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ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand Review

Obvus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand

Many workers are making the switch to using laptops for full-time work use. There certainly are a host of benefits to using a laptop as opposed to a traditional computer setup: for one, a laptop is more portable, cheaper than a full PC, and more compact. So why the need for products like the ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand?

Because of their design, using laptops for long hours can result in pains in the neck, shoulder, and back areas. This is because we tend to slouch over our laptops, as the screen naturally falls a few inches below eye level, depending on the height of our desks and computer chair. Hence the requirement for laptop risers or desk stands.

We’ve had a look at the ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand to see why it’s a top contender for one of the best ergonomic accessories in the market. Here are its specs, features, and benefits. Check them out! 

About the ObVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand

ManufacturerObVus Solutions
ModelLaptop Tower Stand
Dimensions12.4 x 12.01 x 2.72 inches
Weight4.24 lbs.

Invest in a better workspace with the sleek and inspired ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand, a height-adjustable desk accessory that lets you elevate your laptop with ease. Ergonomic working has never looked this good!

Benefits of the ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand

Named by Wire as the best laptop stand of 2020, this ObVus Solutions product has a lot to live up to, and we’re here to find out if it does. Without further ado, here are some of the benefits you’ll be getting when you purchase the item.

Sleek and Smooth

The first thing one might notice from this product is the seamless metallic design, and as the name goes, its appearance makes it an obvious solution. Combining form and function, ObVus Solutions has created a stand that is not only able to elevate your laptop up to 21 inches in height but can complement any workspace too, so you can stay in the proper ergonomic position while working and have a beautified desk. 

Adjusting the level requires a bit of force, but the process is still smooth and hitch-free, and it’s a sign that the stand won’t collapse out of nowhere.

No-Brainer Setup

Unlike full sit-stand laptop risers, this tower stand does not need a manual to install. No need to attach parts or screw anything in. Simply remove the stand from its packaging, adjust the height as preferred, and place your laptop or notebook on top. The durable steel material can hold a laptop as large as 17 inches. 

Adds Space to Your Desk

Without a laptop getting in the way, your desk is now free to hold all the documents, notebooks, and gadgets you need for work. Stay organized with the ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Standwhich takes up a mere 12×12 inches of surface area. You can even bring this compact accessory with you when you’re on the go: it’ll fit right in your bag as well as on a coffee shop table. 

Pros and Cons of the ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand

✔ Stable platform for any laptop model (up to 17 inches)
✔ Portable
✔ Broad range of height adjustment options
✘ May be difficult to adjust angles

What People Are Saying About It

Stable, sturdy, and portable. Really, there is not much more you could want in a riser. Did we mention it’s chosen by Wire as the best laptop stand in the market? Here’s what they had to say about this ObVus accessory:

“This is the laptop stand I kept coming back to out of the many I tried. It’s sturdy, light, and sleek (as far as office supplies go). I’ve been using it consistently for the past five months, and it has stayed just as sturdy, with no issues.”

– Wired Reviewer

Where to Buy the ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand

Eager to grab one of the best desk accessories on the market? The ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand is available now on Amazon. Check the website for the best deals and prices now.

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ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand

The ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand is a true game-changer for anyone looking to optimize their workspace. With its innovative design, this stand elevates your laptop to the perfect height, reducing strain on your neck and shoulders.

With a durable build and sleek finish, you can trust that your laptop will be securely supported and look great at the same time.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or just someone who spends a lot of time on your laptop, the ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand is an elegant and practical solution that will enhance your comfort and productivity.

The Review

93% One of the best in the business

There's nothing about this product that will make you think it's all hype, and that's saying something, because the ObVus Laptop Tower Stand has a lot of hype. You might think the riser a little simple at first glance, but that's really where the magic lies: this accessory doesn't need to be attention-grabbing to be useful. Get this product if you plan to work with a laptop long-term; it will save your neck, literally.

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