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If you’re reading this article slouched over your desk or hunched over your phone, this is a sign to push your shoulders back and sit up straight. Although, if we’re being honest here, it’s easier to say that and do it for only a couple of minutes, and then we’re all back to slouching and hunching without even realizing it. Many of us have this unhealthy habit, developing a poor posture and leading us to suffer from nagging back pain.

Fortunately, there are items in the market that can support the lumbar region and correct our sitting position. Lumbar support cushions, such as the Geepact Lumbar Pillow, significantly increase the comfort of anyone with lower back pain. If you’re someone who sits all day at work or someone who has started to experience chronic back pain, this lumbar support pillow might be the thing that you need.

It’s one thing to recognize that you need a lumbar pillow to be more comfortable while seated but also, it’s another thing to know which support pillow should you choose. You probably have a number of factors to consider when shopping around for support pillows. Here are some things that you should ask yourself and take note of when picking out the pillow that’s best for you:

  • What kind of support do you need? Do you need a lumbar support, a seat cushion, or both? 
  • Does your office constantly have a cold temperature? Would it be better to acquire a foam pillow or a cushion for your office chair? Or is a gel one more ideal for you to keep you warm?
  • Are you looking for something that’s portable and versatile?
  • Do you want straps on the back of your cushions so that it won’t move in place while you sit around?

About the Geepact Lumbar Pillow

ModelLumbar Pillow
Dimensions35cm x 40cm x 10cm

Sitting improperly, staying in one position for hours, having an uncomfortable chair, or staying seated for extended periods — all these factors and more cause poor posture and back pain. While most would want to avoid back aches due to sitting, you can’t entirely avoid sitting altogether. Since we must sit, we can at least make it comfortable by using a lumbar pillow to support our spine region. This is what the Geepact Lumbar Pillow aims to provide to any user.

Benefits of the Geepact Lumbar Pillow

It may look like any other lumbar support cushion, but trust us when we say that the Geepact Pillow has features that make it stand out from its peers. Without further ado, here are this pillow’s highlights:

Relieves Pain and Improves Posture

The Geepact Lumbar Pillow is designed with appropriate muscle distribution in mind. It fits the curvature of the spine, reducing the spinal pressure of anyone seated against it. The arc shape of this cushion perfectly fills in the gap between the user and the back of the chair, supporting the spine in the most optimal manner and easing your back pain. Moreover, this pillow can also aid in straightening and correcting your posture as the arc shape protects you from sitting in harmful positions.

Provides Comfort

Being comfortable while seated is the most important thing in reducing back pain. To bring that comfort to users, the Geepact Lumbar Pillow makes use of premium memory foam, achieving the ideal balance between firmness and softness. The memory foam is high-density and has rebounding properties, offering pressure relief and support.

There are also soft granule lumps in the middle of the pillow, providing a quick, soothing spine massage to whoever needs it. Additionally, the Geepact Pillow has a washable velvet cover that’s breathable, allowing airflow through the cushion and keeping your back cool and dry.

Versatile Use

You don’t have to limit yourself to using the Geepact Lumbar Pillow only on your office chair. This support cushion is highly flexible and portable; you can use it at home, place it on your car seat, or lean back against it during a flight. If you’re pregnant, you can even use this pillow to rest your weary back on. It’s also equipped with an adjustable fixing strap that secures it on whichever seat you want to use it on. That’s how versatile this lumbar pillow is.

Another thing that makes the Geepact Pillow stand out is its side pockets. There are two of them on each side, letting you easily store your phone, a TV remote, pens, or anything that you want at arm’s reach. You don’t have to worry about misplacing things or losing them at the seams of your couch anymore. 

Pros and Cons of the Geepact Lumbar Pillow

✔ High-quality materials at a budget-friendly price
✔ Designed with memory foam
✔ Has an adjustable garter strap
✔ Comes with two side pockets for storage
✘ Comes in only 4 color options
✘ Some may find the design a little bulky for their seat

What People Are Saying About It

Back pain is common among so many people and honestly, it shouldn’t be. Even when we’re already used to dealing with it in a number of ways, it doesn’t discount the fact that it can still hamper your overall well-being. There are ways to reduce and prevent the lumbar area, and one thing that can aid you with that is the Geepact Lumbar Pillow. Save your health and your spine by getting one today.

“This Geepact Lumbar Pillow is made using high-density memory foam, efficiently conforming to the contours of your spine. This makes sure your lower back is well-supported, minimizing back pain. It’s also a handy storage tool thanks to the pockets on each side.”

Reviewer – Autonomous

Where to Buy the Geepact Lumbar Pillow

The Geepact Lumbar Pillow can greatly help you in kicking back pain to the curb. Interested in this product? Make your way over to Lazada now to get the best deals and prices!

Looking for other ergonomic products to add to your home or office? Peruse our guide to the best lumbar supports in the market to find what suits you the most.

Geepact Lumbar Pillow

The Geepact Lumbar Pillow is the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade their seating comfort level from “ouch” to “ahh.”

With its high-density memory foam and ergonomic design, this pillow provides the support and relief you need to avoid any unwanted aches and pains in your lower back. And let’s not forget about the breathable mesh cover, which ensures that you won’t be sweating bullets during a long day at the office.

So if you’re tired of sitting on a plain old chair and want to treat your back to some much-needed TLC, the Geepact Lumbar Pillow is the way to go.

The Review

95% Handy and Comfortable Storage Tool

It's not every day that you see a support pillow that also offers some sort of storage solution. Aside from the comfortable memory foam that contours to the spine, the additional side pockets on the Geepact Lumbar Pillow are truly the cherry on top of an excellent product. Moreover, it also has a rather attractive price tag. It's definitely a cushion that's worth considering.