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Broad I Home Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

These days, a lot of office workers have switched out their traditional office desks for standing desks instead. By using a standing desk, one can adopt the sit-stand method of working and reduce the health issues that come with sitting for long periods. While the sit-stand method is a great idea to reduce sitting issues, standing for too long can also bring about some problems as well.

When a person isn’t too used to standing frequently, some may acquire soft tissue injuries, sore feet, bulging varicose veins, and even blood pooling in the lower extremities. To counter these issues, it’s recommended to have something comfortable underfoot, such as the Broad I Home Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat.

Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Really Work?

An anti-fatigue floor mat is a product that provides users with a cushioned surface to stand on. Usually, these mats are engineered to absorb some of the shock that comes from stepping on the floor. The reason these mats work is because they have a cushioning system to them, preventing fatigue in the legs and the feet. 

A standing mat requires its user to shift their weight and to move a little every few minutes. Some mats have a flat surface with beveled edges to prevent them from deforming, while some mats have a terrain surface that encourages the user to do micro movements to massage and take pressure off the soles. Most rugs in the market have waterproof and stain-resistant properties to make cleaning a convenience for any user.

Does an Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Keep You Balanced?

A floor mat can help you maintain your posture as it evenly distributes support not just on both your feet but also your legs and spine. With adequate support and firmness, a stain-resistant kitchen floor mat can help you keep your balance as you stand on it, even when you shift your weight around every few minutes.

How Long Do Fatigue Mats Last?

The lifespan of a kitchen floor mat depends on several factors, such as its material, place of usage, how easy it can be cleaned, if it’s waterproof, if it’s stain-resistant, how frequently it is used, and the like. It’s not quite possible to offer a general answer on how durable a mat can be. Some of the most common materials that a kitchen mat can be made from are natural rubber, vinyl, PVC, polyurethane, and foam. 

These materials have varying degrees of durability, and also vary in areas where they can be used. Some of them have water and stain-resistant properties, while others do not. The thickness of the kitchen mat can also play a part in how long it can last. 

Another thing that contributes to the longevity of a kitchen mat is product care. Some, especially ones with a stain-resistant surface, can only be wiped down with a cloth, while others need to be tossed in a washing machine for proper cleaning. All the aforementioned factors and such can affect the durability of a fatigue rug.

Is a Stain-Resistant Mat Worth It?

If you work in the kitchen or if you’ve seen your fair share of dirt, spills, and messes on the floor, then a stain-resistant foot rug should be something that you consider. Having a standing kitchen mat with stain-resistant properties means that you don’t have to spend extra time scrubbing away a patch of spilled wine or coffee on your rug. 

Stain-resistant mats are coated with a finish that repels dirt or liquids, preventing them from settling in. This makes them very easy to clean. Most stain-resistant rugs can be wiped down clean with a wet rag, but there are others that require water and soap dish solution to get rid of stickiness or smells. Either way, cleaning a kitchen mat with a stain-resistant surface is definitely more uncomplicated than having to wash away an entire rug.

Moreover, a stain-resistant kitchen mat is constructed with comfortable yet firm material as manufacturers know that most users are likely to stand on it for hours. They cushion your feet properly to reduce aches and pains. Prices of stain-resistant rugs may vary as some use less expensive materials yet produce quality products, while some engineer patented technology for their rugs to provide more benefits.

About the Broad I Home Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Broad I Home Anti-Fatigue Mat
ManufacturerBroad I Home
ModelAnti-Fatigue Mat
Product Dimensions30in x 20in x 3/4in
Product MaterialPolyurethane foam

Sitting behind a desk for hours is unhealthy, but so is standing for a long period of time. Having balance is the key in alternating between sitting and standing at work, but it may not always be easy, especially if you’re someone who isn’t used to being on your feet for half an hour or so. To prevent the unpleasant consequences of staying on your feet for a long time, a floor mat might just be the solution you’re looking for.

The Broad I Kitchen Mat is one mat that can help you avoid aches and pains wherever you may be — the kitchen, in front of a desk, the laundry room, and more. This versatile stain-resistant mat can provide you with a ton of comfort so that you can focus on what you have to do instead of suffering through foot pain. Let’s take a deeper look into it!

Broad I Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat Features

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If you spend a good portion of your day being on your feet, the Broad I Kitchen Floor Mat will certainly be a welcome addition to your workspace. Despite the “kitchen mat” in its name, this mat comes with features that make it highly versatile. Check them out!

Maximizes Comfort

Whether you’re working on the kitchen floor or in front of your office desk, the Broad I Mat can help alleviate any foot discomfort. Made of 100% non-toxic polyurethane, this mat is ergonomically engineered to provide your soles with comfort and support. As you stand straight on it, your blood flows better, putting less pressure on your muscles and veins. This Broad I Mat can help in reducing stress, bodily discomfort, and fatigue, allowing you to be more energetic and productive as you finish up your tasks throughout the day.


It’s highly important to have a kitchen mat that’s durable and lasts long. It’s a good thing that the Broad I Kitchen Mat is sturdy and highly resilient, allowing you to stand on it everyday without worrying about wear and tear. You can stand on it barefoot, or with your slippers, sneakers, and even your heels. Any footwear that you use, this kitchen mat will be able to withstand it.

Easy to Clean

The Broad I Kitchen Mat is waterproof and stain-resistant, making it easy and convenient to clean. Since it’s stain-resistant, you don’t have to worry about accidentally spilling sauce, paint, dye, or any material that can put a permanent blotch on it. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and it’ll look good as new.

Beveled Edges

Thanks to the slip-resistant bottom and beveled edges of the Broad I Home Kitchen Mat, tripping and slipping are matters that you don’t have to be concerned about. It has an excellent grip when placed on any flooring, keeping it in place and preventing it from slipping whenever you stand on it. It also has tapered edges and rounded corners, preventing it from becoming a tripping hazard.

Pros and Cons of the Broad I Home Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

✔ Has a flat surface
✔ Tapered edges to prevent tripping
✔ Provides relief and comfort
✔ Surface is stain-resistant
✘ Doesn't have any active terrain

What People Are Saying About It

Choosing the right standing kitchen mat for your workstation can be a difficult decision to make, especially when there are numerous options available in the market. The right one must have a high level of durability, enough surface grip, must be both soft and firm, waterproof, stain-resistant, easy to clean, and should not be a tripping hazard. Fortunately, the Broad I Home Kitchen Mat ticks all those boxes. Consider this one so that your feet no longer suffer any pain and other maladies.

“With its 100% polyurethane construction, the Broad I Home Kitchen Mat is the best-designed one on the market today for serious standing desk use. It’s durable enough to resist the wear and tear of dress shoes and office chairs.”

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Where to Buy the Broad I Home Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

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The Review

90% Reliable and Comfortable

Maximum comfort for your feet is the topmost priority when working while standing. A soft yet firm cushion like the Broad I Home Anti-Fatigue Mat may be the one that suits your needs. It's soft enough to absorb the pressure yet firm enough that it can provide relief for your suffering feet.