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FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser 26″ Review

Flexispot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser

It’s no secret that the standard office desk is detrimental to an office worker’s health. In hopes of finding a solution for the desk dweller, we will review the functions and effectiveness of the FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser and answer any questions you might have on desk risers.

A desk riser, used interchangeably with a standing desk converter, is a product that you place on a desk, table, or other solid and sturdy surface that encourages you to stand while working. Most standing desk converters are specifically desk risers for laptops, but some are strong enough to lift a computer monitor.

Although they essentially carry out the same function, desk risers are not to be confused with standing or sit-stand desks. As the name suggests, a standing desk is a complete workstation that lifts and lowers to standing and seated positions. A desk riser does the same, with the additional feature that it’s a portable table accessory, as pictured above.

Why You Need a Desk Converter

Research over the years has demonstrated the positive impact of desk risers on overall health. Let’s take a look some of the benefits of being on your feet while working:

  • Improves posture. You experience less pain in your shoulders, back, and leg. There is less of a risk of disc damage. You also reduce neck strain.
  • Increases energy, focus and brain function. It increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles for more productivity. Also, it increases lung capacity for better mental and physical function.
  • Better circulation and hearth health. It decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks, and lowers cholesterol.
  • Reduces risk of diabetes. Standing more lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces risk of cancer. This specifically applies to colon, breast and endometrial cancers.
  • Strengthens bones and delays muscle deterioration. standing reduces inactivity and prevents necrosis.
  • Improves digestion. Body compression leads to digestive issues and diseases.
  • Decreases the chances of hemorrhoids. Less pressure on the buttocks.

And that’s only a short summary of all the positives of a workstation that allows you to switch between sitting and standing, such as the FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser.

Testing the Quality of a Desk Riser

There are a few factors to consider when testing the overall quality of a desk converter. Take a look at the following to see how well certain products fare against the categories:

Lift: There are various kinds of desk risers with different mechanisms to offer that lift, such as Z or X lift, electric or gas spring, etc. Adjust the desk converter to all the height settings, noting the ease of transitions, the number of height settings, and the amount of time it take to switch between heights. Remember to test each height setting with and without your laptop.

Stability: Product descriptions inform users of the weight capacity, but it’s up to you figure out its level of stability. While keeping within the weight limit, place your laptop on the desk converter and lift to each height setting. At each setting, gently wobble the worktop to see how well the riser keeps your laptop in place and how secure the mechanisms are in holding everything together. Test the stability on other surfaces as well.

Design: Desk risers tend to look like eyesores in an otherwise well-decorated office. While most appear as function over fashion, users are less likely to invest in bulky, poorly designed products. For some, it’s not just about how well the desk riser works with their workstation and office chairs — it’s about how well it works with all its surroundings and environment.

Mobility: Do you plan on bringing the desk converter to and from the office? Do you work remotely and want to turn any station into a sit-stand one? For some, mobility is not as high of a priority as other factors, though it’s definitely worth considering if the user works between locations.

Assembly: Whether you enjoy building things or not, assembly also determines the product. If the product requires assembling, human error contributes to the build, even if provided with a clear construction manual.

About the FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser 26″

Flexispot Desk Riser 1
FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser 26″
ModelML1 Go Riser
DimensionsSurface – 26 x 18.5 in (66 x 47 cm)
Base – 21.4 x 16.1 in (54.4 x 41 cm)
Weight Capacity17.6 lbs.

FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser 26″ Features

Flexispot Desk Riser 2
Check out other functions and features on Lazada

The FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser looks like the perfect addition to any home-office setup. But what features does it have to offer and does the performance match up? Let’s find out as we take a quick review of all the product’s benefits.

Height Adjustability

The push handle easily adjusts to 5 height settings. So whether you stand under 5 feet or almost 6 feet tall or have a height adjustable office chair, the GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser accommodates varying heights. It also works well with cycling workstations.

Ease of Use

Because of the gas spring technology, transitioning between different height settings is smooth, allowing those to adjust from sitting to standing (or vice versa) at your desk in one fluid motion. Just push the handle right to change the elevation.

Plus, there’s no assembly required. The GoRiser is ready to use once you take it out of the package.

Support for Big Laptops

Because of the gas spring technology, transitioning between different height settings is smooth, allowing those to adjust from sitting to standing (or vice versa) at your desk in one fluid motion. Just push the handle right to change the elevation.

Plus, there’s no assembly required. The GoRiser is ready to use once you take it out of the package.

Minimalist Design

The design is sleek. Thus, it won’t contribute clutter to or clash with the design of a workstation. Rather, it organizes and adds functionality to a work desk. It even has holes to arrange all your computer cables and chargers.

It also saves space. The desk riser lifts and lowers up and down, taking up no unnecessary space on your desk or workstation.

Pros and Cons of the FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser

✔ Can hold most laptops on its wide surface
✔ Has 5 different height settings
✔ Minimalist design fits easily on any desk
✔ Includes holes for wire management
✘ Height-adjustment feature only be used with laptops
✘ No keyboard tray

What People Are Saying About It

Simplicity is key here. The FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser understands that ease of use and a minimalist design are better than flashy features that don’t add up to the overall performance, making it a straightforward yet highly functional piece of office equipment. Let’s see what others think!

“This Flexispot model rises and folds within its own footprint. Therefore, you can maximize your workspace. “

Healthy U N Me

Where to Buy the FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser 26″

Flexispot Desk Riser 3

Ready to buy the product? Purchase the FlexiSpot GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser 26″ via the FlexiSpot Lazada shop today. The seller accepts monthly installments for up to 36 months. Thus, your bank account doesn’t have to take a huge hit all at once for the sake of an ergonomic setup.

Lazada is the nation’s leading e-commerce platform with tons of followers, selling everything between ergonomic workstation solutions to fashion from independent sellers, as well as local and global brands. With a wide range of payment options and excellent customer service, Lazada is progressively changing the way Filipinos shop online.

Want to look at other brands aside from the Flexispot Philippines? Check out our guide to the best standing desk converters here.

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The Review

90% Exactly what every desk worker needs

The product delivers what it promises. The GoRiser is simple and straightforward to use, and addresses every problem there is associated with sitting at a desk. The silicon surface and handle are perfect for those who work from home and/or work out of a co-working space. Where it falls short is the size and mobility.

Despite being commuter friendly, the desk riser is rather large, which may be inconvenient for some to carry around between work environments. Plus, it's not suitable for crowded coffee shops, where space is limited. If there was an option that would allow the product to collapse into a smaller component that could fit in a backpack, work tote, briefcase, etc. like a laptop would, then it would be easier to travel with. Otherwise, it's easier to leave it at your main workstation.