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Ergodynamic iMassage Home Office Chair Review

More and more people these days are buying office furniture for their home office. Some buy the usual office chair and desk that they are used to at work. Others invest in standing desks or converters that can help them work healthier.

When it comes to office chairs that you can buy for your home office, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. There are chairs that can also be used for gaming. There are chairs that come with a mesh back for better air circulation. There are also chairs that come with lots of cushions for added comfort.

If you’re looking for a good office chair to buy for your home and want something more from it, why not consider an ergonomic chair that has an added massage feature? The Ergodynamic iMassage Home Office Chair is one such chair that isn’t only ergonomically designed for comfortable use when working at your desk. It is also equipped with a massage feature for added comfort and relaxation.

Why Opt for a Chair with a Massage Feature?

The more apt question is, why not? If you’re in the market for a good office chair, why not go for one that has an added feature that you and everyone else in your home can benefit from?

An office chair that is ergonomically designed can help you get through a day of work without you suffering from too many aches and pains. This is because these are designed to help alleviate back and neck pain with its well-thought-out design. But an office chair that comes with an added feature like a back massager? This comes with a lot of other benefits that include the following:

Better mood – Did you notice that after a massage, you are often in a better mood and more relaxed? This is one benefit that you get when you have a built-in massager in your work chair. Get a back massage when you feel stressed or when you want to relax after a long day by simply turning the built-in massager on.

Better health – A massage is good not only for relaxation but also for circulation. When you get a massage, the pressure and movement actually help improve blood flow in the area that is being massaged. This means that if you get a massage from your massage chair, you are improving your back health because of the increase in blood circulation in the area.

Improves posture – Did you know that when your back is massaged, it actually helps improve your posture? This is because the muscles in the back expand and relax when being massaged. You also tend to stretch and arch when this is going on, which is beneficial to your spine and forces you to return it to its natural position.

General Product Information

ModeliMassage Home Office Chair
Product Dimensions65 cm x 50 cm x 123 cm
Weight Capacity500 lbs.

Ergodynamic iMassage Home Office Chair Features

This home office chair may seem like it is just your typical, average, home office chair. But in reality, it isn’t. It comes with a special feature that makes it unique from others that look like it in the market. This is the massage feature that it has. Aside from the added massage feature, the Ergodynamic iMassage Home Office Chair also has a few other features that you are sure to love. These include the following:

Mesh back

This chair comes with a mesh back which helps with air circulation and keeping your back from sweating. Not everyone who has a home office or is forced to work from home due to the pandemic has air-conditioning. The mesh back of this chair allows for the free flow of air to the back of the user to keep them comfortable even when seated for a long time.

Ergonomic design

Aside from the added benefit of the massage feature in the lower back area of the seat’s backrest, the chair also has a design that makes it comfortable to sit on. This ergonomic design includes lumbar support, thick seat cushion, and headrest.


The seat comes with an aluminum steel base. It also has durable nylon casters that make it easy to move from one place to another.

Where to Buy the Ergodynamic iMassage Home Office Chair

For those who want the added comfort of a massage chair with their ergonomic office chair, the Ergodynamic iMassage Home Office Chair can be easily found on Lazada. Head on down and get yours today for a comfortable work chair that also gives you a back rub at the end of the day, or any time of the day, for that matter.

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The Review

90% More than just your average home office chair

The Ergodynamic iMassage Home Office Chair is one office chair that you are sure to use a lot of even when you're not working. The added massage function is great since it helps you relax even when you're handling stressful workloads at home.