

✔️ Triple monitor mount
✔️ Gas spring arms
✔️ Offers 360-degree rotation
✔️ Tilt and swivel monitors at +90 to -90 degrees
✔️ C-Clamp or grommet mount mechanism
✔️ Integrated cable management
✖️ Middle screen mount has no depth adjustment

What People Are Saying About It

Having three displays situated on a desk can be headache-inducing. The best way to create a seamless workstation with optimal viewing angles is to lift your monitors up on the Mountup Triple Monitor Arm. With its stronger and easy-to-move arms, you can create a workstation that provides stability, flexibility, and numerous ergonomic benefits.

“Setting up a tri-screen array can often be an infuriating and fickle task, but this Mountup Triple Monitor Arm makes the whole experience a total breeze. It gives you a wide room, streamlining your desk and your displays. The articulate gas spring arms offer vast options when it comes to adjustability.”

Reviewer – PC Guide

Where to Buy the Mountup Triple Monitor Arm

The Mountup Triple Monitor Arm is an investment that pays off well. If you’re interested in adding this to your setup, make your way over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices.

Mountup Triple Monitor Arm

Triple monitor setups can be quite daunting as you’ll need to think of the best way to accommodate them on your desktop.

To make things easier, a monitor mount like the Mountup Triple Monitor Arm can fill your entire vision in the most optimal manner.

With gas spring arms, you can smoothly extend this Mountup Triple Monitor Arm up to 58.9 inches and raise or lower your displays according to your preferences.

Attachment is easy too as Mountup gives you the option to use a C-Clamp or a grommet mechanism.

Whether you have a small monitor or use a screen that’s 27 inches, you can hang it up on this monitor mount and rotate it any way you want.

The Review

94% Great for Multi-Screen Settings

With the need to multi-task these days, it's no wonder why many workers are opting for dual or triple-screen setups. Compatible with most monitors and desks, the Mountup Triple Monitor Arm is designed to support and create a seamless workstation by giving users a full field of vision. It offers numerous adjustment options, allowing anyone to position themselves comfortably while working. Your workstation will look neat and tidy too as it has an integrated cable management system.

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