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Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm Review

Did you know that a cluttered workspace can actually be detrimental to your mental health? Not only is disorder distracting but it can also be stressful and can reduce your ability to focus on what you are doing. If you have a cluttered work surface, you should consider clearing it up and removing anything unnecessary from it to help you focus and work better.

Reducing clutter from your working space is a task that requires equipment that will allow you to better organize it. You will also need a few things that will help you increase the desk space you have and one such item that can do this is a monitor arm. The Loctek Monitor Mount is a great example of equipment that can help you with workspace organization.

About the Loctek Dual Monitors Arm

ModelD5D Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mounts
CapacityFits 10″-27″ Monitors
Weight3.3 to 11 lbs. each arm

Is your desk absolutely cluttered? Do you have two monitors sitting on your work surface, along with other important items such as papers, peripherals, personal effects, and the like? Do you wish you had more areas to work on? Then maybe you need monitor mounts. 

Monitor arms can help a lot in reducing clutter and making your space tidier. Having two monitors on top of other items on your table is not only unsightly, but it can also be disorienting. If you have monitor arms, they can greatly help save space, lessen clutter, and even help you to become more productive when working. This is what the Loctek Monitors Mount aims to do for you. 

Benefits of the Loctek Dual Monitors Mount

When you want to improve how you work and to reduce the physical and mental issues that stem from having a cluttered desk, monitor arms like the Loctek Monitor Arm is a good idea. Here are some of the features that you are sure to love about this product:

Can Carry Two Monitors At Once

Having arms to mount two monitors is a great way for you to reduce clutter from your desk and is also a great way to help increase desk space. If you use two monitors for work, this arm is what you need to remove them from the surface of your desk. This dual monitor arm can carry up to 11 lbs. of weight each and can accommodate monitors up to 27 inches in size.

Increase Usable Desk Space

With two monitors on your desk, you will definitely have very little desk space to use for anything else. When you use the dual monitor mount, you raise the monitors off your desk and free up a lot of space for other stuff. Now you can have more space for your papers, pens, and other items that you need on your desk.

Cable Management is a Breeze

This screen arm also helps you organize your computer cables effectively with its cable management system. Now you don’t have to worry about cables snaking all around your workspace since these can be carefully hidden in spaces in the arms made specifically for this purpose.

Various Configurations Allowable

These arms also feature a design that lets you configure your monitors in a variety of ways. You can position your monitors in a combination of diagonally and horizontally. Your monitors can also be placed both horizontally, and diagonally, facing in, and facing out. These are just a few of the configurations you can use with this monitor mount. 

Furthermore, the arms make use of a gas spring system that allows you to move your monitors with ease and convenience. Coupled with a reliable VESA plate system, you don’t have to worry about your monitors drooping or falling off. The sturdy arms will ensure your monitors are upright all throughout use.

Can be Attached Two Ways to Your Desk

You can attach this LCD arm two ways – via grommet or via a clamp. For grommet attachment, you need to have at least a 1/3-inch hole in your desk up to a 2.75-inch hole for mounting. For clamp attachment, the desk has to be at least .8 up to 3.94 inches thick.

Pros and Cons of the Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm

✔ Efficient cable management
✔ Made with premium materials
✔ Gas Spring system
✔ Smooth positioning
✘ Cannot carry monitors heavier than 11 lbs

What People Are Saying About It

Increase your work surface with the use of screen arms such as the Loctek Monitor Mount. These arms are a great help when it comes to saving your workspace, as well as reducing clutter and making you more organized. These arms are handy to have, especially when you’re working with two monitors. The Loctek arms are capable of carrying two monitors with their durable material, efficient gas spring system, and useful cable management system. You’ll be sure to get incredible use out of it.

“The arms pleased us with its fully adjustable construction. We could tilt, rotate, swivel monitors in any direction with absolute precision and smoothness. You are sure to find its functions to be flawless.”

Reviewer – Architecture Lab

Where to Buy the Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Mounts

If you’re ready to get rid of the clutter on your desk and are looking for good desk arms to mount your monitors, do buy the Loctek Monitor Mounts. Head on over to Lazada to get the products that you need. You are sure to find stocks of this product there. Check the best prices on Lazada today

Interested in other space-saving products? Check out our guide to the best monitor mounts in the market. Pair your monitor mount with a reliable document holder like the Microdesk Document Holder. Loctek Monitor MountLoctek Monitor MountLoctek Monitor MountLoctek Monitor Mount

Loctek Monitor Mount

The Loctek Monitor Mount is a high-quality and versatile solution for anyone looking to improve their workspace ergonomics.

The mount’s sturdy construction and adjustable arm provide optimal viewing angles and support for monitors of various sizes and weights. The easy-to-install design and cable management system ensures a clean and organized workspace, reducing clutter and improving productivity.

The mount’s sleek and modern design fits seamlessly into any workspace, adding both style and functionality. The Loctek Monitor Mount is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their posture, comfort, and productivity while using a monitor.

The Review

89% For a more orderly workspace

Don't suffer the consequences of a messy desk by utilizing tools that can help you increase space and improve the organization of your workstation. The Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm is one such tool that you can use to reduce clutter and to give you a desk that has lots of usable space since you will be elevating your monitors above it.