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HKE Movable Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review

If you find yourself wishing that you can look at a nice view while you work instead of looking at your plain office wall or your co-workers’ faces, one thing that you might need is a mobile standing desk. Having a standing desk that you can easily move around encourages freedom of movement, allowing you to work anywhere you please. It might be in front of a window with a nice view, maybe a quieter corner in the office, or maybe a different floor altogether. 

The HKE Movable Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Wheels is one product that can help you in that aspect. Armed with casters, this desk can not only help in a change of your surroundings but also aid in keeping you more active throughout the day. Check it out!

How to Use a Standing Desk

Despite the recent popularity of standing desks, it comes a surprise that many people do not have an idea that they are sitting or standing incorrectly. This can lead to spine damage and other back issues over time. In order to avoid this health risk, it’s best to know exactly how to properly use a standing desk.

One of the most important points to keep in mind when using a standing desk is to align the monitor or laptop with the user’s eyes. This position allows the worker to keep their neck in a neutral position, avoiding neck strain. Along with keeping the neck in a neutral position, the user must also keep their posture straight and their spine neutral. 

Most workers tend to slouch or put their weight on one leg when standing; these positions should be avoided to maintain a right standing posture. The muscles should be able to support the body equally. To do so, keep the shoulders relaxed, chin tall, feet parallel to the ground without locking the knees. Make sure that your wrists are also relaxed over your keyboard and mouse. 

If you’ve switched from a standing position to a sitting one, it’s also best to have an ergonomic chair or backrest. The same tips for standing correctly apply here as well. Even when sitting, it’s important to keep the spine neutral, neck and shoulders relaxed, and the elbows at a 90-degree angle over the keyboard and mouse. 

About the HKE Movable Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Wheels

HKE Movable Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Wheels
ModelMovable Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Wheels
Dimensions80cm x 58cm (overall tabletop size)
80cm x 34cm (top tier)
80cm x 24cm (keyboard tier)
45-degree tilt (keyboard)
40cm x 24cm x 9cm (storage)
67cm – 90cm (height range)

In recent years, standing desks have been equipped with more features than just the usual adjustable height aspect. The HKE Movable Height Standing desk is one that comes with a few more benefits for its users. Along with its height adjustability, this standing desk is fitted with wheels for users to move their workstation anywhere they desire. 

From alternating between sitting to standing and now taking your work wherever you want to, this desk can help anyone in avoiding health problems and improving working efficiency.

HKE Movable Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Wheels Features

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The HKE Movable Height Standing Desk is constructed with a quality steel frame, making it sturdy and durable. Moreover, the wood-grain desktop is also wear-resistant and water-resistant. Aside from these qualities, here are some more of this standing desk’s highlights:  

Convenient Mobility

Lugging around your non-wheeled standing desk can be a whole lot of work, especially when you consider the amount of office necessities you have on it. Thankfully, just as its name implies, the HKE Movable Standing Desk is easy to move around anywhere you please. It comes with high-standard nylon wheels that can rotate in 360-degrees and can move on any surface. The wheels are also built with a lock that allows you to steady the desk wherever you want place it. 

Spacious Work Surface

A lot of traditional office desks and standing desks only offer a single tabletop surface. What makes the HKE Movable Standing Desk different is that its desktop can be separated into two tiers and can be adjusted separately according to your needs. The main tabletop is wide enough to carry your monitor, document reader, and even your cup of coffee.

On the other hand, the second tier is primarily for the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard surface can be tilted up to an angle of 45-degrees, offering comfort to your hands and wrists while you work. Additionally, the desk also comes with a storage platform on the side, providing more room for your office PC or personal effects. 

Suitable for People of Different Heights

Similar to the majority of standing desks in the market, the HKE Mobile Standing Desk comes with a height-adjustment feature. To alternate between sitting and standing, the desk is equipped with knobs on the bottom of the surface tiers. Turning the knobs lets users lift or lower the tabletop from a base height of 67cm to a maximum of 90cm.

Pros and Cons of the HKE Movable Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Wheels

✔ Universal wheels for easy mobility
✔ Spacious tiers
✔ Angled keyboard surface
✔ Steel frame and a scratch-resistant, water-resistant wood-grain tabletop
✘ Not that stable
✘ Difficult adjustability

What People Are Saying About It

The HKE Movable Standing Desk is designed for any person who wants to take their work elsewhere and have a change of scenery. It promises to offer not only an increase in productivity, but also to aid a worker’s over health and well-being. With this standing desk, you can work anywhere with ease. 

“The HKE Movable Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Wheels provides easy access to mobility with its casters and locking brakes. Enjoy working with a larger space, improve your health with the adjustable system of this desk.”


Where to Buy the HKE Movable Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Wheels

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The Review

94% Mobility is a Breeze

Working anywhere in the office isn't an issue with the HKE Movable Height Adjustable Standing Desk. It's constructed with high-quality steel and a wood-grain desktop, durable enough to hold all the work equipment that you need to carry with you. It also has a vast tabletop that can be split into two tiers, plus extra storage for your other peripherals.