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People with Chronic Pain Now Have Access to Medical Marijuana in Iowa

Iowa is the newest state to legalize medical marijuana for people with chronic pain.

On Friday, August 2nd, the Iowa Medical Cannabidoil Board discussed the current conditions eligible for medical marijuana. The meeting resulted in a vote to include chronic pain to the list. Prior to this, only those with untreatable pain, or severe pain associated with cancer or terminal illness, had access to CBD.

“It’s a great start, great direction. In Iowa, we’re a little behind on where we need to be, and I think legislators are realizing that.”

Jake Prazak, advocate of hemp oil use, shares with KIMT3 News

However, certain conditions still do not qualify for medical marijuana, including generalized anxiety disorder and opioid dependency. Rather limiting, compared to states like California where migraines and anorexia qualify for legal cannabis. In any case, this is still progress for Iowa, considering Kentucky and Alabama limit CBD to clinical trial participants, with Alabama restricting it further to clinical trials treating severe, debilitating epileptic conditions. Mississippi only allow access to CBD oil, and only those with debilitating epileptic seizure disorders can be medical marijuana recipients.

The board plans to meet again in November to revisit the qualifying conditions, possibly adding post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to the list. In addition to chronic pain, the list includes AIDS, Parkinson’s and seizures. Cancer and terminal illness are also qualifying conditions, but only if patients experience specific symptoms.

For a complete list of medical marijuana-qualified conditions in Iowa or any other state, visit Leafly.

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