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Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk Review

Whether working in the office or working from home, one thing is sure: the majority of people spend way too much time sitting in front of their computers. With prolonged sitting, one may incur a variety of health issues, and not only that, but it could also leave one feeling less enthusiastic and less productive. 

To combat prolonged sitting time and its effects, experts have recommended frequently switching between sitting and standing while working throughout the day. Doing so may be difficult with a traditional work desk, but one product that can help you with the sit-stand method is an adjustable-height standing desk. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk that’s armed with features to help you move towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Sitting for too long is detrimental to the health. By using a standing desk, one can incorporate more movement into their workday routine. Since a lot of people are stuck at home these days due to the pandemic outbreak, most physical activity has been halted. Individuals end up working overtime in their home office or choose to just lie down all day after an endless amount of work. With the lack of physical activity, the rate of living a sedentary lifestyle has become higher.

All this sedentary time can be reduced with the help of a standing desk. Even if you’re stuck in front of your computer, you can get more movement by switching between sitting and standing. By switching between the two positions throughout the day, one can avoid many issues that come with prolonged sitting such as muscle stiffness and back pain. Adjustable height desks can also aid in burning calories as it lets the user stand around for a period of time instead of sitting down.

About the Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk

ModelElectric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk
Dimensions39in x 29in x 27-49in 

Level up your office or your home workspace with the Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk. Its sleek look can easily turn your space into a more professional one. The tabletop is also customizable with its various color options, allowing any user to match it perfectly with the interior. This standing desk isn’t just about looks though, it’s very capable too. Read on to see its features!

Benefits of the Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk

Encourage more movement in your day-to-day with the Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk. Aside from its sophisticated design, here are more reasons why you should consider getting this desk for your workspace.

Easy Adjustability

Electric standing desks are easy to use as they don’t require the user to exert effort in adjusting the height. These desks employ the use of motor and programmed functions instead. The same goes for the Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk. This desk is equipped with a digital panel and a smart chip that allows it to rise or lower in an accurate manner.

The panel comes with four programmable presets where users can save their preferred desk height. With a press of a button, the dual motors of the desk will adjust anywhere from 27 inches to 49 inches without making a sound. 

Sturdy and Stable

The frame of this electric standing desk is constructed with SPCC carbon steel, making it thick, strong, and rust-resistant. With these qualities, you can be sure that this desk will last you long. Thanks to its robust frame, this desk can carry up to 240 pounds of weight without wobbling.

You also don’t have to worry about its stability as this desk comes with three-stage columns, allowing it to move in a smooth and secure manner. The table’s legs are also equipped with rubber soles, keeping them in place and protecting your flooring from damage.


Aside from its modifiable height, the wooden tabletop of this electric standing desk can be customized as well. With six color options, including the default natural wood finish, this desk can certainly fit any office interior. Aside from tabletop options, you can also opt to put heavy wheel casters on the legs of this desk to easily move it around your work area. The casters come with a rubber footing and a lock, ensuring that it won’t roll away during use.

Pros and Cons of the Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk

✔ Various tabletop color options
✔ Digital panel for easy adjustability
✔ Supports up to 240 pounds of weight
✔ Made with SPCC carbon steel
✘ Long steel base can become a potential tripping hazard

What People Are Saying About It

Adjustable height standing desks can bring a positive change to the way you work. The Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk makes a great addition to any workspace with its digital control panel, varied height range, smooth movement, durable build, customizable tabletop finish, and overall modern design. Here’s another testament that may convince you to get this desk for your workspace:

“If you’re looking for a gorgeously designed desk, get the Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk. The desk’s electronic presets make lowering and raising the wooden desktop very easy.’

Reviewer – Good Housekeeping

Where to the Buy the Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk

Incorporate more standing in your daily work with the Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk. To add this desk in your office, head on over to Lazada to get the best deals and prices!

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Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk

The Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk is an innovative and sophisticated workspace solution that caters to the modern-day needs of a smart home. The desk’s motorized height adjustment feature, along with its smart home integration capabilities, makes it a standout product in the market.

Its sleek design and durable build quality ensure that it can withstand daily use, while its ample workspace provides enough room to accommodate multiple monitors, laptops, and other essential accessories. The smart home integration feature allows users to adjust its height and other settings using voice commands or mobile applications, making it a convenient and futuristic addition to any smart home setup.

The Review

94% For the Office and Home

The Electric Adjustable Smart Home Standing Desk is an ideal piece of furniture that can easily suit the office or your workspace at home. It has a digital control panel and with a press of a button, its dual motors allow it to lift and lower smoothly and quietly. Additionally, its sturdy frame can take up to a maximum weight of 240 pounds. You can place all of your office equipment on it and not worry about them tumbling down.