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Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser Review

Working out while working at the same time seemed to be an almost impossible thing to do back in the day. However, thanks to the ever-evolving interest of humanity to solve problems with modern solutions, compact exercise machines now exist for individuals to remain active despite being stuck in their office seats and working on deadlines. 

One such device is the Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser. This no-frills under desk bike promises to offer easy and convenient workouts even during the busiest times. Let’s dive into it in this review!

Do Under Desk Bikes Really Work?

Yes, they do. Under desk bikes have been proven to be a great way to move parts of your body without distracting you from your tasks. Its constant movement mimics biking or walking, allowing you to get in some extra exercise even if you aren’t in a position to actually go outside to ride the bike or take a walk. 

Under desk bikes also have resistance levels that allow anyone to set the intensity of their workouts. Lower resistance levels can be used by those who just want a casual workout or those who want to rehabilitate their injuries while the higher resistance levels are those for who prefer fuller, more challenging workouts.

About the Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser

Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser
ModelPortable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser
Product Dimensions40.5cm x 52cm
27cm (pedal to floor height)

Working out at your own convenience doesn’t need to mean buying an expensive exercise machine for your home or office. Budget-friendly finds such as the Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser also offer a good workout despite not having fancy digital features. Know more about its highlights below. 

Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser Features

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There are multitudes of pedal exercisers out there in the market so you may be asking, what makes the Kemilng Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser stand out from the rest of its competitors? Here are just some of its features:

Lightweight and Portable

The Kemilng Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser comes in a compact size, allowing it to be used in a convenient manner. Since it’s a lightweight exercise machine, it’s easy to move it around. You can take it from the home to the office, or anywhere you desire. Moreover, since this exerciser has a foldable mechanism, storage wouldn’t be a problem. It can fit under your desk and even the smallest spaces.

Not only can you use this exerciser for your legs, but you can also use it for your arms. Simply set the Kemilng Pedal Exerciser on a surface,  place your hands in the pedals, and cycle away. You can get a full-body workout just with the use of this compact exerciser!

Suitable for Everyone

If you’re looking to incorporate more movement throughout your day, then the Kemilng Pedal Exerciser is a suitable option for you. You might be busy with your workload and end up sitting at your desk all day. When you stay in the same position for hours, you could develop various health risks, ranging from body aches to worst things such as cancer. Having a pedal exerciser can get your blood circulating while you’re at your desk, reducing the risk of any health issues related to sitting

The Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser isn’t just for those who work long hours at a desk job. This pedal exerciser is also ideal for people who want to keep fit and active but don’t have the time to go to the gym. It’s also an excellent machine for those seniors and those who are rehabilitating from an injury. This is all thanks to the machine’s tension knob that adjusts its resistance levels. Setting it at a lower level allows for easy, gentle workouts while higher settings are for those who want a fuller workout.

Stable Build

Despite its attractive price tag, the Kemilng Pedal Exerciser is made with robust materials. The high-quality steel makes it durable, providing you with a machine that can be used for a long time. The pedals have an integrated strap, fixing your hands or feet in place. Additionally, this under desk bike comes with non-slip rubber pads on its base, preventing it from sliding on any surface. 

Pros and Cons of the Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser

✔ Appropriate for individuals who need low-impact workouts
✔ Steady grip; non-slip
✔ Lighter than most pedal exercisers
✔ Foldable for easy storage and portability
✘ No digital display
✘ Doesn't have magnetic resistance

What People Are Saying About It

Overall, the Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser is a great under desk bike for those who are looking to stay active even if they’re busy. This machine doesn’t have much bells and whistles to it but its straightforward and uncomplicated operation are its strengths. 

Place it anywhere in your home or office and get your exercise on without leaving your seat. Best of all, it has an affordable price tag that’s very welcoming to those who aren’t ready to drop thousands on one machine. 

“The Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser has a price that’s tough to beat. Another thing that make it great is that it’s lightweight with a collapsible/foldable frame which makes it easy to travel with.”

Fitness Goat

Where to Buy the Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser

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The Review

89% Budget-Friendly Option

The Kemilng Portable Folding Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser is an excellent option for individuals who aren't certain yet about investing in a high-end machine but still want to stay fit and active in the midst of their busy schedules. It's lightweight and portable, allowing it to fit in any room you take it to. Full-body workouts are possible too since you can situate it under the desk for leg workouts or on top of a surface for arm toning.