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Broad I Home Thickened Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

Standing while working has become a popular approach in numerous offices. A lot of those offices have adopted sit-stand desks for employees, encouraging them to move more as they work. Sit-stand desks are convenient office fixtures that allow individuals to seamlessly transition between sitting and standing as they work. Not only have they become popular in corporate settings, but they’re also starting to be a fixture in home offices as well.

There are certain accessories that complement sit-stand workstations, and one of them is an anti-fatigue floor mat. Floor mats provide comfort to those who aren’t too used to standing for long periods. One mat that can help cushion your feet while you work is the Broad I Home Thickened Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat.

When choosing a standing floor mat, a critical aspect to consider is the thickness. When using a mat in an industrial environment, it’s recommended to go for thinner ones as workers usually wear supportive shoes. For office work or home, thicker mats are the ideal choice as workers are more likely to wear footwear without much support, such as flats, slippers, oxfords, and the like. 

Most mats in the market are at least 1-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 3/8-inch in thickness. Any higher than that would create a tripping hazard in the workplace. Aside from the thickness, most standing rugs will also have tapered edges to prevent anyone from tripping on them.

Kitchen floor mats come in a variety of sizes and densities. However, many users and manufacturers agree that a mat with a 3/4-inch thickness is the ideal one.

About the Broad I Home Thickened Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat


Broad I Home

ModelThickened Anti-Fatigue Mat
Product Dimensions39in x 20in x 3/4in
Product MaterialPolyurethane foam

Sitting for long periods isn’t ideal for the human body, but so is standing for extended amounts of hours. When you stand for as long as 90 minutes, you’ll start feeling stiffness and discomfort in the lower limbs. This happens due to the muscles getting constricted, lowering the level of blood flow in the legs. 

Your back, neck, and shoulders will be affected too when you stand for too long. As you feel more aches in your body, you’ll start to feel fatigued, and eventually, your productivity at work will be hampered. The Broad I Home Thickened Stain-Resistant Kitchen Mat can help you deal with this problem. Let’s get into its benefits!

Benefits of the Broad I Home Thickened Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

The Broad I Home Thickened Kitchen Mat is specifically designed to reduce the fatigue and discomfort people typically experience when standing for long hours. This mat can aid you and your body in fighting tiredness. Aside from that, here are more of this mat’s highlights:

Supportive and Comfortable

Lower 50% of your fatigue with the use of the Broad I Home Thickened Kitchen Mat. This kitchen mat provides support to those who have to work while standing. Constructed with 100% non-toxic polyurethane, the Broad I Home Stain-Resistant Kitchen Mat is engineered to relieve less pressure on your muscles and veins, allowing you to be on your feet in a much more comfortable manner. Aside from fatigue, it can also aid in reducing stress and other bodily discomforts. Without having to worry about aches and pains, you’ll be more energetic and productive at work throughout the day.

Robust and Durable

A standing kitchen mat should be one that can last you for a long period of time. You won’t have to worry about wear and tear with the Broad I Home Kitchen Mat. Unlike other kitchen rugs out there, this stain-resistant mat is sturdy enough to be stood on constantly. You can stand on it barefoot, or with footwear such as sneakers, dress shoes, and even heels.


The right kitchen underfoot rug should be water-resistant and stain-resistant. The Broad I Home Kitchen Mat has a surface that’s stain-resistant and very easy to clean. If ever you spill something on it, you won’t have to scrub it down or toss it in the washing machine and then hope for the best. With its stain-resistant properties, all you need to do with the Broad I Home to clean it up is to wet a rag and wipe it down. Afterward, it’ll look good as new.

Beveled Edges

The Broad I Home Kitchen Mat has beveled edges, giving it a strong grip and making it slip-resistant. Aside from slippage, the edges also avoid it from becoming a tripping hazard. This allows you to do safe movements on and off the kitchen mat. 

Pros and Cons of the Broad I Home Kitchen Floor Mat

✔ Stain-resistant surface
✔ Made with non-toxic PU material
✔ Provides comfort and reduces pressure
✘ Doesn't have an active terrain for more movement

What People Are Saying About It

Whether you work in an office, at home, or spend time standing in the kitchen or in the laundry room, the Broad I Home Thickened Stain-Resistant Mat is something that you’ll want to consider. It can relieve pressure off your feet, allowing your blood to circulate better around your body making you feel more refreshed and energized. Aside from its health benefits, it’s also easy to clean and can last you for a long while.

“The Broad I Home Kitchen Mat is designed to reduce fatigue. You also don’t have to worry about trips and falls with this stain-resistant kitchen mat. It has tapered edges and an anti-slip bottom.”

Reviewer – Don’t Waste Your Money

Where to Buy the Broad I Home Thickened Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

The Broad I Home Thickened Stain-Resistant Mat keeps you comfortable and stays in place while you work. Considering this for your workstation? Head on over to Lazada to get the best deals and prices.

Interested in looking for more ergonomic foot rugs? Check out our guide to the best standing desk mats in the market.

Broad I Home Polyurethane Anti-Fatigue Mat

Broad I Home Thickened Stain-Resistant Mat

The Broad I Home Thickened Stain-Resistant Mat is a top-quality and functional mat that offers superior protection and comfort for your home. Its thickened construction and high-density foam material provide exceptional cushioning and support, effectively reducing pressure on your feet, legs, and joints. It is perfect for use in various areas of your home, including the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

One of the notable features of this mat is its stain-resistant surface, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Whether you spill food, drinks, or any other substances, you can quickly wipe them off without leaving any stains or marks on the mat. Additionally, its non-slip bottom ensures that it stays securely in place, preventing any accidents or slips.

The Broad I Home Thickened Stain-Resistant Mat also has an elegant and modern design that seamlessly blends with any home decor. Its simple yet stylish look adds a touch of sophistication to your home.

The Review

94% Thick and Supportive

The Broad I Home Thickened Anti-Fatigue Mat is made with durable material that can support you throughout your workday. It's versatile enough to use anywhere, from the office, home, even the kitchen, or the laundry room. It's also slip-resistant and stain-resistant, durable to last you for a long time.