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Philippine Congressman Proposes ‘Office Computer Ergonomic Act’

A congressman of Bulacan province has recently filed a bill for reducing the health related risks that stem from computer usage in the office environment.

Known as the “Office Computer Ergonomic Act” of House Bill 1630, principal author Jose Antonio Sy-Alvarado proposes that the government regulate and maintain specific ergonomic standards for offices with computer workers. These standards would take human factors into consideration, such as dimensions, proportions, disabilities, etc. Having these human factors in mind, the bill seeks to improve health and safety in the workplace.

They say that sitting is the new smoking. With the Philippines as the call center capital of the world, the need for ergonomically designed workplaces is at an all-time high. Thus, the government need to prioritize the comfort of computer-bound employees.

Taking ergonomics into account when carrying out a risk assessment of the workplace can help minimize the risks of accidents and long-term injuries. It can also contribute to greater efficiency, increase productivity and contribute to the general well-being of employee.

– Bulacan Representative Jose Antonio Sy-Alvarado on the new bill

So what kind of changes in the workplace would that require?

For starters, offices need proper furniture for better posture. Although it’s not just about picking out ergonomic desks, chairs and accessories. It’s also about encouraging better work habits, and perhaps putting a workplace wellness program in place.

While more commonplace in North America and Europe, other Asian countries are also making strides in workplace ergonomics. For example, some offices in India have replaced traditional workstations with cycling desks.

Sheena Bergado

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