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Flitch Home Mesh Office Chair FH-810 Review

Having a good office chair can help alleviate a lot of health risks, especially ones that are related to the back. Without a comfortable chair, not only will office workers can accumulate health issues, but it can also hamper their performance as a whole. That’s why a great chair like the Flitch Home Mesh Office Chair FH-810 is recommended for the workplace. It comes with numerous features and an attractive price tag, making it an easy pick for many people. Curious to know more about this chair? Read on to find out!

Are Mesh Office Chairs Worth It?

A high-quality chair is essential for office work as workers spend hours sitting on it. Recently, mesh chairs have become a popular upholstery option for office chairs as it offers multiple benefits. If you’re not yet convinced on why mesh makes for a great office chair, here are some of its highlights.


Chairs made of leather and other fabric have the tendency to trap heat, usually leading to a sweaty back and thighs. A chair made of mesh material provides more ventilation and air circulation, keeping a person cool and dry. As you’re more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about sweat accumulating on your back, you can focus more on your work.

Flexibility and Support

Most mesh chairs feature curved backrests that can accommodate the spine. The backrest and the seat pan are almost always adjustable, relieving pressure on the lumbar area and making any user comfortable. The design also helps in maintaining the natural spine posture of the body. The adequate support a mesh chair provides can aid in reducing body pains. 

Sturdy and Easy to Maintain

Compared to other materials, a mesh pattern fabric is less likely to lose its shape over time, making it durable. A mesh chair is also easy to maintain as the perforated surface can be easily wiped down. Additionally, since the material is breathable, odor will not cling to the chair even after years of use. 

About the Flitch Home Mesh Office Chair FH-810

Flitch Home Mesh Office Chair FH-810
ManufacturerFlitch Home
ModelMesh Office Chair FH-810
Product Dimensions108 – 118 cm (overall chair height)
46 x 46 cm (back rest)
65 cm (back rest and head rest)
50 cm x 50 cm (seat)
57.5 cm (base)
60 cm (armrest distance)
MaterialMesh Fabric

Most people who have a desk job sit on their office chair for long hours. An uncomfortable office chair can bring body pain, poor posture, reduced focus, and even less productivity at work. Any worker should have an office chair that can deliver comfortability and support. One such chair is the Flitch Home Mesh Office Chair FH-810. With its high back design and headrest, any office worker can do their job conveniently and worry-free. Let’s find out more about its features.

Flitch Home Mesh Office Chair FH-810 Features

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Be more productive and work pain-free with the Flitch Home FH-810. Aside from its modern look, this chair comes with several benefits. Check them out!

Maximum Comfort

The Flitch Home FH-810 is constructed with mesh fabric upholstery, making it incredibly breathable. It also has a high-density soft foam mesh seat that increases the air circulation around anyone who sits on it. This ensures that users are comfortable when sitting on it for long hours. The chair is also designed with a high backrest and an adjustable headrest. Both reduce muscle fatigue and pressure, providing great support and comfort for the user while working.


Mesh chairs can withstand wear and tear, and Flitch Home made certain to only use high-quality materials to make the FH-810 durable. Apart from its thick cushion and breathable mesh fabric, this chair is constructed with a chrome-steel 5-star base and heavy duty nylon casters. It can also carry a maximum weight capacity of 100kg, easily accommodating anyone. 

Effortless Adjustability

A good ergonomic chair is one that can be modified by the user to their preference. The Flitch Home FH-810 comes with several adjustment features that can help make the user cozy while working. The chair has a BIFMA-tested gas lift with a sturdy lever, making it easy for the user to find their perfect seating position. It also has a tilt lock mechanism that provides adjustable tension resistance when reclined. Its headrest is adjustable up to 7cm. Moreover, the chair also features a 360-degree swivel, allowing you to reach any part of your workstation with ease.

Pros and Cons of the Flitch Home Mesh Office Chair FH-810

✔ Well-ventilated mesh
✔ Affordable
✔ High backrest design
✔ BIFMA-tested gas lift
✘ Limited height adjustment
✘ Arm rests are not adjustable

What People Are Saying About It

Affordable ergonomic chairs are easily available now. There’s no need to empty out your bank just to be able to afford a comfortable office chair. With its low-cost price tag, the Flitch Home FH-810 is just as good as its more expensive peers. This chair promotes breathability, maximum comfort, great support, and convenient adjustment mechanisms that will suit any user. 

“If you’re looking for a professional-looking chair that will get you ultimate comfort for your back with a cheaper price tag, then the Flitch Home Mesh Office Chair FH-810 a good solution.”

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Where to Buy the Flitch Home Mesh Office Chair FH-810

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The Review

88% Provides Comfort and Convenience

Mesh office chairs like the Flitch Home Mesh Office Chair FH-810 can increase workplace productivity thanks to their ergonomic features. This chair is breathable, easily adjustable, robust, and best of all, it won't put a dent in your pocket.