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PACEARTH Foot Rest Under Desk Review

Our feet are the foundation of our bodies. Not many realize it, but they provide support to our legs, torso, shoulders, and back. It’s highly important to keep our feet healthy and pain-free so that the rest of our body won’t experience any kind of aches as well. Having an ergonomic footrest like the PACEARTH Foot Rest Under Desk can keep our feet comfortable, significantly improving our productivity, energy levels, and overall health.

Footrests have a ton of benefits that make them worth having in your workstation. A footstool increases support for your back and your upper body as it can help alleviate certain issues. It can keep your feet grounded and positioned in a neutral manner, encouraging more support for your shoulders, back, and hips. 

Footrests can also help you stretch and keep you relaxed. Whether you sit at your desk for a few hours or more — which you shouldn’t do, by the way, as you can incur sitting diseases — you’re probably assuming a relatively monotonous position that you don’t even realize that you’re doing. A dynamic footrest can help you keep moving throughout the day, allowing you to stay a little more active. 

Sitting uncomfortably can also lead to poor circulation, especially when your feet and body are angled unnaturally. Footrests that are adjustable can help you set it at the height most comfortable for you, letting you find your ideal angle and enhancing circulation in your lower body. 

These are just some of the benefits of having a footrest under your desk. Your feet do a lot for you and by resting them on a footrest, you can set yourself on the path of having a good posture and reduce the occurrence of health issues that come with sitting improperly.

About the PACEARTH Foot Rest Under Desk

Manufacturer PACEARTH

Model Foot Rest Under Desk
Product Dimensions17 x 13 x 4 inches

The PACEARTH Foot Rest is a rocking footrest that helps in increasing blood circulation and improving your overall balance. It works just like a stationary footrest, elevating your knees and feet to let you sit in a comfortable posture. Its rocking motion is an added benefit that helps incorporate more movement into your day, ensuring that you don’t stay in one position all the time, and reducing the chances of developing sore muscles. Read on to know more about its great features.

Benefits of the PACEARTH Foot Rest Under Desk

Keeping your feet aligned with the rest of your body throughout the day is essential in preventing aches and pains. Check out how the PACEARTH Foot Rest and its features can aid you in ensuring that you stay comfortable while you work:

Constructed with Premium Poplar

The PACEARTH Foot Rest is made of high-quality poplar which is usually used for classic furniture. Compared to plastic footrests, the poplar material of the PACEARTH Foot Rest ensures stability and toughness, allowing for longer usage. You don’t have to worry about this wooden footrest breaking down as its base can support up to a weight of 400 lbs. Moreover, it’s equipped with a frosted surface and anti-slip rubber strips underneath, preventing you from sliding off it and avoiding scratches on your floor.

Spacious and Supportive

No matter what your foot size or height is, the PACEARTH Foot Rest can accommodate you. It features a generous space for your feet, allowing you to completely put your feet on it and find your preferred angle. This footrest is a dynamic footrest, which means you can move it forward and backward at 0 to 30 degrees, adding more movement to your day and improving your circulation. Its gentle rocking motions can also help you focus more and give you more energy when you need it.


Resting your feet on the PACEARTH Foot Rest is an excellent way to prevent any posture-related aches and pains. It elevates your feet to a comfortable position, reducing fatigue and stiffness that your lower half may experience. Additionally, you can pair this footrest with a sit-stand desk. You can place it under your desk when you’re seated and you can also stand on it to let your legs stretch. You can also use this dynamic footrest on your sofa, your bed, and even when you’re lying down.

Pros and Cons of the PACEARTH Foot Rest Under Desk

✔ Made with premium-quality poplar
✔ Comes with anti-slip strips on the bottom
✔ Spacious surface
✔ Can be used seated or standing
✔ Can be rocked back and forth
✘ Height cannot be adjusted

What People Are Saying About It

The PACEARTH Foot Rest Under Desk is a well-balanced rocking footrest that not only elevates your feet but also lets you rock back and forth to improve your focus, boost your energy, and incorporate more movement as you work. It has an anti-slip surface and a rubber backing, preventing you from slipping off it and preventing it from denting your floors.

This footrest is made with premium poplar, ensuring that it’s highly durable and can support 400 lbs.; you don’t have to worry about it breaking while in use. Furthermore, you can use this footrest either in a seated or standing position, whichever work style you prefer.

“The PACEARTH Foot Rest Under Desk lets you move your feet and ankles around to find the most comfortable position at any time of day. By moving your feet, you engage in active sitting, which can improve circulation and help you burn more calories throughout the day.”

Reviewer – Overheard On Conference Calls

Where To Buy the PACEARTH Foot Rest Under Desk

The PACEARTH Foot Rest Under Desk can help in reducing foot and leg fatigue, improving your overall health and well-being. To add this to your workstation, simply hop on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices.

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PACEARTH Foot Rest Under Desk

The PACEARTH Foot Rest offers a distinctive experience for ergonomic comfort. It is made from premium-quality poplar and exudes both durability and elegance. Equipped with anti-slip strips on the bottom, it stays securely in place, providing a stable footrest. Its spacious surface allows for ample foot support and movement.

Whether seated or standing, this footrest adapts to your preferred working position. Adding a unique touch, it also features the ability to rock back and forth, providing a soothing and dynamic experience. Elevate your workspace with this exceptional footrest that combines style, functionality, and versatility.

The Review

94% Rocking Motion Improves Focus

A dynamic footrest like the PACEARTH Foot Rest can add gentle movements to your day. Rocking it back and forth can help with circulation, balance, and focus while you sit or stand at your desk. It can also help in improving your posture by elevating your feet to a comfortable height.

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