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FlexiSpot F7D Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm Review

Having dual monitors to work on can be a huge bother, particularly if you have very little desk space to work with. If this is your problem, the solution to it is to employ a dual monitor arm for both your monitors. Using this tool to not only hold but also elevate your monitors is a great idea.

One product that you should consider when it comes to this particular need is the FlexiSpot F7D Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm. This dual monitor arm is not only great for holding two monitors aloft, but it is also usable on many different types of desks. It can even be used with the FlexiSpot Desk Riser!

Benefits of Using a Monitor Arm for Your Work

Using a monitor arm isn’t something a lot of people are used to. Most people who use one or even two monitors find themselves placing these on their desks, not bothering with the conveniences of using a monitor arm. If you are not sure about getting such an arm for your monitors, here are some benefits that may sway you to get one:

It gives you back your desk space – Yes, this is the most pronounced benefit of having a monitor arm. When you raise your monitors above your desk, it gives you back the space that your monitors used to occupy. Now you can place more things on your desk or you can simply enjoy the bigger space on your desk once your monitors are mounted.

You get to declutter your workspace – Aside from having your monitors lifted off your desk, you can now enjoy the clean look of your space. Since most monitor arms come with a cable management system, you can run your monitor cables in these arms and off your desk. You can also get rid of the stuff that you usually place behind your monitors and forget about. This move can help clear your desk of clutter.

It increases opportunities for collaboration – Since these monitor arms can move your monitors around to any angle, you can easily show people you’re collaborating with what you’re doing. This movement will help you easily swivel your monitors when you need to show someone on the other side of your desk what you have done.

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General Product Information

ModelF7D Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm
Product Dimensions39.7 cm x 31.7 cm x 15 cm
Loading Capacity5 kg Max

FlexiSpot F7D Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm Features

When you choose to buy this dual monitor arm, you get more than just two arms that hold your monitors up. You get useful computer accessories that help you become more productive and keep your station clutter-free. Let’s dive deeper into the features of the FlexiSpot F7D Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm:

Multiple Configurations

If you’re to check the manual of this particular dual monitor arm, you will find that you can move the monitors on them any which way you want. You can place both monitors side-by-side in a widescreen format or you can turn the other one 90 degrees to have it standing in a portrait position while the other one remains in a landscape position. You can also move one arm to the opposite side of your desk for a back to back position. Overall, it’s up to you how you want to position your monitors — whatever is more comfortable for you while working!

Maximum Adjustability

You can also adjust the arms on this appliance in any direction and in any height. You can swivel, lift, rotate, and extend these arms to fit whatever your needs are. Want to show more people behind you what you’re talking about when discussing things? Simply elevate the arm to its maximum height. Want to work standing up? You can also adjust the arm to meet your eye level while using your standing desk.

Can be installed on any desk

As mentioned earlier, this arm can be mounted on the FlexiSpot Desk Riser. It can also be used on any desk you have, as long as it has a desk thickness between .8 and 3.94 inches. Choose from two mounting options – grommet and clamp. For the grommet mounting, the maximum desk thickness allowable is 3.5 inches. For the clamp, the maximum desk thickness allowed is 3.94 inches.

Where to Buy the FlexiSpot F7D Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm

So where can you get yourself this marvelous piece of innovation? You can find the FlexiSpot F7D Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm on Lazada. It comes with a standard 3-year warranty and a local supplier warranty. You can even avail of this on an easy installment plan with some sellers allowing low payments for as long as 36 months.

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The Review

90% Great dual arm mount for your monitors

The FlexiSpot F7D Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm is one tool that I never thought I would love using, but it is. It helps me shift from sitting to standing easily and also makes sharing what I am working on with others easy too.