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BAVIN Adjustable Laptop Stand Review

Laptops are made super portable and accessible, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pose certain health risks either. For example, a laptop’s screen will often sit below the eye line, causing us to strain our necks downward instead of straight ahead in the ideal neutral posture. That’s not exactly great for long-term use.

That’s why laptop stands are all the rage these days. They elevate the laptop screen to better heights so you can comfortably work without hurting your shoulders, neck, and eyes. The BAVIN Adjustable Laptop Stand is a suitable fit for anyone who uses laptops on a daily basis. 

About the BAVIN Adjustable Laptop Stand

ModelAdjustable Laptop Stand
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Variations6-Level, 7-Level, 9-Level

Hunching over your laptop all day? Say no more. The BAVIN Adjustable Laptop Stand makes laptops all the more ergonomic by elevating your screen’s height and eliminating the risk of serious injury to sensitive areas. 

Benefits of the BAVIN Adjustable Laptop Stand

Want some high-end accessories for your laptop without actually having to spend a ton? We’ve got you. The BAVIN Laptop Stand is foldable, portable, and also incredibly functional.

Bring It With You Anywhere

The aluminum alloy stand features a few points that fold together so you can transform it into a small, compact product with its own pouch that you can store in your bag along with your laptop. Whether you’re working at home on your beloved desk, or you feel like switching it up to go to a nearby café, rest assured that you can work ergonomically and properly.

Keeps Your Laptop Safe

If you notice, there are dark grey squares found all over the surface of the laptop stand. These are silicone non-slip pads to ensure your laptop doesn’t slide out of the stand when shaken. The pads stick to the alloy with adhesive, so be careful not to accidentally remove them.

There are non-slip pads on the bottom of the legs as well so the stand itself is sturdy on the table.

Multiple Heights

The stand features multiple adjustment levels for any sort of working setup. If you have a particularly low table, you can simply rest the stands on the hole nearest the front to access the tallest height of 6 inches.

No matter your laptop size, the BAVIN stand can elevate it to better heights. The product can accommodate anywhere from a 9-inch to a 12-inch laptop with ease. The open design also promotes ventilation.


No one wants to spend a fortune on simple accessories, and luckily, this BAVIN stand doesn’t break the bank. In our opinion, the price is incredibly reasonable. In fact, you get more than what you pay for as this stand is super durable and sturdy.

One drawback is that using the stand at its tallest height may pose a risk to your wrists, as you will have to type on an inclined keyboard. However, many people simply purchase a separate keyboard in order to keep their wrists in a neutral position.

Pros and Cons of the BAVIN Adjustable Laptop Stand

✔ Allows for laptop ventilation
✔ Different angled heights
✔ Foldable and portable
✘ Laptop base itself cannot be elevated, only angled
✘ Comes in only 2 colors

What People Are Saying About It

Do your laptop and table not promote the best ergonomic practices? A laptop stand is a solution for you. When it comes to such products, the BAVIN stand might just be the standard. It’s affordable, functional, and high-quality. Let’s see if other reviews agree.

“I love how foldable and compact this product is. I can bring it anywhere because it fits so easily in my laptop bag, and the best part is it requires no installation.”


Where to Buy the BAVIN Adjustable Laptop Stand

Want to add this ergonomic accessory to your workstation? The BAVIN Adjustable Laptop Stand can be yours. Hurry over to Lazada right now for the best deals and prices.

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BAVIN 9-Level Adjustable Laptop Stand

BAVIN Adjustable Laptop Stand

The BAVIN Adjustable Laptop Stand is a well-designed and versatile accessory for anyone who spends long hours working on a laptop.

With its sturdy and lightweight construction, this stand offers a comfortable and ergonomic viewing angle for your laptop, reducing strain on your neck and shoulders.

Its adjustable height and angle settings make it easy to customize to your personal preferences, while the foldable design makes it convenient to carry and store.

The stand is also compatible with a wide range of laptop sizes and brands, making it a versatile choice for professionals and students alike.

The Review

94% Perfectly portable

The aluminum alloy laptop stand is one of the best ergonomic accessories you could purchase. With the multiple height levels and foldability, you can't want more.