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King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler Review

One desktop product that a lot of people tend to overlook is a laptop stand. Most people don’t have it in their minds to get one, but truthfully, a laptop stand is a crucial and valuable desk item to have. It helps keep your items tidy and organized and, most importantly, it places your laptop at an ideal height and angle, allowing for a more ergonomic position. By elevating your device, health issues such as backache, neck pain, shoulder tension, and eye strain can be avoided.

Most laptop stands in the market have a minimalist, no-frills look to them, allowing them to easily fit in any professional or casual setting. However, the King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler is one laptop stand that arrives with flair and style. With its RGB lights, both gamers and office workers alike will certainly have an affinity for this one. Let’s take a closer look at its features. 

Using a desk riser may seem straightforward. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to get the most out of it. When you use a riser, you should also take note of seating properly on your chair. You have to maintain a straight spine and have your feet flat on the floor to ensure that you’re sitting in the proper manner. If you’re uncomfortable in your office chair, consider switching it out for an ergonomic office chair that can provide more support as you work.

If you’re adapting the sit-stand method with a desk converter, you also need to avoid standing all day. You can start by sitting for 40 minutes and then standing for 20 minutes. The moment you get used to alternating between sitting and standing, you can switch positions every 30 minutes, and eventually build up to standing for 40 minutes.

Don’t forget to adjust the height level of your converter as well, especially when you’re seated. You arms should form an L shape to reduce the strain on your wrists, and the screen should be at an eye level or slightly below to prevent neck and eye strain.

Remember to wear your most comfortable shoes, since you’ll be standing around a couple of times. Shoes with no support will only give you more pain. Consider purchasing a standing mat as well for the utmost comfort. 

Lastly, don’t forget to take breaks and move around even with your new dynamic setup. Switching between sitting and standing is an excellent way to incorporate movement throughout your day. But also, walking around, getting coffee, and eating outside allows you to refresh your mind as you move your muscles about. When you take regular breaks, your body, and mind are less tired. This allows you to enjoy more productivity and cross off your entire to-do list in a better manner.

About the King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler

ManufacturerKing Power
ModelLED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler
Dimensions410mm x 270mm x 34mm

Want to add a touch of color to your workspace? Then the King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler might just be the one for you. This laptop stand can level up your work area with its sleek, eye-catching look. That’s not all it has, though. Find out more of its benefits below!

Benefits of the King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler

The King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler can be used by gamers and office workers alike. It also stands out among its competitors with its host of unique features. Here are its highlights:

Power Cooling

An overheated laptop is something that you don’t have to worry about any more with the King Power LED laptop stand. It has a hollow design composed of an iron mesh shell, making heat dissipate faster. It’s also armed with 6 fans that blow strong wind with low noise, ensuring that your device is well-ventilated. Additionally, it has a mini LCD screen around the wrist area, allowing you to visualize and adjust the strength of the fans with just a click.

Ergonomic Design

Laptop stands can help in reducing neck pain and eye strain as they elevate your device to your eye level. The King Power LED laptop stand comes with 7 height adjustment options, allowing you to raise your viewing and typing experience. It also has a hinged flap at the front that you can flip up to prevent your device from sliding down. Moreover, this laptop stand is also sizable enough to accommodate laptops up to 17 inches. 

RGB Light Effects

Bring life to your boring workspace with the LED RGB lights equipped in this King Power laptop stand! Running along the sides of the stand, the RGB effect can illuminate as you work. It’s very eye-catching, especially when switched on in dark conditions. This may help enhance your surroundings while gaming or working. You can party in your workspace with these lights!

Pros and Cons of the King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler

✔ Has 6 core cooling fans
✔ RGB lights to enhance work/gaming area
✔ Different angled height adjustment settings
✔ Built for any laptop, big or small
✘ Larger/bulkier than other stands
✘ Has a heavier weight than other stands

What People Are Saying About It

Spice up your work area with the King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler! This laptop stand enhances the atmosphere of your desktop, thanks to the RGB lights running along its sides. Not only does it level up your surroundings, but its 6 fans can keep your laptop cool all day long. Most of all, it can help position your laptop at your preferred height, reducing your chances of developing neck aches and eye strains.

“If you’re on the market for a cool-looking laptop stand and don’t care about portability, you should absolutely check out the King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler. The 6 fans provide efficient cooling for all laptops, plus you also get RGB lighting around the edges of the pad.”

Reviewer – Tech Radar

Where to Buy the King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler

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King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler

The King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler is a powerful and stylish cooling pad designed to improve your gaming performance and comfort.

Its 6 ultra-quiet cooling fans provide optimal airflow to your laptop, helping to prevent overheating and improve performance. The cooler also features a built-in RGB LED lighting system with 7 color options, adding a touch of style to your gaming setup.

The ergonomic design includes adjustable height settings and a non-slip surface, making it comfortable to use for extended periods. The cooler is compatible with laptops up to 17 inches in size and can be powered via USB.

In short, the King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler is a great option for gamers looking for a high-performance cooling pad that looks as good as it works.

The Review

94% For Gaming and Work

Party up at your workstation with the King Power LED RGB Gaming Laptop Cooler! This laptop stand has an incredible design with RGB lights illuminating around its edges. It's sizable enough that it can accommodate larger, heavier laptops. It's highly capable of cooling down your laptop too, thanks to its 6 fans. It's a great bang-for-your-buck stand.