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FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike Deskcise Pro V9 Review

If you’re looking for a way to get some exercise in while getting work done, you might want to consider getting a bike that doubles as a desk. Yes, there is such a thing as a desk that you can exercise on while you work. It’s the FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike.

This desk bike, which is also called the Deskcise Pro V9, is a stationary bicycle that has a desk that you can use for many different things. This bike makes it possible for you to stay in the pink of health even when you are busy with tasks you have to accomplish for work. Now you can’t say that you’re too busy with work to get some fitness in when you have this exercise desk bike from FlexiSpot.

Dangers of Being Sedentary

One of the things that this bike does is it removes you from the sedentary lifestyle. Being deskbound often results in people getting ailments that come with being sedentary. Some of the more prevalent ailments that arise when you don’t move around much include type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and hypertension. You are also prone to strokes and some cancers when you choose to remain sedentary while working.

With a desk bike, you can still do what you need to get done at work but without being motionless. A few minutes of pedaling can give you the kind of body activity required to get your blood pumping and to keep you healthy. It also helps you lose weight and the exercise you get out of pedaling while working can trigger endorphins. This means that you’re actually happy while you’re busy with work.

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General Product Information

ModelAll-in-One Desk Bike Deskcise Pro V9
Product Dimensions81.5 inches x 31.8 inches x 82.3 inches
Maximum Weight Limit136 kg.

FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike Deskcise Pro V9 Features

Most desk bikes you see being used in offices are those that can be discretely hidden underneath a desk. This one, however, is different in that it is actually a full-sized stationary bike that has a desk you can use for work. It has loads of features that make it a great piece of equipment to have in your office or at home and these include the following:

Versatile Design

If you look at this stationary bike with a built-in desk, you’d think that it has only one function, and that is to be used as a stationary bike with a desk. What some people don’t realize is that this piece of equipment can actually be used as a standing desk when you don’t feel like pedaling anymore. All you have to do is get off the seat, move the desk slightly forward, and you have a standing desk.

Wide Desk Surface

The desk of this bike is large enough to hold a good-sized laptop. It is even big enough to hold a tabletop easel and large books. The desktop of this bike measures 20 inches x 22.8, making it ideal for lots of uses.

Adjustable Seat Height

The bike’s seat can also be adjusted for use by anyone in your family or office. This means it can be used by anyone between the heights of 5’1” and 6’2”. The lowest height of the seat is at 29.6 inches while the highest it can be is 37.2 inches.

With 8 Tension Levels

Want an intense workout while typing up your report? Do you simply want to have movement while researching your next project? The eight tension levels of this desk bike will allow you to get a good workout while working or can simply keep you from being sedentary.

Easy to Move Around

If you want to move your bike to an area with a better view, you can do so easily. This is because this desk bike has durable caster wheels that allow you to roll the bike to wherever you want to place it. Want to move it outside? Just roll it to where you want it. Want it in front of your TV? The wheels on this bike will let you move it there easily.

Smooth and Quiet Pedaling

Don’t want the swish and clack of a bike to distract you from your work? Don’t want to disturb the people around you while you pedal away? You don’t have to worry about that when you use the FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike since it has a whisper-quiet operation. Pedal to your heart’s content without it making any noise since it lets you cycle smoothly and quietly.

Where to Buy the FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike Deskcise Pro V9

The FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike Deskcise Pro V9 is a great addition to any office or home setting. Now you can read a book comfortably while pedaling away. You can also finish that article, browse through the internet, and complete work tasks without being sedentary when you have this unique piece of exercise/work equipment. If you’re thinking of getting one of these desk bikes, check Lazada. There are a few of these available in either black or white.

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The Review

98% Exercise while you work or study with this unique desk bike

Who says you have to be sedentary just because you have a desk job? The FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike Deskcise Pro V9 lets you pedal your way to good health by allowing you to bike while working on your laptop. The wide desk can be easily moved forward and backward to suit your needs, which is why this bike can also double as a sit/stand desk.

Sheena Bergado

Sheena first met Tricia on a back pain support forum. After becoming online friends they launched in 2019. Due to suffering from upper back and shoulder pain, Sheena vows to find the best ergonomic office equipment in the Philippines to help fellow desk workers.