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IKER Computer Chair Review

Experiencing back pain and neck strain while you sit for hours in your uncomfortable work chair is the worst. No matter what position you fix yourself in, you’ll find that your aches and pains continue to accumulate instead of disappearing. This is why it’s always good to invest in a ergonomic chair for the office.

Ergonomic chairs come in all shapes and sizes and while all of them are made to support any user, there’s a kind of ergonomic chair that’s specifically made for a person to sit for long hours without experiencing discomfort. We’re talking about gaming chairs. These chairs come with a myriad of benefits that take sitting to an entirely new level. One gaming chair that can double as an office chair is the IKER Computer Chair. Let’s dive into its features and benefits below! 

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Office Use?

Despite the name ‘gaming chair’, gaming chairs aren’t just for gaming. They can be used for office work as well. If you know a gamer or two, you’d know very well that they sit several hours in front of their consoles, playing as much as they can without any discomfort. That’s the magic that a gaming chair offers — it has features and benefits that a regular office chair doesn’t have. Here are some upsides on choosing a gaming chair over an office chair for work: 


As one might know, gaming can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for long periods of time is terrible for a person, hence why gaming chairs are designed to provide the utmost comfort for its users. These chairs are fitted with quality foam that is soft and satisfying to sit on. 

Additionally, gaming chairs also have extra cushioning such as a head/neck pillow, lumbar pillow, and even cushioned armrests. Since a lot of office workers spend time sitting in front of their computers, they can make great use of having a gaming chair as their task chair.


The majority, if not all, of gaming chairs have adjustable mechanisms. Adjustability is important in gaming chairs to accommodate the needs of the user. One can adjust the angle of the backrest, modify the height of the armrest, and even raise or lower the height of the entire seat. In an office setting, some workspaces aren’t fit specifically for the user. The modifiable options that gaming chairs have can allow workers to work in a more ergonomic setting.

Designed for Long Periods of Use

Gaming chair designers have considered how long gamers tend to focus on their games. Being in the same position for hours is a health risk, and having a chair that offers support reduces those health issues and discomfort. Most gaming chairs have a racing seat design, giving ample room to anyone who sits in it. It also has an ergonomic design that benefits the lumbar area, back, neck, and shoulders. Moreover, some gaming chairs come with a foot rest that allows people to stretch their legs so that they can improve their blood circulation and reduce fatigue.

About the IKER Computer Chair

IKER Computer Chair
ModelComputer Chair
Product Dimensions59 x 70 x 125cm
170-degree recline
Product Weight16kg

Gaming chairs have a more stylish flair to them compared to normal office chairs. They have modern design elements that make them stand out. Their appearance isn’t the only thing that makes them a cut above the rest though. A gaming chair such as the IKER Computer Chair also comes with features that make them a better pick than usual office chairs. Want to know more about its benefits? Read on below!

IKER Computer Chair Features

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A chair such as the IKER chair is ergonomically designed to support any user, making it a great fit for home or the office. Here are some of its highlights:

Made With Quality Materials

Durability is important in an ergonomic chair so that you can use it for a long time. The frame of the IKER chair is constructed with a low alloy, high-strength steel thickened pipe, making it durable and giving it a dense structure. The seat and armrest are fitted with a high-density sponge, providing utmost comfort whether you use this chair for long hours at work or for extended periods of gaming.

Adjustable Mechanism

IKER designed the chair with several adjustable options to accommodate the preferences of any user. It has a one-click reclining function, with a maximum adjustment of 170 degrees. If you’re stumped with your task, you can tilt the chair to rest your body for a few moments. The chair also has a 360-degree swivel, allowing you to easily reach one point to another in your workspace. The seat height and armrest can be lifted as well, ensuring that you are at a proper, convenient level with your workspace.

Ergonomically Designed

Having an ergonomically-designed chair provides great benefits to the overall health and well-being. The IKER chair promotes dynamic sitting, reducing strain, back aches, and muscles tension. It comes equipped with a removable head rest, a lumbar pillow, and cushioned armrests for the best seating comfort and support. The design of the chair can help in improving posture, reducing fatigue, and maintaining productivity throughout the entire work day.

Pros and Cons of the IKER Computer Chair

✔ Affordable price
✔ One-click recline to a maximum tilt of 170-degrees
✔ Sturdy and durable
✔ High-density seat foam, headrest, lumbar pillow, and cushioned armrest
✘ Reclining is not as smooth as hoped
✘ Needs to be assembled

What People Are Saying About It

Overall, the IKER Computer Chair comes with several features that offers its users a lot of support. It has a high backrest, a lumbar pillow, a headrest pillow, and cushioned armrests, ensuring that anyone seated is comfortable and fully supported for long hours. 

Its best part is it recline function that one can easily switch to with just a click. Rest up in your office at the end of a long day as you tilt the IKER chair back to a maximum of 170-degrees. This chair is also affordable and won’t break the bank.

“Sitting for long hours becomes much more comfortable with the IKER Computer Chair. It offers you lumbar support as well as support for the neck and arms. It also promotes proper spine alignment, resulting in improved posture.”

House Junkie

Where to Buy the IKER Computer Chair

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The Review

94% Recline and Rest at Work

The IKER Computer Chair is a versatile ergonomic chair that can be used for gaming or for work. It's constructed with highly durable materials that ensure comfort and support for any user. Its highlight is its one-click recline function, letting anyone take their well-deserved rest at work.