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What Wellness Actually Means for Workers

For many corporations, the concept of workplace wellness often means adding an onsite gym, discount yoga studio memberships and healthier food at the cafeteria. While all the above are ideally great for improving the office experience, is that what employees really want?

According to a recent Harvard study on office wellness, a happy workplace goes beyond promoting healthy eating and regular exercise.

In fact, most of upper management fail to truly understand what workers need to show up daily and do their jobs well.

So what do employees want exactly?

The Harvard Business Review sums it up in the following three points:

1. Offer perks that impact all employees

Not everyone wants a discounted gym membership, or a yoga and meditation room in the office. In fact, the majority of employees are much more interested in better interior design that allows for more natural light and better air quality. Other things they look for include comfortable temperatures.

2. Personalize as much as possible

The ability to personalize their space might be just as important as vacation leaves. Other than personal touches to their desks, temperature and lighting control allows employees to make their own adjustments to their work spaces.

3. Look beyond physical health when it comes to workplace wellness

Workplace wellness shouldn’t just be about physical health. Rather, workplace wellness programs must take emotional and environmental wellness into account, on top of physical. While healthy food options are a nice touch, proper acoustics, quiet rooms, natural lighting and others improve emotional and environmental impact.

Sheena Bergado

Sheena first met Tricia on a back pain support forum. After becoming online friends they launched in 2019. Due to suffering from upper back and shoulder pain, Sheena vows to find the best ergonomic office equipment in the Philippines to help fellow desk workers.