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ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike Review

Staying active can be tough, especially if you have a busy schedule filled with tasks and meetings and the like. It’s difficult to slip to the gym or even setup a workout routine. Fortunately, there is a way that you can workout even if you’re in a conference call or you have a lot of documents to go through. Under desk bikes are easy-to-use exercise equipment that can aid you in incorporating more movement in your day.

An under desk bike such as the ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike can boost your energy and burn calories while you finish your tasks. Priced under PHP 400, you can get your exercise on without having to break the bank. Find out more about it in this review!

How to Use an Under Desk Bike

Using an under desk bike is a lot easier than an actual regular bicycle. For one, an under desk bike won’t require you to balance on it as it has a base situated on a surface. All you need to do it sit down and put your feet in the pedals and start moving just like you would on a regular bike. 

The motion will feel very familiar to you, making under desk bikes very intuitive to use. Do make sure to choose the lowest resistance level when you first use an under desk bike so that your body won’t feel sore afterward. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can increase the resistance to do more challenging workouts.

About the ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike

ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike
ModelBasic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike
Product Dimensions41cm x 50cm
28cm (pedal to floor height)

You don’t have to have the most technologically-advanced under desk bike to do a workout at your desk. The ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike may look very simple with its pedals and resistance knob, but it’s certainly a device that can greatly help in making you more physically active. Read on further for the rest of its highlights! 

ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike Features

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Workout at your own convenience with the ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike. Aside from its very attractive price tag, it has an array of features stored in its compact body. Have a look!

Portable Design

As its name implies, the ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike has a compact size that allows you to place it anywhere. Use it under your desk as you work, situate it in front of the couch as you watch TV, and more. You can easily carry it with you from your home to the office and vice versa thanks to its foldable design. Its foldability also means that it can conveniently fit in any space, ensuring that storage won’t be a problem for you at all.

Versatile Use

If you’ve been sitting in your chair all day long, you need to get your blood circulating otherwise, you’ll increase the risk of developing sitting disease. The ABS Folding Mini Bike can aid you in getting your blood pumping and your joints moving without you needing to get up from your desk. Slip your feet into the pedals and turn the knob at the center of the device to your preferred resistance level. Choose the lowest setting for an easy, casual workout while the highest setting offers you a more challenging one. 

Not only is this pedal exerciser designed for the legs, but you can use it for your arms as well. Simply place it on top of the table and use your hands to cycle away. Whether you want to stay active, tone your muscles, or rehabilitate from an injury, the ABS Folding Mini Bike can meet your needs.

Safe and Stable

Even with its very affordable price tag, the ABS Mini Bike doesn’t skimp on its materials. This exerciser is constructed with heavy-duty steel, capable of withstanding heavier weights. The base is also equipped with anti-skid foot grips to ensure it won’t slip during use. Moreover, this under desk bike is coated with a chrome plating, ensuring its longevity and durability. 

Pros and Cons of the ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike

✔ Slim build makes it easy to move
✔ Foldable design
✔ Doesn't cost a fortune
✔ Helps tone leg and arm muscles
✘ No digital display
✘ Doesn't have magnetic resistance

What People Are Saying About It

If you’ve been considering getting an under desk bike but can’t commit to higher-end products, the ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike might be the one you’re looking for. It may not be as fancy as others with its  straightforward pedals, resistance knob, and steel construction, but it is still a highly capable device. Best of all, it’s offered at a very budget-friendly price that won’t make you think twice.

“The ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike is the best value under desk pedal exerciser we’ve come across. This is a no-frills product but it will offer you the same movement opportunity as so many others.”

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Where to Buy the ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike

With the ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike, you can cycle throughout your work day without needing to leave your desk. If you’re ready to purchase this under desk bike, hop on over to Lazada for the best deals and prices!

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The Review

89% Affordable Yet High-Quality

Staying active can be very convenient with the help of the ABS Basic Lightweight Portable Folding Mini Bike. Its compact size makes it easy to take it with you anywhere and store it even in the smallest spaces. This device is especially great for people who aren't sure about investing in higher-end under desk bike models.