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Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair Review

A lot of people who work desk jobs spend up to 8 hours sitting at their desk. According to studies, sitting for long periods of time can lead to numerous health risks including chronic muscle aches, heart diseases, and diabetes. 

Having an uncomfortable chair can also contribute to the numerous aches and pains that one experiences. Ergonomic chairs can help in reducing the pressure on the body when seated. An ergonomic chair such as the Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair can offer proper support and improved comfort. Interested to know more about this game-changing chair? Let’s dive into it in this article! 

Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair

Sitting in the same position for several hours can put pressure on the spine. This usually results in back pains, neck aches, shoulder stiffness, and more. Using an ergonomic chair instead of a traditional chair can help alleviate that. Here are some reasons why investing in an ergonomic chair will be great for your overall health.

Improves Posture

Traditional chairs with enough support can put strain and pressure on the spine. Over time, it can lead to terrible posture. Not only that, but a lot of people also tend to slouch or sit on their chair with an incorrect posture. An ergonomic chair can be fully adjusted to align you properly with your workstation, ensuring that you remain seated in the correct posture as you work.

Reduces Aches and Pains

Numerous office workers take a sick leave from work due to lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension, and more. With an ergonomic chair, these pains can be reduced as they feature a backrest that’s designed to support the natural curvature of the spine. As an ergonomic chair can help reduce aches, it can also help decrease the stress a person experiences.

Improves Blood Circulation

Unlike traditional chairs, ergonomic chairs usually have a slanted seat pan or a waterfall front edge. This allows more blood flow and circulation around the legs when seated. Ergonomic chairs can also be adjusted to an angle that allows proper blood circulation. 

About the Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair

Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair
ModelHBC-116N High Back Office Chair
Product Dimensions125cm (overall chair height)
76cm x 51cm (back rest)
52cm x 53cm (seat)
47-57cm (height adjustment)
70cm (armrest distance)
MaterialLeather/PU Leather

Some people expect that ergonomic chairs will look quite different from traditional chairs due to its numerous features. but that isn’t the case at all. The Ergodynamic HBC-116N comes with a sleek and modern look, allowing it to fit in any office setting. Let’s find out more about this chair’s features.

Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair Features

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Using an ergonomic chair like the Ergodynamic HBC-116N can help you to be more comfortable and more productive at work. Aside from its polished and elegant design, here are some more of its best features:

Has A Premium Build

The Ergodynamic HBC-116N is equipped with a high density foam cushion that’s soft and thick. The armrests are also cushioned for a more comfortable feeling. The chair is wrapped up with a faux leather textured upholstery, giving any user absolute comfort. It also offers neck support without any pillow. 

Additionally, the chair is armed with a 320mm chrome steel 5-prong starbase and heavy duty nylon casters. The chair also offers a 360-degree swivel, allowing users to reach anywhere over and around their table. With its high-quality materials, this chair is certainly built to last.

Height Adjustable

An important feature found in most ergonomic chairs is the ability to adjust the seat height according to the user’s comfortability and preference. The Ergodynamic HBC-116N is equipped with a high-quality BIFMA-tested gas lift, ensuring a smooth Pneumatic height adjustment function. This allows workers to experience the utmost convenience when working.

Offers Great Support

Optimal support is important in an ergonomic chair. The Ergodynamic HBC-116N features a high back rest, making it ideal for sitting for long hours. It offers an excellent combination of style and comfort. The chair also has a tilt lock mechanism that allows users to tilt the chair according to their comfort or lock it in a single position. 

Pros and Cons of the Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair

✔ Executive build and appearance
✔ Simple and elegant
✔ Superior neck support
✔ BIFMA tested ergonomic chair
✘ Limited recline mechanism

What People Are Saying About It

Ergonomic chairs are designed to increase a user’s comfort, improve posture, reduce aches, decrease stress, and enhance a person’s overall well-being. The Ergodynamic HBC-116N is an excellent chair that not only exudes elegance, but also provides ideal support to anyone who uses it.

“The Ergodynamic HBC-116N reduces abnormal strain on the body and prevents harmful positions such as slouching and forward head. It can enhance productivity and job satisfaction.”

Beyond the Office Door

Where to Buy the Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair

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The Review

94% Comfort for Long Hours

A great chair such as the Ergodynamic HBC-116N High Back Office Chair can change the way one works. It's made with durable and high-quality materials, ensuring that your body gets the comfort and support that it needs while you're typing away at your desk for long hours.