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The Best Office Chairs in the Philippines

Have you ever woken up with a bad back from sleeping in an unusual position, only for your back to feel worse progressively throughout the day because your office chair lacks the proper support?

Been there.

While a healthy, active lifestyle coupled with never sitting down for long periods of time is the tried and true way of avoiding muscle aches and joint pain, sometimes we can’t help it if work gets in the way. That said, if desk work is the nature of your job, the least you can do is buy the right office chair to minimize damage to your health.

What to Look for in an Office Chair

Whether you’re browsing online for “office furniture Philippines” or checking out office chairs for sale in a department store, you’ll notice a massive variety in chair designs. You’ll see ones dedicated for specific tasks, mid-back chairs ubiquitous to the typical office environment, as well as executive chairs that you’d imagine in a luxurious home office or a corner office of a CEO. Think in terms of your space and needs. How much time do you normally spend in front of a computer? Is your workspace big enough for an executive chair?

There’s a lot to learn about ergonomic chairs. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as picking the first computer chair you see just because it claims to improve overall posture. Thankfully, we’re here to help narrow down your options.

One important question you do need to ask yourself is if you really do need an ergonomic chair with all the bells and whistles. While the question may seem like it defeats the purpose of the post, ergonomic chairs have a ton of design features that make them much more comfortable than the generic desk chair. Keeping that in mind, prices tend to be higher than you may be comfortable with. After all, your health is worth investing in.

Key Terms

In order to understand and evaluate each product, we need to define some key terms often used in describing the mechanics of office chairs. Be sure to read through these before moving onto the review of our top picks in the ergonomic chair Philippines category.

BIFMA – Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association is a non-profit that sets standards to promote safe working environments. Conducting tests and obtaining certifications from BIFMA are completely voluntary.

Caster – A wheeled mechanism mounted on objects, such as a desk chair, that enables easy rolling movement. A caster can be made with either soft or hard material which will determine what surface it is suited for.

Chair Base – The wheels and foundation that hold up the seat. A good office chair normally has a stem that branches out into 5 legs with wheels at the end of each leg. This standard chair base offers movement and maximum stability with decreased chances of tipping over.

Knee-Tilt – A chair with a knee-tilt mechanism allow you to tilt back with your feet still flat on the floor.

Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment – A chair feature that regulates height relative to the floor.

Swivel Chair – A chair with a seat that can be turned to face any direction.

SynchroTilt – A chair with the synchro-tilt lock allows for up to 11 degrees in seat tilt and 22 degrees in back recline. The seat cushion remains relatively level to the floor as you recline.

The Five Best Office Chairs in the Philippines

1. Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair

For comfort at an affordable price


Price: ₱6,499 ₱5,999 (8% off)
Base: 320 mm Nylon
Casters: Nylon
Mechanism: Knee Tilt
Maximum Seating Capacity: 95 kg

An executive chair is often associated with power and authority, and may feel too intimidating for some. So if you’re looking for an executive chair that appears a little less snooty and pretentious but still upholds all the basic ergonomic standards, the Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair would be a good fit for you.

A product from the Primo series that has been styled for the discerning, this desk chair has almost everything that an executive chair would have, without the extra frills. It’s simple, elegant and approachable. The chair offers neck support with no pillow necessary. Thus, you can trust that you’ll get your work done without the risk of falling asleep.

Lastly, all the components of the chair have gone through the proper BIFMA testing, guaranteeing that the chair follows industry ergonomic measures. That coupled with the trademarked thick Ergodynamic cushioning, this chair is an expert on office comfort.

2. Ergodynamic RELAX LHT Luxury Office Chair

For the power napping potential


Price: ₱17,999 ₱12,999 (28% off)
Base: 350 mm Chrome Steel
Caster: Nylon
Gas Lift: D100 Class 3
Mechanism: 2.8 mm Synchro-Tilt Lock
Upholstery: PU Leather
Maximum Seating Capacity: 100 kg

Heftier in size and price, the Ergodynamic RELAX LHT Reclining Luxury Office Chair is the most extravagant of all. With it claiming to be the “softest chair in the world,” an ergonomic chair price like ₱12,999 doesn’t seem all the surprising. It all just depends on the consumer, if they’re willing to pay that price for comfort. If you are one to spend most of your waking hours at your desk, you might as well invest in office furniture that guarantees comfort and better posture.

It’s not just the faux leather upholstery and thick yet soft high density cushioning that makes the ergonomic seat so comfortable. The pneumatic height adjustment is powered by a BIFMA tested gas lift to ensure smooth transitioning when changing the height. Plus, the retractable footrest offers extra lumbar support, and the 360 degree swivel function makes it easy to turn your body without physically lifting or shifting the chair.

