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Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount Review

Find yourself having very little to no space on your desk with your monitor setup, your laptop, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals? Having a limited workspace can hamper your focus and productivity. Not to mention, if your monitors and laptop aren’t positioned at a proper height or angle, you also risk developing shoulder aches, neck strain, and posture problems. 

A monitor mount is one product that can help free up your desk and improve the ergonomics of your workspace. If you’re considering a monitor mount but you’re concerned about adjustability, the Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount might be the one you’re looking for. This mount can hold a monitor and a laptop and is highly flexible in terms of adjustment.

Monitor mounts, also known as monitor arms or brackets, are accessories that are meant to support a display screen, such as a computer screen or a TV. Generally, monitor mounts are used at workstations and can be attached to a desk via a grommet hole/clamp or secured to a wall. 

They vary in length, design, and capacity, but all monitor mounts share the same function of allowing the user to adjust the height and angle of their screens.  Monitor mounts also help in improving a user’s posture,  saving desk space, and improving the ergonomics of their work desk.

About the Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount

ModelD5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount
Dimensions415mm (Maximum height adjustment)
-85 degrees ~ +15 degrees (Tilt range)
-50 degrees ~ +50 degrees (Laptop swivel range)
-90 degrees ~ +90 degrees (Monitor swivel range)
360 degrees (Screen rotation)
10in-15.6in (Laptop size)
10in-27in (Monitor size)
Maximum Weight Capacity5kg (Monitors)
4kg (Laptops)

An emerging ergonomic trend in offices is using a large external monitor to connect to a more portable laptop display. This trend eliminates the need for a CPU and dual monitors and also allows users to simply take their work with them if needed. One problem about this setup is that it can be difficult to position a monitor and a laptop in a proper, ergonomic manner. 

Unlike the majority of mounts in the market, the Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount offers not only a monitor arm but also a laptop tray. This allows you to elevate and position your display according to your preference. If this has piqued your interest, read on further to know more about this monitor mount!

Benefits of the Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount

Turn your normal desk into a more ergonomic workspace with the Loctek D5F2 Laptop Mount. With its simple, minimalistic look, the Loctek D5F2 can suit any workstation. Here are more of its outstanding features:

Versatile and Sturdy

Having a monitor and laptop setup can be helpful in your work but also, it could be rather troublesome if they’re positioned at different heights. The Loctek D5F2 can carry both your monitor and laptop, ensuring that they’re raised at eye level, allowing you to work at maximum comfort. 

Made with aluminum alloy, this mount is robust enough that it can carry laptops up to 17 inches and monitors up to 27 inches. It also has a maximum weight capacity of 5kg for monitors, and 4kg for laptops. The heavy-duty C-clamp or optional grommet also ensures that it can hold your devices without you worrying about them falling off.

Flexible Articulation and Height Adjustment

If flexibility is what you’re looking for in a monitor mount, the Loctek D5F2 can provide that and more. You can position your monitor and laptop at eye level, preventing you from slouching and developing back pains and neck strain. You can also easily embrace the sit-stand work method thanks to the easily adjustable height function of the Loctek D5F2.

Moreover, the monitor arm has a -90~+90 degrees swivel, while the laptop arm comes with a -50~+50 degrees swivel. You can also tilt your monitor and laptop at an -85~15-degree angle, letting you work in the manner that you prefer.

Organizes Workspace

Desk clutter is something that you no longer have to deal with when using the Loctek D5F2. Since you’re elevating your laptop and monitor, your desk will have more space to accommodate an external keyboard, mouse, documents, and other office accessories. You’ll even have more space to set a cup of coffee so you can take sips while you work and not worry about knocking it over your devices due to lack of space. 

Additionally, the Loctek D5F2 comes with a cable management system, hiding all those unruly cables and wires, allowing your desk to look neat and organized.

Pros and Cons of the Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount

✔ Can hold a laptop plus monitor screen
✔ Heavy-duty loading weight for both notebooks and monitors
✔ Flexible and adjustable arms
✘ Not built for those with dual monitor setups
✘ Installation of components can take a while

What People Are Saying About It

The Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount can help solve your workspace issues with how it can accommodate most laptop and monitor sizes on its highly flexible arms. You can simply set a monitor and a laptop on it, allowing you to work at the angle and height that you are most comfortable with. It’s made with durable materials as well, ensuring that your devices are safe and sound while elevated. If you want to turn your desk into an ergonomic one, definitely consider this in your options.

“This Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount lets you connect a monitor on one arm and a laptop on the other. It offers a range of motions, and you can swivel and rotate the monitors and your laptop as per your position.”

Reviewer – Guiding Tech

Where to Buy the Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount

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Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount

The Loctek D5F2 Dual Use Laptop Mount is a versatile and ergonomic solution for those who need to use their laptop as a second screen. Its innovative design allows it to be mounted to your desk or used as a freestanding unit, providing maximum flexibility for your workspace.

The mount can support laptops up to 15.6 inches in size and can rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to find the perfect viewing angle. Its adjustable height and tilt settings also help to reduce neck and eye strain, while its built-in cable management system keeps your workspace organized.

The Loctek D5F2 can be used with a variety of laptops, making it an excellent option for those who need to switch between devices frequently.

The Review

95% Positions Devices At The Same Height

Having a monitor mount can help in a lot of ways. It can organize your work area, allowing you to have a neat and clutter-free space. It also elevates your devices to a height that's suitable for use, reducing your risk of developing aches and pains. The Loctek D5F2 Dual-Use Laptop Mount can provide you with those, thanks to its highly flexible arms that can be modified to your desire. It's the most ideal for those who use a laptop and external monitor setup.