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Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mounts Review

Did you know that a cluttered desk can actually be detrimental to your mental health? Not only is disorder distracting but it can also be stressful and can reduce your ability to focus on what you are doing. If you have a cluttered desk, you should consider clearing it up and removing anything unnecessary from it to help you focus and work better.

Reducing clutter from your desk is a task that requires equipment that will help you to better organize it. You will also need a few things that will help you increase the desk space you have and one such item that can do this is a monitor arm. The Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mount is a great example of equipment that can help you with desk organization.

Why You Should Clear Clutter from Your Workspace

Studies have shown that having a cluttered workspace is actually detrimental not only to your mental health but also to your physical health. Some of the problems that arise when your desk is messy and disorganized include the following:

Stress – If you need something from your desk and you need it fast, when it is cluttered, finding what you need immediately can be difficult. For example, your boss needs you to read to him a page from a note you received but you cannot find it because your desk is cluttered. This can be stressful particularly if you need the item right away.

Loss of focus – Another problem that arises when your desk is a mess is the reduction of focus. With all the clutter around you and the idea of cleaning up, your mind will start to wander, which in turn can make you lose your focus. This can result in reduced productivity and delays in the completion of your tasks.

Dust allergies – As mentioned earlier, clutter can cause more than just mental health issues. It can also cause physical problems. Since cluttered desks usually gather dust, this can trigger problems such as sneezing, itchiness, watery eyes, and other allergic reactions to dust.

Memory problems – Messy desks can also create problems with memory and remembering things. This is because mess and too many things on your desk can cause confusion. This can result in memory issues since you can’t remember where one item or another is due to all the clutter.

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General Product Information

ModelD5D Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mounts
CapacityFits 10″-27″ Monitors
Load Capacity3.3 to 11 lbs each arm

Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mounts Features

When you want to improve how you work and to reduce the physical and mental issues that stem from having a cluttered desk, a monitor arm like the Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mount is a good idea. Here are some of the features that you are sure to love with this product:

Can carry two monitors at once

This dual monitor arm is a great way for you to reduce clutter from your desk and is also a great way too to help increase desk space. If you use two monitors for work, this arm is what you need to help you remove them from the surface of your desk. This arm can carry up to 11 lbs of weight each and can accommodate monitors up to 27-inches in size.

Increase usable desk space

With two monitors on your desk, you will definitely have very little desk space to use for anything else. When you use this dual monitor arm, you raise the monitors off your desk and free up a lot of space for other stuff. Now you can have more space for your papers, pens, and other items that you need to have on your desk.

Cable management is a breeze

This monitor arm also helps you organize your computer cables effectively. Now you don’t have to worry about cables snaking all around your workspace since these can be carefully hidden in spaces in the arms made specifically for this purpose.

Various configurations allowable

This dual monitor arm also features a design that lets you configure your monitors in a variety of ways. One diagonal and one horizontal, both horizontal, both diagonal, both facing in, both facing out – these are just a few of the configurations you can use with this monitor arm.

Can be attached two ways to your desk

You can attach this monitor arm two ways – via grommet or via a clamp. For grommet attachment, you need to have at least a 1/3-inch hole in your desk up to a 2.75-inch hole for mounting. For clamp attachment, the desk has to be at least .8 up to 3.94 inches thick.

Where to Buy the Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mounts

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The Review

89% Dual arm monitor desk mount for a more orderly workspace

Don't suffer the consequences of a messy desk by utilizing tools that can help you increase desk space and improve the organization of your workspace. The Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mounts is one such tool that you can use to reduce clutter and to give you a desk that has lots of usable space since you will be elevating your monitors above it.