And if you work from home and have mastered the power nap, this desk chair is perfect for that. Just use the right lever to change the height, and the left to lock the seat in a reclined position.

3. HBADA Breathable Mesh Reclining Office Chair

For comfort, breathability, and pain-free working


Price: ₱5,399 ₱4,398 (19% off)
Upholstery: Breathable Mesh
Size (in): 23.6 x 23.6 x 43.7-47.6

Talk about a bang for the buck! The HBADA Breathable Mesh Reclining Office Chair is probably one of the cheapest but highly functional office chairs in the market. It’s made with breathable mesh, perfect for the hot Philippine weather. Designed with a fabric seat, mesh back and a white plastic frame, the breathable aesthetic will keep you feeling fresh and awake while you work.

This office chair was made with ergonomics taken into consideration. Its height-adjustable from 16″ to 19.5″, most suitable for those under 5’10. The chair has built-in lumbar cushions that give your lower back adequate support, and the backrest is made with a 160-degree curved surface to imitate the natural shape of your back. As if that’s not enough, the HBADA office chair is also equipped with a good headrest that is 60cm thick to help keep your head and neck supported.

4. IKER Computer Chair

For working and resting


Price: ₱5,590 ₱4,790 (14% off)
Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
Size (cm): 59 x 70 x 125

The IKER Computer Chair is one versatile piece of furniture that can be used for gaming, electronic racing, or simply working. It’s equipped with a one-click reclining function that enables you to transition between two different positions with ease. Push the back rest up to 150% if you want to take a few minutes break, and pull it back to 90% for extreme focus and productivity while working.

For a small price, you get a highly durable chair made with authentic and quality materials, ensuring that you can use it for a very long time. The backrest is supported by low alloy but high strength steel, along with a thickened pipe wall. The armrest and surface of the chair are all made with soft and elastic sponge that scream comfort no matter how long you’ll remain sitting.

5. Jungletec Gaming Chair

For sustaining long hours sitting


Price:25,475 ₱21,877 (14% off)
Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
Size (cm): 135 x 60 x 60

The price of this chair might come as a shock. But let me tell you that you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. The Jungletec Gaming Chair was manufactured initially for gamers. Those who competitively play e-sports are known to sit long hours practicing their skills and finishing matches. But the versatility of gaming chairs has introduced them to the office setting as well. Just like gamers, office workers have to withstand hours sitting in their chairs and accomplishing work. That diligence is proven by your recurring back, neck, and shoulder pain. So you need a chair that was built with ergonomic features in place.

The Jungletec Gaming Chair has exactly what you need. Made with Pneumatic Height Adjustment, you can select the perfect height of your seat so that your arms fall naturally and your wrists rest comfortably on your desk. Your feet, as well, should be positioned and touching the ground at all times to prevent strain on your legs. The swivel design of the Jungletec Gaming Chair allows you to move freely and naturally, while gaining the support of the stable central leg. Plus, the chair comes with two cushions that support your head and lower back.

Buying an Office Chair – Philippines

Every single one of these chairs have their own selling points, making any one of these a great addition to your office. The main thing is to figure out what your needs are. An office chair is not a cheap piece of ergonomic furniture, so make sure you put a lot of thought before you make a final purchase.

Also, every product listed here comes disassembled. Most chairs are simple to assemble with a manual, but have a tool box ready in case you run into some trouble.

Best Office Chairs in the Philippines Comparison Table

Office ChairBrandPriceDesignPerformanceUsabilityFeaturesTotal RatingCheck Price on Lazada
Ergodynamic-HBC-116N-768x768Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair999999Check Price on Lazada Banner
Ergodynamic-Relax-LHTErgodynamic RELAX LHT Luxury Office Chair899898.6Check Price on Lazada Banner
HBADA Breathable Mesh Reclining Office Chair with High Backrest Neck Support and Adjustable HeightHBADA Breathable Mesh Reclining Office Chair1098888.6Check Price on Lazada Banner
IKER Computer ChairIKER Computer Chair898888.2Check Price on Lazada Banner
Jungletec Gaming ChairJungletec Gaming Chair788988Check Price on Lazada Banner

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Feel free to check out the individual chair reviews. You may also browse Lazada for other options.

Sheena Bergado

Sheena first met Tricia on a back pain support forum. After becoming online friends they launched in 2019. Due to suffering from upper back and shoulder pain, Sheena vows to find the best ergonomic office equipment in the Philippines to help fellow desk workers.