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Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder Review

Having an office job means dealing with numerous documents almost every day. While computers and other devices exist, paper usage in the workplace is still very much prevalent and many office workers still handle physical documents as they work. Alternating between a computer screen and a document as you work can pose a risk to your overall health and well-being, especially when the documents are positioned at unnatural angles. 

One ergonomic work accessory that you can use to reduce muscle strain is a desk document holder. By using an item such as the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder, you can alleviate those aches and improve productivity at work.

About the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder

ModelAdjustable Angle Document Holder
Product Dimensions280 x 185mm / 11.02 x 7.28 inches

An unnatural working posture with a constant neck twisting between your computer and the document results in muscle fatigue in your neck, shoulders, arms, and even your back. These various body pains can be avoided using a document holder such as the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder. Let’s dive into the highlights of this product!

Benefits of the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder

With a simple color and design, you won’t have a problem fitting the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder anywhere on your workspace. Here are some great features of this product:

Can Be Used With Different Papers

The Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder can fit any paper size! Letter, legal, A4, and more, any document that you’ll be working on, you can securely clip it on this document holder. Papers aren’t the only thing that it can hold though. You can also prop up books, notebooks, journals, and the like using this. Referencing and switching between your computer and document is made easier with this!

Made With Heavy-Duty Material

The makers of this product ensure that this document holder can accommodate not only papers but also books, journals, magazines, and more. To make the Great-King Document Holder durable, the main holder plate is made with steel, allowing it to withstand any weight. It also comes with a high-quality plastic base and sturdy plastic adjusters to fasten your documents and books.

Increases Comfort and Productivity

Having a document holder like this one from Great-King can increase your comfort and productivity at work. With your document positioned at an eye level, you don’t have to bend down anymore and strain your neck just to be able to read the words of your paper. Since it’s adjustable as well, you can angle it in the most optimal position for you. You can sit back and relax your shoulders as you work. 

Pros and Cons of the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder

✔ Made using steel and plastic
✔ Adjustable angles
✔ Can fit documents, books, magazines, and the like
✘ Not suitable for confined or small workdesks

What People Are Saying About It

Neck aches, back pains, eye strains, and more can be reduced with the help of the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder. With this product, you can lessen the need to reach or twist just to read and interact with paperwork. You can also adjust its angles to your comfort. Improve your overall well-being and work productivity with this document holder.

“Organizing your reference documents is essential to improving your focus and overall productivity at the office. The Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder is the easiest way to keep your paperwork organized and positioned for easy viewing.”

Reviewer – Ergonomic Trends

Where to Buy the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder

Put less strain on your eyes and neck and make working with documents easier using the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder. To get one, simply hop on over to Lazada to score the best deals and prices!

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Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder

The Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder is a fun and practical accessory that makes reading and typing easier and more comfortable.

This versatile and adjustable document holder is designed to support books, papers, and documents at a comfortable reading angle, reducing neck and eye strain while improving productivity.

Its elegant and modern design is both stylish and functional, with a lightweight and sturdy construction that can hold even heavy books and documents.

The adjustable angle and height settings allow you to customize the holder to your preferences, while the non-slip surface keeps your documents in place.

Whether you’re typing, reading, or studying, the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document Holder is a valuable addition to any workspace or study area. With its combination of functionality, style, and durability, this document holder is a must-have accessory for anyone seeking a more comfortable and efficient workspace.

The Review

91% View documents from a perfect angle

With the Great-King Adjustable Angle Document holder, you can mount your paperwork at an eye-level position and avoid the risk of eye and neck strain. It can also hold up any other type of documents, such as books or journals. It's adjustable as well, allowing you to position it in the manner most ideal for you.