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The Efficacy of ShockWave Therapy for Pain Management

Over 20 years ago, doctors started using therapeutic shock waves to eliminate kidney stones. With the alarming number of opioid dependent users around the world, the global pain management industry has seen a rise in alternative pain management strategies, including ShockWave Therapy.

First of all, what is ShockWave therapy?

It’s the use of either or both Radial Pressure Waves (RPW) or Focused Shock Waves (FSW) in target areas to relieve pain and other therapeutic and wellness applications. RPW reach up to 5 centimeters, while FSW reach up to 12.5 centimeters. Some cases require a combination of both for pain management.

Physiotherapists in Europe and other parts of the world are using it to treat sport and orthopedic injuries. Thus, anyone with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) could benefit from such therapy.

ShockWave Therapy claims to do more than just reduce pain. Other than transmitting shocks to the tissue to disrupt pain signals and promote the release of pain, certified ShockWave therapists explain that it improves blood circulation. With more oxygen to the tissue means faster healing and regeneration.

But the use of RPW and/or FSW is not an effective treatment on its own. In fact, physiotherapist and ShockWave therapist Anil Daniel Prasad tells Gulf News that he divides his treatment plans into several categories. After a thorough examination, he treats his patients with lifestyle education, manual therapy and dry needling. He also prescribes exercise.

It’s not just licensed physiotherapists using ShockWave therapy these days. Physicians are also using a combination of waves to treat their patients’ pain. And for those interested the alternative pain therapy, Prasad suggests looking at online forums to learn about the appropriate configurations.

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