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Ergodynamic Mesh Chair EMC-P1BLK.9 Review

Ergonomic chairs that are equipped with numerous features also come with a high price tag. While a lot of these chairs can be quite expensive, there are still budget-friendly ones out there that are worth considering. Introducing the Ergodynamic Mesh Chair EMC-P1BLK.9, an affordable chair that comes with several functions to make working painless. Interested in knowing more? Let’s explore the features and benefits of this chair in this article!

Advantages of a Mesh Office Chair

Choosing an office chair can be a nerve-wracking decision, especially when there are many options available to you. Among the multitudes of office chairs, one popular option is a mesh chair. Here are some reasons why mesh chairs are great to use in the office.


Office chairs are usually made of material that trap heat between your body and the chair. This can cause discomfort, especially here in the Philippines. The air-conditioner may be switched on in the office, but with our climate, a lot of times it’s not enough. We still end up with sweaty legs and back due to the lack of ventilation. Mesh chairs can provide the proper ventilation, allowing users to feel cool, dry, and comfortable.

Ergonomic Support

A mesh office chair can provide great support for any user with its carefully-designed ergonomically-shaped frame. High-quality mesh material can reduce back pain by accommodating the user’s body shape and distributing the tension evenly. Aside from lessening aches, mesh chairs can also aid in improving posture.

Easy to Clean

Mesh chairs only need little to no clean up at all as the material can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth. Moreover, thanks to the airflow ability of mesh chairs, any form of sweat, liquid, stain, and odor will easily dry up and evaporate into the air. 

About the Ergodynamic Mesh Chair EMC-P1BLK.9

Ergodynamic Mesh Chair EMC-P1BLK.9
ModelMesh Chair EMC-P1BLK.9
Product Dimensions85 – 94.5cm (overall chair height)
43cm x 48cm (back rest)
48.5cm x 46.5cm (seat)
56cm (base)
57cm (armrest distance)
MaterialMesh Fabric

Your choice in office furniture can make or break the way you work. If you end up with a chair that gives you discomfort, it’s highly likely that you’ll develop body aches, poor posture, and it can even hamper your productivity. That’s why it’s important to acquire a chair that’s comfortable and can meet your needs. 

Mesh chairs are one of the top seating options among office workers, and the Ergodynamic EMC-P1BLK.9 is one product that you should consider. Take a look at all its highlights below.

Ergodynamic Mesh Chair EMC-P1BLK.9 Features

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The Ergodynamic EMC-P1BLK.9 can aid in making a long workday painless and comfortable. Here are the best features of this mesh office chair. 

Constructed with Premium Materials

Ergodynamic furnished the EMC-P1BLK.9 with high-quality mesh fabric. The mesh material used has a high resistance quality and has special breathable properties, providing a cooler feeling to anyone who sits in the chair for long hours. This mesh chair is also equipped with a high density cushion for optimal comfort. Moreover, the company made sure that this chair is built to last with its 5-prong chrome steel base and heavy duty PU casters.

Adjustable and Rotatable

Unlike traditional office chairs, ergonomic chairs feature functions that can be adjusted to fit the needs of its user. The Ergodynamic EMC-P1BLK.9 comes with a BIFMA-certified gas lift that allows its pneumatic height adjustment function to move smoothly. It also has a tilt lock mechanism that offers adjustable tension resistance, allowing you to easily adjust the recline angle. Additionally, this mesh chair has a 360-degree swivel function, making it convenient for any worker to reach here and there around their workspace.

Provides Good Lumbar Support

One of the most fundamental features of any ergonomic chair is its capability to support any user. The Ergodynamic EMC-P1BLK.9 has a waterfall seat to promote healthy blood flow around the legs. It also comes with a built-in lumbar double support, reducing any back aches and pains that one might experience throughout a long work day. This design also improves the posture of the person sitting on the chair, reducing the tension on their upper back muscles.

Pros and Cons of the Ergodynamic Mesh Chair EMC-P1BLK.9

✔ Very budget-friendly
✔ 360 degree swivel
✔ Breathable mesh back
✔ Pneumatic height adjustment mechanism
✘ No neck support
✘ Smaller than conventional chairs

What People Are Saying About It

In the sea of high-end ergonomic chairs, the Ergodynamic EMC-P1BLK.9 is a budget-friendly find that comes with great features. Its breathable mesh material combined with a soft waterfall cushion and adjustability features ensures comfort all day long. Plus, it has a 360-degree swivel function that promotes easy movement around the workspace.

“The Ergodynamic EMC-P1BLK.9 may be as simple as any other chair you’d run into at the store, but it isn’t. This chair features a full mesh back for breathability, a waterfall-edge seat cushion, and great height customization.”

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Where to Buy the Ergodynamic Mesh Chair EMC-P1BLK.9

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The Review

89% Highly affordable with great features

You don't have to put a huge dent in your wallet just to acquire a good ergonomic chair. With its adjustability, breathable material, swivel function, and reclining feature, the Ergodynamic EMC-P1BLK.9 chair is an excellent find that you might want to consider.